Sunday, October 28, 2012


I love Halloween.  If you're a faithful reader of el bloggio, maybe you were able to tell by the Halloween background...put up in the middle of September.

So one of my favorite parts about Halloween is dressing up.  I can't explain it (except I do give my mom credit for instilling this in me through all of the awesome costumes and traditions throughout my childhood.  So I guess I can explain it.)

Some of my favorite costumes from the past (that have won prizes, I might add ;)

Thursday night's dance party...Catwoman with 3 of my roommates

Audrey Hepburn joined us, too.

Dance part on Saturday night.  Alice, Spidey, Flight attendant, Kevin Costner and Waldo. 
Sarah Palin and McCain '09

Katie Bell (not for Halloween--a Harry Potter party, but still legit)

Imperial Guard for a Star Wars party.  I blogged about this when it happened, but I still loved it.
Witchy poo '11
*This isn't me.* It's a pumpkin I carved of a panda.  Just wanted to insert that I also love carving pumpkins.

From freshman year when we went to the 1st half of the 7th HP movie premier

Me and Emers when we went to the Howl (epic Halloween party) freshman year
 SO yeah.  I'm not sure if I've made it clear enough yet how much I love dressing up yet or not, but it's something I enjoy. :)

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