Monday, June 11, 2012

SOoOoOo...because I'm all cute and stuff

I made a couple of notebooks.

That's right.

I looked up a DIY and did it, dangit, because I CAN be one of those cute and crafty girls that makes rockin' crafts and then turns around and blogs about it on their cute little crafty bloggy blog.*

So here they are!

There's a bit of a glare in the picture...but dass okaayyy.  Ees for fun.

So I guess now as a crafty cute blogger, this is the part where I elaborate and post pictures of how I did it.  I'm not going to do that because 1) that might be too much effort and 2) since it is too much effort, I didn't do it.

I can write the story, though!  My friend Megan and I went to Hobby Lobby, bought cute papiah, modge podge and some ribbon.  Then we went to Wal-Mart and bought the notebooks.

Back at the apartment all we did was 1) modge podge the paper to the book, painting it on the front and back.  Step 1.5) We cut the paper to fit the notebook.  I bought two types of paper so step 2 was cutting the second type of paper and modge-podging it across the middle. 3) I cut the ribbon to the length I wanted to wrap around the book, and then hot glued it with Megan's hot glue gun.

I am so crafty, it's not even funny.**

*This blog might not be AS crafty as I make it out to be, as this is the first craft.
**Shout out to Megan for walking me through this one.  If you must know, I was a little overwhelmed at the store picking out everything.  I realize that this is a below elementary-school-level-easy craft.

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