Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Friday!

So there's a blog I follow (wydechylde) whose author (sprinkles) does this really cute "Half-Full Friday" list every Friday, listing the things she's happy for in the past week.  Here is my list that I posted on her blog.

My Happy Friday list:

Last night I got to go to see Band of Horses with two of my good friends.

I discovered two great songs this week.

I have a three day weekend--no work today!

I get to play in church on Sunday.

Tomorrow night is a Harry Potter that I'm really excited to go to.  I get to dress up as Katie Bell.  Let's just say I'm gonna be RoCkIn' It!!  Whatchaa.  Pics to come.

Tomorrow we're going to Manti.

Less than a week until I go back home to visit for two weeks!

Band of Horses was so much fun.  It actually was more of an...interesting experience than anything.  Actually, the whole day was.  I worked in the morning, from 7 to 1, then I had to clock out and come back at 2:30 for another event.  (Weird timing, I know, but that's what they wanted....)  So I went home, got my ticket, put on make-up and rushed back to work until 4.  Then I swung by and picked up Porter and Kyley, and we went to Salt Lake for this concert.  There were several food vendor tents that we got to choose from to get dinner.  I got food from this Caribbean hut--a mild creole rice bowl with chicken and mango salsa, grilled pineapple topped with coconut sauce, and then a "soca fruit punch"--pretty much all of those canned fruit nectar juices mixed together.  You know what I'm talking about.  It was still good though, because it was SO hot.

So while the first band played, Porter and Kyley and I were just chilling laying down under this tree, talking some, but not much.  That was really fun...and then when Band of Horses came out, I guess you could say that was when things got interesting.  Everyone pushed to the front, and I think every other person was either drunk, on their way to being drunk, high, or some combo of the three.  I got a little bit of a headache from all the secondhand smoke.  It was kind of funny to see someone smoking a real joint for the first time--they were really nervous about being caught and were all looking around before they passed it on to the next person.  I just looked at Porter and all he did was nod his head "yes." Haha.  "Toto, we're not in Provo anymore!"

We left the concert a little (actually, I don't know if it was just "a little") early.  Before I hit the highway, though, my car stalled out twice.  While alarming, it wasn't shocking since I recently had to get some work done.  It was still bad though--because I still had to drive an hour home.  I drove around the city a little bit to warm up the car some more, and then pulled over and said a prayer.  I was so thankful to have friends that believe in the same things I do, and that we could easily pray together.

We made it home safely, and then all chilled out together until curfew time.  Kevin and Dan both came over to say hi too.

Pretty much this whole week has been like that--chilling with the group after work.

Monday--playing "Fugitive" and then getting snow cones with everyone and hanging out at the apartment.

Tuesday--getting stuff for a barbeque (for the 24th of July), making it, going to Yogurtland and the Sumo Snow Cone Shack, going and setting off fireworks, playing SuperSmash Brothers

Wednesday--making fried rice with Kevin, going to the ward Olympic activity, coming back and chilling, playing more video games together

Thursday--Band of Horses

Last Saturday night was really fun too--we all went to Mariah's, hung out on the tramp, watched Arthur and played Just Dance and SuperSmash Brothers.

Today--got some sweet red heels on clearance.  I've had my eye out for them for some time, and today I found the perfect pair.  <3

I'm sorry if it's boring to read a list of my life.  I mostly do it for myself so I can remember.  K, I think that's it for now.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm so grateful for my life.  The other day I did a study for the Marriott School of Business, and there were a couple of questions that were pretty interesting.

Do you find beauty in every day life?  Do you find wonder and awe in nature?  Do you seek opportunities that challenge your perspective on life?

Yes.  I'm in awe that Heavenly Father has His Hand in my daily life.  I'm so grateful for all that He's blessed me with.  I'm in awe that I have such a loving family and wonderful friends.  I'm so thankful for the small quiet moments when you see more of your life coming together, and you begin to see a glimpse of why things turn out the way they do.  Things always have a way of working out, and it's definitely true that everything happens for a reason.  The Lord always has your best interest in mind.  He knows more than you do and will guide your life.  It's my prayer that I will always remember this in both the hard and the good times, because life really is good.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


by Gregg Olsen.  Probably one of the worst summer reads.

I checked out the book because, well, for two reasons.  1) Look at the cover...!  I definitely judged it by its cover.  It's both eerie and intriguing.  2) It says it's by a New York Times Bestselling Author!   So it HAS to be good, right?

Not so.

It's about a girl who supposedly was murdered, but these two twins are coming to find out that it's possible that it was actually a suicide driven by cyber-bullying.  The plot line sounds interesting enough, but it drags on with new information only coming every few pages.  I keep on telling my friends that I'm already committed to the book and MUST finish it.  It's interesting enough to keep going, but boring enough to consider stopping a million times over.  I wish I wasn't so stubborn!

Last night was a fun night of rando.  ("Rando": a cute and clever word (haha) I'm using to describe the randomness of the night.)  Emily and I made banana pancakes and eggs (a fun traditional dinner with our roommates).  THEN we went to Emily's friend's art exhibit, which was  SO fun.  It was awesome to go and enjoy and analyze art.  I felt so uplifted after.  I loved talking with my friends about something intellectual when we normally just talk about everyday things.

THEN Kevin called Emily and came over to watch School of Rock with us.  It was the first time I saw it.  It was okay.  There were some funny parts, but for the most part, it was kind of painful.  I guess I'm just not a big fan of implausible movies.  During the movie Emily cut pictures for her collage.  I was going to help cut, but I can't do two things at once...unless it's a movie I've already seen.

THEN at 10:45--when the night was still young for a Friday night--we went to Smith's and got eggs...because I had the brilliant idea to try out a thing I saw on Pinterest a little while ago: brownies in an egg!!  I don't actually know how brilliant the idea was, but neither of my compadres were really coming up with anything to do either.

All we did was blow out the eggs and then soak them in salt water.  I think we're planning on making them later.  We then made French toast with half of the eggs and ate them.  I felt a little bad because 1) I don't like eating at midnight, even though I was starving.  2) I don't really think either Emily or Kevin really wanted to eat them.  I think I have a really dominant personality, and neither Emily nor Kevin wanted to say that they didn't want to eat it.  Kevin apparently ate a lot before he came here, and Emily doesn't even like French toast!  And we used half of her bread for it...!  3) Since I could tell that neither of them wanted to eat it, I felt a little like the fatty of the group, wanting to eat at midnight.  People do that all the time, right?  And I hardly do that, so it was okay this one time, right?  That awkward moment when you use all your friend's bread to make something that nobody wants to eat at midnight except you....

THEN we went to Kevin's apartment and played Just Dance for like, half an hour from 1 to 1:30.  We were going to use up all of the curfew time, dangit.  

Yep.  That's about all the rando from last night.  Yesterday I had the day-off, so during the day I did laundry, my budget, cleaned my room, and read my book.  It was a pretty good day!  Tonight is a date night, so I'll blog about that soon!! :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Party party party

So it appears to have been a while since I've about some updates, hmm?

First of all, I'm addicted to this song.

Second, I'm loving summer.  I think I've already said that before, but seriously.  It's been so great to chill with friends without any obligation or huge thing hanging over my head.  My life in a nutshell: work in the morning until about 1 or 2.  That's an average.  Then hanging out with friends!  This usually includes laying out, talking, movies, painting nails, jam seshes in the car driving places... I'm pretty sure I might have a sensory overload or some type of horrific overwhelming mental crash when school starts because I can't imagine going back right now.

Third, some thoughts on relationships: Before I experienced one, I thought that if you were in one, then you knew the person really well, and that you had everything figured out.  I'm coming to find out that this idea is not necessarily true.  I mean, eventually you know each other really well, but there's still some weirdness in a relationship in that you're still trying to figure each other out.  I'm not saying this because it pertains to me in any way--I'm not going to comment on my love life (however existent or nonexistent it may be...).  I just think it's an interesting insight that I've gained over the past month.  

Fourth, I think I'm going to live in south Provo next summer.  That is where the party is, and the commute is killing me.

Fifth, I'm in love with perfume.

Sixth, I want to publicize that in the past few days probably 90% of my meals have been cereal.  I don't know why I would want to publicize that.

Seventh, the game Sushi Tag is pretty much the MOST FUN game in the entire world.  So so fun.

Eighth, we went to a paint fight this past Saturday.  Here are some pics from afterwards.  I know, they're a little (lot) on the scary side.

Ninth, I can't think of anything more that I want to blog about right now.  Until next time!

Peace and blessings.