Saturday, March 24, 2012


By Muse.  Mmmm.

Here is a picture of me and Jared at the Imagine Dragons concert.  It was so fun!! :)

Anyways, right now I'm at the library feeling a little stressed and ready to go back home to the apartment.  BUT what do you do when you feel this way?  You blog, of course!!

Last night was really fun.  So last week I let myself live a little and I hardly did anything--I just got off a major stress high from getting through THREE whopping tests, so I let myself relax some.  Apparently this need to relax overlapped into last night and some of today because I haven't done NEARLY as much as I've needed to.  Yesterday at work one of my roommates called me and asked if I wanted to go to Olive Garden with them.  Normally I think I would have said no, but this time I was like, "what the heck, why not?" in my head and I went.  I think it was good that I went--we were able to see my uncle and he even hooked us up with free dessert.  Mmm, thanks Mitch! :)  Oh, and we had a super cute waiter that was kind of flirty with us.  We (I) even wrote on the receipt "talk to Mitch :D" to imply that he should get our numbers...probably (I know) nothing will come of it, but it was still fun.  At one point, the waiter (Matt) came and actually sat at our table, saying how hot it was.  I told him that it was probably us (kudos to me) and he laughed and said it probably was.  Once he left, Megan said that I'm very forward with my flirting style--that between that and the things that I've told her about JBS, I'm forward and that she's seeing a new side of me.  She said that someday she'll be me...(double kudos to me)...

So then we made it back to the apartment (Kristen, Kyley, Megan and me) and all of us, with the exception of Kyley, turned around and went to the library from 8 to 11ish.  To continue the "laundry list," we then went back to pick up Alex and go grocery shopping...THEN we went back to the apartment and were feeling completely crazy.  It was so much fun.

Kristen was trying to get rid of her fruity snacks, so she was tossing them into our mouths.  Kyley jumped in and brought out marshmallows and we were all just relaxing and laughing and chucking snacks into each others' mouths. (Emily and Alex were not a part of this.)

THEN we decided randomly to go roll down Library Hill since it's on our roommate bucket list.  So we did!  At like 12:30 we went and rolled down this steep hill on campus and took videos.  There was this group playing night games--Kissing Rugby--and I really wanted to play, but we just went home.

THEN!  Back at the apartment we wanted to break into our neighbor's apartment to continue this pranking war that we've been in.  Our plans were to "yarn-bomb" them, stringing yarn around everywhere.  Almost JUST as we got in, though, they came out because they barely remembered to bolt the door.  They also bolted the door today, so I'm personally thinking that I don't want to deal with it anymore if they're not willing to participate.

THEN!!  Since it was a complete bust, we thought it would still be funny if we tried to wake up early and prank them early in the morning (which idea wasn't very logical now that I think about it--why would they not still bolt the door after that episode?).  So we all slept out together in the living room so we could all wake up together and go over there.  We didn't end up doing it, though.  We just all slept together and then woke up and started the day.

So it was a really fun night.  Today Kristen and Megan and I tried to go over there today, but they bolted the door again.  A clear sign that they don't want to do it anymore...

Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Forth

This is a great day to renew one's New Year's Resolutions.  Just something to think about.  I know I am.

Last night was a great night.  We went to the Imagine Dragons concert.  Oh my gosh they are so good.  I love them so much.  Kristen, Megan, Emily and I went.  There are a few things that I love about them.  For one, they sing with so much passion.  The main singer, Dan, is so incredible.  There's this one song, "It's Time," that you can especially feel a strong feeling.  It's indescribable, but he even commented on the magic that he feels.

Here are some great pics from the concert.

This was one of the clearer pictures.
Emily wasn't entirely ready for this...but I look good.

Sorry Kristen and Megan.

Sorry Kristen *again*.  
These were the clearest pictures and the best ones of me.

Eventually I'll put a good picture of me with my hair down.  I had it curled yesterday, but I put it up for the concert because I would be more comfortable that way.

Last night was also Stake Conference.  I feel like the take-away message was to not have fear and that in finding your eternal companion, you're not going to find a soul mate because they don't exist.  What does exist is people that you are compatible with, and as long as you're choosing the right, working hard, and sacrificing because you think more of your husband and the Lord, then you'll achieve happiness.

Today one of my friends from BYU-I came and visited me for a little while, and it was nice.  It was a lot less awkward than I thought it would be.  Also, tonight I'm going to Gayleen's house.  I pretty much have NOT gotten any of the things that I need to get done, but that's okay.  (It makes me feel better to tell myself that.  I'm going to work REALLY hard this week. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012


By Foster the People.  Mmmm.

So I have like, 25 minutes before my next class--weight training.  I hate the time in between because I don't feel like you can do a lot before you have to leave again.  So the solution is to blog/journal.  AND it will also help alleviate some stress.

A totally hot guy just sat down at my table, btw.  And he smells good.  Mmmm.  I just wish he would talk to me, but the chances of that are hmm, slim to NEVER in my ever-lovin' dreams.

This week has been pretty good.  I feel like I've stayed on top of things (for the most part--I don't want to be too self-congratulatory) and nothing bad has happened.  I've been a little bummed because Jerbearstare has only texted me ONCE in the past week--this past Monday and then before that it was last Monday.  I guess he's taking it slow.  Apparently I like it fast because this is killing me, and it's making me wonder what is even left to take slow.  Oh, and I saw him on Thursday because I "happened" to be studying where he normally studies and we were able to pass by each other.

Omg, this guy's smell is intoxicating.  Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me babaay!!

Last Saturday night was the ward's Star Wars party.  It was fun, but only because of the dressing-up part.  I was an imperial guard, so I got to dress in a red sheet.  I was totally rockin' it.  I actually won third place in the costume contest.  Megan and I also helped Kristen with her hair (it was my mastermind idea though) so when she won second place, I felt like it was a double victory for me.  Here's us.  Megan is Anikin's mom, Kyley is Cloud City, and Emily is Greedo.

So each person got a specific assignment of who to be and a suggestion of what food to bring.  Megan helped me make "Imperial Red Velvet Cake Balls."  They were dang good.

Oh, and here is a comparison of what my costume was supposed to look like.


So once we got to the party, we kind of milled around and waited for it to start.  Which I guess is natural for the beginning of the party.  I couldn't eat anything unless I put it under my hood, which was a pain.  Another pain was the safety pins that I directed Kyley to pin around me kept on coming undone, so Emily had to help me fix them.  *Thank you Emily and Kyley!*  (<--Not sarcastic.)  Then everyone "pod-raced"--everyone got two balloons, tied them to their waist, and basically played Mario Kart battle, live-style.  I didn't do it because there was no way to.  It was also really cold outside.

Once all the balloons were popped and cleaned up, we trekked inside to watch the sixth Star Wars.  I purposely  fell asleep.  It was long and boring, especially since I didn't have a CLUE of what was going on.

Then we went home and pretty much went straight to bed.

This Saturday should be interesting.  I'm going to the temple with Lauren, then we're supposed to get breakfast together.  Then in the evening we are going to the Imagine Dragons concert.  I might skip the first part and go to the Stake Conference, though.  Also, my friend Kelsey is coming to town, so at some point I'm going to get together with her, so we might have lunch together or something.  OR she might end up wanting to go to the concert, and she'll take Alex's ticket or something.

As far as tomorrow is concerned, I have chemistry then work.  Then homework at the lib, my new home.  My sub-conscious thinks so too because once I had a legitimate dream about living there.  I was showing my friends my room that had a bed and sink, and I distinctly remember telling them to "just get a room at the library--it's significantly cheaper!"

I miss the fam.  Mom has been feeling sick lately, and I wish I was there to help out and be there.  Xander is going to their house for the weekend, and Dad is leaving on a business trip.  It would be totally awesome if I could help out with that.

Oh gosh.  I need to go.  Goodbye, hott, dreamy-smelling almost-lover at the lib.  Goodbye.