Saturday, September 29, 2012

Imaginations of an Empty Courtroom

The girl sat quietly on the hard wooden bench, her eyes fixed on her folded hands in her lap.  The entire room was empty except for two other people in the room.  One peered at her over the edge of the high desk, the other stood erect in uniform alongside the wall.

"Thank you for coming to your hearing," the judge said in a deep voice.  "I understand you're now ready to receive your sentence."

The girl sniffed, still looking down.

He continued.  "Let's discuss the boy you have had your eye on for the past few weeks, shall we?"  He motioned to the policeman.  The man quickly walked over with a bundle of official-looking papers and handed them to the judge.

Glancing over the first page, the older man pressed on.  "You saw him a couple of weeks ago, and thought that there might be hope of him noticing you.  The 'stars lined up,' per least in your mind.  Things were going to be perfect, and you knew--or rather, thought you knew-- that in your brief exchange of 'hello,' he in fact was saying, 'Hey girl, I think you and I could be something someday.  Just give me time.'"

The judge watched the girl over his glasses to gauge her response.  The girl slowly lifted her head and stared at the judge blankly, waiting.

"This boy is now known to have taken interest in someone else, wanting to take her on a date.  This girl is also actually known to be of interest to many boys in the complex.  In light of this recent information, I have your sentence."

He paused.  The judge searched her face, hoping to see any slight reaction in the girl, but saw nothing.  The girl remained stiff.

"You are hereby sentenced to a lifetime of single adulthood.  Although not terrible, this sentence will seem exponentially worse while you stay in Provo and all of your friends are married off."

Boom.  The room echoed with the smack of his gavel on the desk as a single tear rolled down the girl's cheek.

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