Friday, August 31, 2012

A little listy list.

1.  It sucks to get ready for the day, but I guess I'm coming to find that it's worth it.
2.  Cooking in BYU Catering on game days is actually fun.
3.  It's nice to branch out--I'm starting to like new things more.  New housing, new job...all the things I was worried about might not be so bad after all.
4.  Smart phones are freaking amazing.
5.  My hair is growing longer.
6.  I love the treadmill workout area in my apartment complex.
7.  I can't wait to do Zumba next week.
8.  My mom is on her way to getting healthy.
9.  Let's hear it for the boys and my smart phone.
10. I'm ready to work hard this semester.


  1. Congrats on the hair growing longer! I had 2 back to back haircuts (from different people) that were waaaaaaaaaay waaaaaaaaaay too short. Grew the last one out over an entire semester and summer. Just got it cut again by a third person and it's not at all what I asked for. So yeah, I know how you feel about hair growing out.

    Glad your mom is getting healthier.

    Good luck this semester! This was my first week back and I'm already overwhelmed.

  2. I want to reply to all of these, but I'll just hit the highlights;)

    5. I don't believe you...I've only seen your hair in a bun in the past week...
    6. SO JEALOUS!!
    8. I'm so glad to hear that!! :)

    That is all.