Thursday, September 13, 2012

If You Give a Girl an Organic Chemistry Class

If you give a girl an organic chemistry class, she will become overwhelmed.

In this overwhelmed and almost desperate situation, she will start reaching out to anyone and everyone she knows that might have even said the word "chemistry" out loud to help her.

This includes her ex of three months.  She will text him, just to say hi.

Not in an entirely sound state of mind, she starts the annoying process of over-analyzing her non-existent love life.  She will soon realize that the only way to de-stress from everything--including chemistry--is to go to the gym.

At the gym, the second most annoying process of comparison starts in her mind.  The girl escapes quickly to go call her mom.

As the girl talks to her mom, she begins to calm down.  Her mom reassures her that everything will be okay. At the mention of "be okay," the girl remembers that usually everything is okay when eating frozen yogurt.

She promptly gets in her car, drives to Yogurtland and waits in the ridiculously long line that should have been shorter at ten o'clock on a weeknight.  The cup she gets is chock-full of yogurt and topped with more Reese's than Yogurtland should ever permit.

After finishing the yogurt in the parking lot, the amount of calories just consumed dawns on her.  The girl sadly sees that the damage done at Yogurtland negated her workout earlier that day.

THEN she remembers the reason why she worked out in the first place--to help her relax from the stresses of boys and chemistry.

Chemistry.  If you give a girl an organic chemistry class...

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  1. Haven't had chemistry yet, but I know it's in my future. Ugh! Sooooooooooo hating life right now because of biology.

    And like you, I have been asking anyone and everyone for help. No one else seems to know much more about it than I do. People who have taken the class previously say they don't remember any of that shizz. I have a quiz in lab and another one on the lecture later today.

    Fortch, or maybe unfortch, I don't have any exes to ask for help. I only stay in touch with one and he's in a different country right now.

    Hope things get a little (or a lot) less overwhelming for us both.