Thursday, January 12, 2012

Called Out in the Dark

As is tradition with my other private blog, I will sometimes have the title of the song I'm currently listening to as the title of the entry.  This song is the song of the week by Snow Patrol.  It's so addicting!  My coworker Sean showed it to me.  One of these days (when I remember) I'm going to post a list of all of the songs of the week.  The latest list, that is.  The original was tragically lost in the similarly tragic change of offices.  So, we'll work with what we can remember.

Right now I'm waiting for a download to be completed for my accounting class (Acctg 200).  I suppose I could also be doing something else right now instead of blogging, but I think blogging is equally as important.  I love it.  I used to not like it as much as writing in my journal old school, but I like it more now because it's convenient for writing at school and who knows, maybe someday I can make it famous because of my mad writing skills and incredibly interesting life!

I'm about less than two thirds of the way downloaded.

So I guess I should write about why I named this blog "The Lady on 7th."  I guess more correctly, "Girl on 7th" for the actual title and "The Lady on 7th" for the domain.  It's because it's about me!  Haha.  This is my first year living off campus (like a real adult) and 700 is the name of the street my apartment complex is off of. I've loved living there.  I changed the actual name of my blog to "Girl" though because I don't quite feel REALLY grown up yet.  And one of my favorite phrases to use is "I'm just a little kid!"  Maybe someday I'll post the video of where I got that from.

Almost halfway in the downloading.

In about half an hour I'm going to go to my weight training class, and after that I'm going to head back to the apartment.  From there I will probably grab a snack and either call my mom about my COW (crush of the week) or attempt working on my homework.  Then my roommates and I will leave for institute class, which is a religion substitute here at BYU.  The only reason why I'm going (because I'm already taking a religion class) is because they're catering Cafe Rio.  Mmmmm.  Oh, and they're having a great speaker, Randy Bott.  I can neither confirm nor deny that I am drawn to this spiritually uplifting meeting only by the free food.

80 more megabytes to go.

One of my favorite blogs is called "I'm Sirius."  It's written by this black 30 year old lady living in New York.  I think she's hilarious, and I love reading about her life.  Her blog is one of the only ones I'm willing to go back and catch up on.  Another blog that I absolutely love is "Hyperbole and a Half."  I crack up every time I read it.  I can only read it in the last hour before closing time at work when no one's there.  Otherwise I look like a FOOL.

Ohp!!  It's done now.  Until next time!!

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