Friday, February 24, 2012

Danielle's advice

So I mentioned that Danielle and I talked about dating in the last post.  I feel like I should take this time (for myself, really) to write some of the things she said.  I feel like I need to remember this, because it's hard for me to stop thinking about the future with dating and boys (which I assume is only natural).

She mentioned that she never felt more pressure to get married than when she was 21 (which is right around the corner for me).  She said that now (she's 23) she LOVES being single, and doesn't feel the pressure as much.  She's just enjoying road trips and doing whatever she wants with friends and not being tied down.  This is critical for me to remember because for some reason I'm worried about marriage right now.  I know, I know, I'm only 20, but it's SO hard because people are getting married right and left here.  It makes you worry that no one is going to be left!!  <--I joke, I joke.

She also told me about how she dated this guy for a year and really thought she was going to marry him.  She had several experiences that led her to believe this.  However, he ended it abruptly in a 5 minute phone conversation on the phone...!  It was a HUGE blow and she barely started feeling better around last September.  She said that it's natural for a person to start dating someone and start thinking about whether they'll marry them...I mean, that's why you're dating--to see who you're compatible with, so you do end up picturing yourself married to that person to see if it would work.

She also suggested that it's great to be in roommate situations because you can even tell from living with girls what kind of traits you would like in a future husband.  You can learn from the current situation.

This was reassuring to me because it made me realize that 1) I'm probably NOT going to marry the first person I date, thank goodness.  I still need to date more, and it's great that she showed me that hard time that she went through.  She is still so cool and strong, and she is an example that heartbreak won't kill you. 2) It's okay to be single--and awesome.  Both she and Rachelle are rockin' the single life.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to be single--I think because I see couples everywhere and I haven't truly experienced that.  I talked to my mom about it too (shout out to her, she's always right whether I give it to her or not), and she said that there are challenges with every stage in life, whether you're single (why am I single, what is wrong with me that no one's dating me, etc.), dating (what the heck is he thinking, why hasn't he called, I hope what I said wasn't the wrong thing, etc.) and marriage (dealing with weird quirks, sacrificing etc.).  So yeah.  I think I'm okay with being single--it's SO much easier.  As my momma said: just be nice and choose the right and everything will work out.  Don't put all your eggs in one basket (gag me with the cliche) and keep your eyes open to other guys too.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Lord has His eyes on me

I want to comment on how the Lord plays a significant role in your life everyday.  Sometimes (a lot of times) you don't know when/where/how, but if you look at your day at the end of the day and take the time to look for them, you'll be able to see them.  I think you'll also be able to see them more as you practice doing it.  Another thing: I think sometimes you don't know when you need it, but the Lord knows and He'll still put those special helps and angels in your pathway to help you because HE knows that you need it.  AND sometimes you'll be resistant to it, but you'll find that it meant the world to you and at some point your limited human eyes will be opened, finally seeing that you needed it.

So a couple of stories to go with all of these incredibly deep thoughts.  Last night my home teachers, Peter and Garrett took me out to get some Bluebell ice cream and tonight Danielle, one of my visiting teachers, took me out to get Yogurtland.  I pretty much scored because those are my two favorite desserts in the ENTIRE WORLD besides apple pies (which are a rare treat).  I digress.

Both times I wasn't entirely thrilled to go--I had a lot of homework.  Last night I especially didn't want to go because I wasn't in the greatest mood and it would mean having to put my real clothes back on from sweats.  Both times were so great though!  Last night I didn't realize how much the Bluebell would mean to me because it was just like a taste of home.  There's just no ice cream like Bluebell.  It was so great--I didn't realize it, but I guess I've been feeling homesick, and the Bluebell really helped.  I shouldn't put so much bulk into food, but I loved it.  A lot of my roommates have been able to see their families (their *immediate* families) throughout the semester, and I guess I've been a little jealous.  (True confessions come out.)  I felt better after last night though, and it really meant a lot to me that it was my home teachers taking the time to take me out and spend time with me.  I'm really so blessed to have them because they go above and beyond being the normal home teachers.  Same with Danielle--she took like an hour and we just talked.  We mostly talked about dating and boys, but she let me into her life and told me about her past relationships.  I felt so cool to be taken out by her.  She is so cool--I really look up to her.  She's so stylish, funny, spiritual, fit, pretty--I just really like her.  I thought it was awesome to get to hang out with her and I hope to do it again.

I felt like I should journal about these two things so I could publicly (on my little blog that no one reads) thank the Lord for giving me such amazing home and visiting teachers that care enough about me to take me out.  I'm humbled because I thought I was doing fine alone and then when they took me out to show me that they cared about me, they showed me that the Lord cares about me and is reaching out to me.  I am so thankful He showed me this, especially when I didn't realize that I needed it.

Right now I'm in the library and I should be doing my microbiology--the class I'm suffering in the most.  I think journaling ranks right up there with scripture reading, too though.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Awesome week

This week has been awesome, especially in comparison with last week (<--hellish).  No, but for real, it would have still been awesome even if it wasn't back to back with a bad week.  On Tuesday my grandma and I went to the Lady Antebellum concert with Darius Rucker and Thompson Square opening for them.  It was so amazing--every song was perfect, and each artist/band played all of my favorite songs of theirs.

The breakdown:

I had class until 3:20 and went home and got ready.  I made it to my grandma's house by 4:45 and we drove up there.  We got there really quickly--surprisingly quick for rush hour traffic.  We bought dinner at one of the no-name fast food places in the Energy Solutions arena, ate it (I had a chicken strip/french fry basket), and then found our seats.  (Our seats actually turned out to be the wrong seats...we were in the wrong section and had to move.)  I got a t-shirt and wore it for the night.

The picture quality isn't that great...

I loved how all of the music was so perfect.  One of my favorite parts was how Charles Kelley would cue the band with his gestures/dancing, and the lights were perfectly synced.  He did it on big parts, like when the drums and guitar would come in after a quieter instrumental part.  It was amazing.  I love this group so so much.  Darius Rucker and Thompson Square were so great too--I actually cried a little bit when Thompson Square sang "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not."  It was so sweet when they sang it, and before the song ended, the husband paused and gave his wife flowers and they kissed twice.  Apparently according to a rumor I heard on the radio, they're going through a hard time in their marriage, but it didn't seem like it on Tuesday night.  I don't know what more to say about it.  I was a little sick--getting over a head cold--so I had this headache where my eyes felt a lot of pressure.  That was the only bad thing--there were some points when I just wanted to crawl into bed and I had to remind myself to live in the moment and savor every second.  I would relive that night if I could--all the music was so great.

Another funny part of the night was when we were leaving.  People are so cut-throat when it comes to getting out of parking lots.  We were next to this crazy woman that kept on inching her way forward and was angrily telling us to back up more because we were too close for her (she pulled up WAY too close to us).  There was even this girl in the backseat (she must have been like, 10) who was giving us dirty looks.  I kept watching her and smiling.  I actually was laughing, and she knew I was watching her and she would do the thing where she would look at me, then turn and look beyond me to act like she wasn't looking, then she would completely turn her head from me, and THEN look back to see if I was still looking.  Yep, I was.  Haha.  So anyways, there was this guy across the aisle from us that motioned for us to back up and drive around to get into another line.  We weren't quite sure what he was indicating, but we did anyways.  Then somehow once all the cars were gone in our line, the guy was behind us and in front of crazy woman's car.  It was his turn to leave, but he let us go.  Besides coming from an incredible concert, that made my night.  He totally stuck it to the crazy woman.

The icing on the cake from the whole night was getting a letter from Derek.  What a serious babe.  I love him so much.  I was so happy because he wrote that he misses me-- "Miss you" at the end of the letter.  So my letter back to him will go a little like this: "Dear Elder, I love you.  Please marry me when you get back."  It might be a little forward, but I anticipate it going over well.

So another good thing about this week was I totally got an awesome free t-shirt, while still being clocked in!! (I love my job so much.)  My coworker and I went to "Hug the Library" for "Love your Library Week."  In a nutshell, we linked hands around the library and smashed ourselves up against the building (which was hilarious because I was at the part of the library that had glass windows and people were eating their lunch inside, wondering what the heck was going on).  The first 400 people got to get tickets for a free t-shirt, which is actually really cute.

Here's me and Kristen holding them up--she was able to meet up with us.

If you'll notice, my hair is up...again.  I went from Sunday night to last night without showering.  Disgusting?  Yes.  Necessary?  Yes.

Here is another picture, completely unrelated to all of the previous.  My mom just added it and I really like it.