Monday, April 2, 2012


By Priscilla Ahn.  Mmm.

So these past two days were General Conference.  Ahhhmazzinngg.  I love General Conference weekend--you get to hear the Prophet of the Lord speak and all of the General Authorities AND it's a super chill weekend because nobody does anything really more than listen to conference.  It was great.  I need to go back over my notes, but I feel like the overriding message for me was to 1) get out there and serve more, 2) repent and sincerely pray more, 3) listen to the Spirit more and 4) trust in the Lord more.

One talk that really stood out to me besides Richard G. Scott's talk on the Holy Ghost's promptings was Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on one of Jesus' parables about feeling like others have more than you.  This is not the case because in the end, everyone gets the same reward.  Which I didn't realize, but I guess this kind of WAS a troubling parable for me.  I haven't been able to realize why there ARE some people who get more than others.  I was talking about this with my mom, though, and she asked me what it is that I really feel like I don't have.  And that was when it hit me--hard.  i kind of stammered some and muttered something about a perfect body, but then felt terrible inside.  I was truly humbled because I realized that I do have everything I could ever need.  I have a wonderful healthy body that functions and does everything I need it to, and I have an opportunity to have a great education.  I have an AWESOME job, incredible family, great roommates, great housing, a car, laptop, the gospel in my life...I couldn't ask for more.  I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for all that I have, and I was truly sorry for even thinking for a second that I was gypped.

I want to post a cute picture of me and my roommates at our recent photoshoot.  Totes presh.  haha ;)  Except it's not really loading, so it's going to happen another time.

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  1. I love you, Bethany Emma Winn. You teach me everyday. : )