Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Y'all goin' make me lose mah mind

Up in hurr, up in hurr!  DMX, anyone?  *I'm only thinking of the beginning lines if you DO end up listening to the song, just to clarify*


Anyways, I feel a little like I'm losing my mind.

Today I worked from 8-11, ended up working 20 minutes over because the cranberry sauce I was making took too long.  (It took too long because I forgot that to make a sauce you have to first prep the cornstarch, NOT add it directly.)  I then spent thee next 40 minutes rushing across campus, back home and back to campus by 12 because I realized I forgot my violin for my lessons.  Class from 12 to 2, rushed to warm-up a little bit, then lesson at 2:30.

Once I made it to the library, I picked out a computer to work at...but realized I left my phone somewhere.  Halfway down the stairs to the restroom where I might have left it, I remembered that I actually DID have it going up the stairs, but at a different computer...

This whole past week (and yesterday) has been like that.  I even told my boss this morning to "have a good weekend" as I was leaving.  NOT a good sign on a Tuesday.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I love Halloween.  If you're a faithful reader of el bloggio, maybe you were able to tell by the Halloween background...put up in the middle of September.

So one of my favorite parts about Halloween is dressing up.  I can't explain it (except I do give my mom credit for instilling this in me through all of the awesome costumes and traditions throughout my childhood.  So I guess I can explain it.)

Some of my favorite costumes from the past (that have won prizes, I might add ;)

Thursday night's dance party...Catwoman with 3 of my roommates

Audrey Hepburn joined us, too.

Dance part on Saturday night.  Alice, Spidey, Flight attendant, Kevin Costner and Waldo. 
Sarah Palin and McCain '09

Katie Bell (not for Halloween--a Harry Potter party, but still legit)

Imperial Guard for a Star Wars party.  I blogged about this when it happened, but I still loved it.
Witchy poo '11
*This isn't me.* It's a pumpkin I carved of a panda.  Just wanted to insert that I also love carving pumpkins.

From freshman year when we went to the 1st half of the 7th HP movie premier

Me and Emers when we went to the Howl (epic Halloween party) freshman year
 SO yeah.  I'm not sure if I've made it clear enough yet how much I love dressing up yet or not, but it's something I enjoy. :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What To Do If You Ever Like Someone

This blog is titled, "What To Do If You Ever Like Someone" because in it I will describe what to do if you ever like someone.

First and foremost, you must find someone to like.  This person could be anywhere--in one of your classes, in your ward, a hottie at the library, even in the mirror...

Think about him frequently.  Timing is everything (since it's all the time anyways).  You can think about him when you're walking to your car, making dinner, or even trying to do homework.  Most importantly, be sure to think about him right before you fall asleep, imagining that you are in fact in a relationship with them.  The best time to think about him is the inconvenient times when your brain is needed the most in other areas of your life.  For example, if your roommate is trying to tell you about her day and ensuing problems or you're trying to study for a test, think about him then.

When you think about him, conjure up the most ridiculously cute scenarios of the perfect date with him, your first kiss with him, his proposal, and the adorable children you'll eventually have together in your perfect home in California by the beach.  The thoughts of possibly being together will be intoxicating, and each daydream will get better.

Additionally, you must nonchalantly bring him up to your roommates in an effort to learn more information about him and discover his dating intentions.  This is the trickiest step.  If not done correctly, one will suspect your intent behind your questions and begin to either a) be careful in what she says or b) start teasing you or c) all of the above.

A critical step: stalk his Facebook page more than you do your own.  Memorize his pictures, the little information he displays in his profile and his Facebook activity.  Depending on the frequency of his picture uploads, this can provide a small comfort in regards to (*thinking*) knowing his current dating activities.

These first few steps establish your love for him.  Congratulations!  You officially like him.

Now for the potential of face-to-face contact instructions.

When you are in his presence, whether it be five feet or fifty-five feet away, steal several discreet glances in his direction, just to make sure he's still there.  This is also to check who he's currently talking to.  Be as casual as continually looking at him allows.  This is difficult.  Do NOT let anyone--especially his friends--see you.  If you by chance meet his eye, quickly divert your eyes, or continue looking in that direction "pretending" to look at something else around him.

If you get the blessed chance to actually talk to him, make the lamest comments you can think of to make him laugh.  Stare at him for longer than is socially acceptable, and grin widely as if you're five years-old on Christmas day.  Be sure to be slightly awkward so you can beat yourself up after your encounter with him.  Lastly, prematurely walk away before the conversation could be over.

After you have completed all of these steps, repeat indefinitely.  Mixing these steps is perfectly fine, as there is no true order.

Great!  That's it.  If you faithfully follow all of these outlined steps, you will stay as single as ever, just like me!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sun-In Sucks

So a little story.  This is one my friends enjoy laughing at me for, so I figured I should write it down for posterity's sake.

This past summer, my friend Mariah and I had the brilliant idea to get Sun-In to lighten our hair.  (The truth: I had the idea, and I think Mariah went along with it since she already has blonde hair.  1) It didn't do anything to her hair and 2) she didn't really use it anyways.  So it was really just me who used it.)

I thought it would be so fun.  "Oh, look at us, we're so cute using Sun-In to lighten our hair because it will look natural AND I'm only spending 5 bucks versus 50!"

Not so.

I got a little "Sun-In" happy...and I used half the bottle by myself while laying out.  Eventually people started telling me that my hair did look lighter.  Thankfully they were nice enough to NOT tell me that it was starting to look on the brassy side.

So the one thing about Sun-In *that I didn't know* is that supposedly you can't color your hair after using it UNTIL IT GROWS OUT.

*Record scratch.* blink blink.

Say whaaaa???

I guess it will "make your hair break and goo...and even   m   e   l   t       o   f     f ...." according to my hair stylist uncle.

So.  I resolved to accept my brassiness for the next forever.  I would get used to the sound of my friends' laughter echoing in my ears, and I would become a better person for accepting myself as I am.

Until this past Monday when I couldn't take it anymore.  I researched it a little, and decided it was safe.  I took matters into my own hands and went for it.  Shout out to Kyleygirl for coloring it.

Gah it's so awful.  I can't believe I just posted this.

After!!  Darker brown with red undertones.
And that is the story I have written down forever and ever.

So this post is going to be kind of long-ish because I also want to write about my experience auditioning to be a Disney character cast member this morning.

First off, I got cut right off the bat, so don't be too excited reading this story.  The story of the audition actually isn't as important as the things I learned from it.  For this cause, I will not go into too much detail about the audition.

I got to Salt Lake (Sandy) around 9:40ish, got all signed up by 10:30 and started talking to a few people, just making friends.  We were taken into a big studio room and learned a quick 2 8-count parade-type march.  Then we were told that the animation portion would be acting like your favorite Disney character in a parade.  And that was it!  In the actual audition, we went through the animation and the parade dance twice. It was difficult because in your animation you have to do something different than everyone else to make the casting director notice you.  You have to be quick to think of something different--which was so hard.  What is there to do differently than just waving, blowing kisses, etc?  There were some people with noticeably higher levels of energy and brighter smiles, but I don't know how I could have done any differently or what they wanted.

Anyways, here are some things I learned from the experience that I want to remember:

  • It's hard to put myself out there, but through this audition and a recent fashion show audition (that I also didn't make as you recall), I'm learning to put myself out there.  I feel like in the future I'm going to  have more opportunities to put myself out there, and I'm liking the feeling of becoming more comfortable with that and independent of what others are doing.
  • It has motivated me to work harder at my life to become the best I can be at what I'm already good at.  I'm not going to settle for just passing by or any of this mediocre business.  I'm going to start today by studying harder in my classes and practicing more regularly.
  • I also was grateful that I've been working harder to lose some weight, and this experience motivated me to work harder to continue to get the body I want.  I'm not going to let myself be in the way of getting what I want.
  • Next time something like this comes around, I'm not going to obsess over it like I did with this audition.  I've never had anything consume my thoughts as much as this did, and I did NOT like that.
  • I think this is the biggest one that I learned through this and am still learning: that it's the Lord who's in charge of my life, not mine, thank goodness.  I'm so grateful that there's a plan already set for me that's the best for me, and all I have to do is figure it out (a lot easier said than done, of course).  If it were up to me, I would have made it and have been a Disney princess in Florida.  But what if it turned out that I would have actually hated the job because I barely got to be a princess and I was mostly only in a fur suit all the time in the heat of Florida, or I was stuck with awful roommates, or I missed out on meeting someone here?  I know the Lord knows this, and I believe everything happens for a reason, and I'm in the place I need to be right now for a reason.
  • I made myself talk to people and make friends, and although that can be hard, too, I promise myself here and now to be better at that--to just start talking to people wherever I am, disregarding my own insecurities, and to pay more attention to the person that's by themselves in need of a friend.  Today I invited someone to talk with the group I was sitting with, and I think that was a good thing.  She was sitting by herself.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Truth

Something that's been on my mind lately is..the truth.  (Sounds scandalous, right?  Now that I've caught your attention...)

Last year I had the opportunity to attend the evening classes at BYU's Education Week.  There was this one particular class that I particularly loved that I would particularly like to take again.  I can't remember the title of the class, but it was about not worrying/facing life/dealing with problems gracefully, etc.

On one of the class days we talked about what truth is and how it "will set you free."  Besides this scriptural reference (John 8:32), the Lord gives us an actual definition of truth in Doctrine and Covenants 93:24: "And atruth is bknowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as they are to come."  

So the truth is knowing things as they are.  That means that you need to get rid of all of the "shoulds" in your life, like "I should be as thin as that girl who looks like she has virtually no thighs," or "I should have a boyfriend," or "I should be smarter" etc.  Look at the areas in your life that you're unhappy with right now.  If you think about it, those problems can probably point back to a "should" or "shouldn't".  Welp, that's just not the way things are.  Once you stop connecting the way things should be in your mind and the way things really are right now--the truth--then the truth will set you free.

Just a little nugget of wisdom that I need to remember the most right now.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Week in Pics and then some

KIMBRA!!  Concert with Megan :)
This quote makes me think--I think it's so key that it says who you *believe* you were meant to be.


Gardner's Village with my grandma in SLC.  Just posin' here with the witch, it's cool.

Crazy "Alien Blood" from the candy store.  Just read the labels...

And "Blood"!?

Only look at the cloak, not the face I'm making (I wasn't ready.  Actually I was but failed at making a cute face.).  $200 cloak.  So sweet for a Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Cool truck, dude!

Yeah, girl.

This card makes me feel better. haha.

Holy fudge.

Sometimes Utah can be really gorgeous.

I couldn't resist.  I know, I'm a creeper.  They were escorting.

Awesome Andy Warhol quote.
A card I found at Smith's.  The man looks just like my Grandpa Winn, it's crazy.
I hate pictures in front of the mirror, but I love this dress. Shout out to Kyleygirl for making me get it.

Me and my girl Emers.
So.  I don't remember ever wanting anything as bad as becoming a Disney princess.  except for this morning when I really wanted to eat some fudge, and then I did.

I've done all of my homework for it, and hey, guess what!?  I'm auditioning this Friday!  It's not like me to skip class, but I'm taking the day off for this.  I've already asked off work for it, too.  I've already applied for the character performer/look-alike position, and I've gotten an email back for the second part of the web-interview that I need to complete tonight.  I've watched several YouTube videos of Disney characters, audition tip videos, googled images of Disney characters, read the website inside and out...

That would be SO COOL.  

Other updates:


Nothing.  I got nothing.  This week's goal will be trying to stop daydreams of Disney from overcrowding the brain space I need to function.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Scary Beautiful"

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post today, but after seeing this article on the Yahoo homepage, I just had to.

First, you must read this article and watch the video on the site.


Only then may you move on to read my commentary.

Have you read it yet?  Can you believe that?  It's so crazy!  Even more than the shocking entertainment factor, however, I really appreciate how the article goes into further depth than that.  It has meaning behind it, which I *absolutely LOVE*.  Analyzing symbols and deeper meanings behind art and literature has to be one of my favorite things in the world.

The video speaks volumes. While it's a radical fashion statement, it's also clearly debilitating.  The model walking with those shoes looks like she has a disability.  This could be applied to real life in many ways.  Isn't it true that, as one continues to seek things that are *not as important* in life, their view of the world is obscured and their ability to "walk" properly is hindered?  The article already touched on this, but I just want to reiterate how in the intense and worldly pursuit of beauty, people have reached a climax that has become scary.

Some other things that have been on my mind this week:

1) General Conference was AWESOME.

2) I want to write about being "victimized."  I feel like I've always been aware of the annoying concept of "being a martyr or victim," always thinking, "Ugh, I'm never going to be like that--complaining of my circumstances..."  I've realized in the past that I have, though, without realizing it!  I try not to say it out loud to my friends or anything, (I'm sorry to my friends if I have!). I've realized that at least in my head, the inner voice has been telling me how hard I have it.  "If my life were like this person's, my life would be so much easier.  I would have so much more time, etc."  "I wish I had an easier major..."

It's time for me to silence that voice.  I'm going to work harder, and if I feel like I'm a victim of circumstance, there's nothing without of my power to change that!  Are there any areas in your life that you feel victimized, even if you don't realize it?  Try focusing on it and thinking about how you can change it!  This week I'm going to work on managing my time better and trying to use every minute usefully.  

3) I hate sitting on seats that are still warm from someone else's body heat.

4) When my chemistry teacher asks for the billionth time "if that's okay, are we okay with that?" I might be compelled to yell "no" without thinking.

5) Let's talk about the phrase people use when they need to walk past someone: "I'm just going to sneak by you..."  No.  You're not sneaking by.  You're squeezing by and too impatient to wait for me to get out of your way.  I don't know why, but that phrase has always gotten to me. haha.

How about this beautiful autumn?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Zombie Booth

So some people in the blogging world write about their recent obsessions.  Mine right now happens to be about a free app...Zombie Booth.

Okay, so it's not really an obsession, per se, but I love this app.  (It's free, too!  Woo hoo.)  You take a picture of yourself, or upload it from Facebook.  It detects your eyes and mouth and animates you into a MOVING ZOMBIE!!  It's just so amazing, okaaay?

Here's a little sample for your entertainment.

Another note: if you let it sit for a while, it will rot and become an even worse zombie over time.  So cool.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The past month or so in pictures

Gonna keep it real simple tonight.  Pictures with captions.

Me and my baby brother on the day I got my new phone.  I love how you can tell how happy he is throughout these.

Me and my grown-up almost 14-year-old sister.  Also taken the same day :)

Kyleygirl picked this outfit out for me.  And me likey.

Pretty sunset outside my apartment one evening this past month.

Freaky dog on campus with a braided-looking tail.

Girl in Target with the most classic skunk hair I've ever seen.  I wish I got a better angle.

AWESOME clouds while driving to SLC on a date

Me "taking a picture of Kyleygirl" but really of the guy TOTALLY BLINGED OUT.  cray cray.

The bat we randomly found on the ground that same night.  We thought it was a frog!!

Lady with a suh-WEET mullet while filling up.  Couldn't get enough of it.

The rotten banana in the trashcan at the library.  I may or may not have forgotten about it in my backpack for a couple of days.  This makes me smile every time I see it.

Ohp!  You wear socks with TOMS, you make it on my blog.

I was tempted to get these--they were only 2 bucks--but I didn't.

You have to look hard to see it, but he was texting while vacuuming.  I thought that was funny for some reason.  I'm also dead-tired right now.

You also have to look hard to see this, but the guy standing at the light has a  long 1800's-worthy beard.  Zoom in or something.

Background: this guy is posing in front of the student-athlete building.  I watched him ask his friend to take a picture of him, then they both walked off together.  I have no idea why he would want a picture right there.  So I took a picture of him getting a picture.  No need to tell me how ridiculous that is.
Welp.  That's a wrap for now.