Saturday, June 2, 2012

Ode to Reese's

As I'm sure many of you can relate ("many" as in 2 out of my 6 followers who might actually read this),  Reese's  most likely is one of the best gifts God has ever given to mankind.  That being said, I just ate four.

You might also remember that I mentioned that I started Weight Watchers this week.  That being said, I just ate two meal's worth of points.  Beautiful.

So this week I started the new job.  I'm going to list the positive things I like about it so far.
  • I'm going to become a better cook after working here.  I'm learning a lot about how to prepare things faster and how to cook/follow recipes better, be better at estimating things, etc.
  • I'm going to be really good at standing on my feet for long periods of time, and I'm gaining muscle from this job.  I'm lifting heavy things and am walking around a ton, and that burns a heck of a lot more calories than sitting on my butt all day.
  • I'm making new friends and meeting new people.
  • I'm going to learn how to save more efficiently than I ever have before.
  • I won't be on the computer all day, so less Facebook time, which is good.
Here's a little somethin' somethin' to make you smile.

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