Friday, May 4, 2012

Day 4

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could.

This is a good one--and a difficult one.  Here goes.

1.  I would tell myself that the boy I liked didn't like me the way I thought he did, so just relax and enjoy the friendship for what it was.  I would tell myself to not let this new knowledge affect our friendship though.

2.  Don't worry so much and over-think things--to take things at face-value and live a little.

3.  I would help myself learn how to love and accept myself and not doubt myself, pointing out all the good I see in myself.  This in turn would teach myself to not get so emotionally involved in drama.

 4.  I would encourage myself to spend more time with my family and really work on developing my relationships with my brother and sister.  I would tell myself to be better about being conversational with my dad in the car in the mornings.

5.  I would tell myself the secret of spending time in the library to get things done.  I would tell myself to push myself just a little harder and that it will pay off.

6.  I would teach myself how to incorporate more exercise and portion-control into my life to start the habits at an even younger age.  Along these lines I would warn myself that I sometimes I handle stress by overeating--so be aware of that.

7.  I would tell myself to be more friendly and make more efforts to make everyone around me feel like my friend.  I would tell myself to outreach to my girlfriends more.

8.  I would tell myself to be more invested in my scripture study and to continue journaling frequently.

9.  I would lift myself up, letting myself know that it would all be okay and that everything works out.  I might consider letting myself know of better times ahead, but I wouldn't want to let myself start just longing for the future.  So I would teach myself to look for all the good in my life daily and to not worry so much about friend issues, or driving, or dating.

10.  I would STRONGLY encourage myself to save ALL my money.  Or at least most of it.

If I could tell myself one more thing (if I were to cheat by adding more) I would also tell myself about some SWEET music so I could be ahead of my time and in the know--you know, build up my music cred.

I would probably be tempted to tell myself about the future--that in a year, my mom would get breast cancer and all of the other things our family dealt with and that it would be okay.  I don't think I would, though--I would probably be a wreck still.  It's true that it's best to not know.

Me at age 16, January 2008


  1. Thanks for following me, I'm now following you back!

    You know, that last line about it being best not to know the future -- I remember in one of my classes in high school, the teacher asked how many people would want to know their future if there was a way to find out. There were only 2 people who said they would, and I was one of them.

    I think I'd only want to know the good coming ahead though, none of the bad.

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! I wouldn't want to know any of the bad either. :)

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