Thursday, March 1, 2012


By Foster the People.  Mmmm.

So I have like, 25 minutes before my next class--weight training.  I hate the time in between because I don't feel like you can do a lot before you have to leave again.  So the solution is to blog/journal.  AND it will also help alleviate some stress.

A totally hot guy just sat down at my table, btw.  And he smells good.  Mmmm.  I just wish he would talk to me, but the chances of that are hmm, slim to NEVER in my ever-lovin' dreams.

This week has been pretty good.  I feel like I've stayed on top of things (for the most part--I don't want to be too self-congratulatory) and nothing bad has happened.  I've been a little bummed because Jerbearstare has only texted me ONCE in the past week--this past Monday and then before that it was last Monday.  I guess he's taking it slow.  Apparently I like it fast because this is killing me, and it's making me wonder what is even left to take slow.  Oh, and I saw him on Thursday because I "happened" to be studying where he normally studies and we were able to pass by each other.

Omg, this guy's smell is intoxicating.  Talk to me, talk to me, talk to me babaay!!

Last Saturday night was the ward's Star Wars party.  It was fun, but only because of the dressing-up part.  I was an imperial guard, so I got to dress in a red sheet.  I was totally rockin' it.  I actually won third place in the costume contest.  Megan and I also helped Kristen with her hair (it was my mastermind idea though) so when she won second place, I felt like it was a double victory for me.  Here's us.  Megan is Anikin's mom, Kyley is Cloud City, and Emily is Greedo.

So each person got a specific assignment of who to be and a suggestion of what food to bring.  Megan helped me make "Imperial Red Velvet Cake Balls."  They were dang good.

Oh, and here is a comparison of what my costume was supposed to look like.


So once we got to the party, we kind of milled around and waited for it to start.  Which I guess is natural for the beginning of the party.  I couldn't eat anything unless I put it under my hood, which was a pain.  Another pain was the safety pins that I directed Kyley to pin around me kept on coming undone, so Emily had to help me fix them.  *Thank you Emily and Kyley!*  (<--Not sarcastic.)  Then everyone "pod-raced"--everyone got two balloons, tied them to their waist, and basically played Mario Kart battle, live-style.  I didn't do it because there was no way to.  It was also really cold outside.

Once all the balloons were popped and cleaned up, we trekked inside to watch the sixth Star Wars.  I purposely  fell asleep.  It was long and boring, especially since I didn't have a CLUE of what was going on.

Then we went home and pretty much went straight to bed.

This Saturday should be interesting.  I'm going to the temple with Lauren, then we're supposed to get breakfast together.  Then in the evening we are going to the Imagine Dragons concert.  I might skip the first part and go to the Stake Conference, though.  Also, my friend Kelsey is coming to town, so at some point I'm going to get together with her, so we might have lunch together or something.  OR she might end up wanting to go to the concert, and she'll take Alex's ticket or something.

As far as tomorrow is concerned, I have chemistry then work.  Then homework at the lib, my new home.  My sub-conscious thinks so too because once I had a legitimate dream about living there.  I was showing my friends my room that had a bed and sink, and I distinctly remember telling them to "just get a room at the library--it's significantly cheaper!"

I miss the fam.  Mom has been feeling sick lately, and I wish I was there to help out and be there.  Xander is going to their house for the weekend, and Dad is leaving on a business trip.  It would be totally awesome if I could help out with that.

Oh gosh.  I need to go.  Goodbye, hott, dreamy-smelling almost-lover at the lib.  Goodbye.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I felt a teeny bit bad for winning because there were people there who put A WHOLE lot more effort into their costume. Trevor completely put on blackface, and Chad painted his whole body green for Yoda. It was crazy, and I'm sure they weren't as thrilled that someone who wrapped a sheet around them beat them.