Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Isn't it funny?

Isn't it funny how when you're SO busy you think of a MILLION and a half things that you would do if you had the free time..."If only I had time to do that, I would be there in a heartbeat!!" or "I would say yes, but I don't have time..."

And then, when you have the summer, you can barely figure out what to do to be productive?

Okay, that's a LITTLE bit exaggerated for me.  I don't believe in boredom, and I'm always working on something or thinking of something to do.  Even so.  It's a lot to think of filling up the whole summer when I'm barely scraping by with 20 hours a week at my new job.  I also want to steer clear of watching too many movies, TV and Facebook time.

So here's a starter list of things I'm going to do this summer.

  • Make sure my room's always clean.
  • Read a ton--maybe reread the Harry Potter series??
  • Blog and journal.  Document my life and feelings.
  • Read the scriptures.
  • Start a sewing project.  I want to make a rag quilt.
  • Work out at the gym.
  • Make miscellaneous projects on Pinterest (pending right now is a cute notebook and a "sailor's" bracelet.
  • Make cookies.  Always good. ;)
  • Make great playlists and update my iPod.  Search for new music.
  • Find a cool piece of furniture and refurnish it.
  • Do the same thing to an old piece of clothing (once I figure out how to sew.  See above "sewing project")
  • Practice the piano and violin.
Like I said, it's just a starter list.  I'm open to any suggestions.  Blogging for today?  Done.

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  1. I'm the same way! I can think of all kinds of things I'd do with my free time, when I don't have any. Now that it's summer, I keep telling myself I have two months left and that I'll do it tomorrow.

    I need to make a list like this. And then share it with someone so I can be held accountable.

    Yours is a great list and I hope you accomplish it all.