Friday, October 19, 2012

Sun-In Sucks

So a little story.  This is one my friends enjoy laughing at me for, so I figured I should write it down for posterity's sake.

This past summer, my friend Mariah and I had the brilliant idea to get Sun-In to lighten our hair.  (The truth: I had the idea, and I think Mariah went along with it since she already has blonde hair.  1) It didn't do anything to her hair and 2) she didn't really use it anyways.  So it was really just me who used it.)

I thought it would be so fun.  "Oh, look at us, we're so cute using Sun-In to lighten our hair because it will look natural AND I'm only spending 5 bucks versus 50!"

Not so.

I got a little "Sun-In" happy...and I used half the bottle by myself while laying out.  Eventually people started telling me that my hair did look lighter.  Thankfully they were nice enough to NOT tell me that it was starting to look on the brassy side.

So the one thing about Sun-In *that I didn't know* is that supposedly you can't color your hair after using it UNTIL IT GROWS OUT.

*Record scratch.* blink blink.

Say whaaaa???

I guess it will "make your hair break and goo...and even   m   e   l   t       o   f     f ...." according to my hair stylist uncle.

So.  I resolved to accept my brassiness for the next forever.  I would get used to the sound of my friends' laughter echoing in my ears, and I would become a better person for accepting myself as I am.

Until this past Monday when I couldn't take it anymore.  I researched it a little, and decided it was safe.  I took matters into my own hands and went for it.  Shout out to Kyleygirl for coloring it.

Gah it's so awful.  I can't believe I just posted this.

After!!  Darker brown with red undertones.
And that is the story I have written down forever and ever.

So this post is going to be kind of long-ish because I also want to write about my experience auditioning to be a Disney character cast member this morning.

First off, I got cut right off the bat, so don't be too excited reading this story.  The story of the audition actually isn't as important as the things I learned from it.  For this cause, I will not go into too much detail about the audition.

I got to Salt Lake (Sandy) around 9:40ish, got all signed up by 10:30 and started talking to a few people, just making friends.  We were taken into a big studio room and learned a quick 2 8-count parade-type march.  Then we were told that the animation portion would be acting like your favorite Disney character in a parade.  And that was it!  In the actual audition, we went through the animation and the parade dance twice. It was difficult because in your animation you have to do something different than everyone else to make the casting director notice you.  You have to be quick to think of something different--which was so hard.  What is there to do differently than just waving, blowing kisses, etc?  There were some people with noticeably higher levels of energy and brighter smiles, but I don't know how I could have done any differently or what they wanted.

Anyways, here are some things I learned from the experience that I want to remember:

  • It's hard to put myself out there, but through this audition and a recent fashion show audition (that I also didn't make as you recall), I'm learning to put myself out there.  I feel like in the future I'm going to  have more opportunities to put myself out there, and I'm liking the feeling of becoming more comfortable with that and independent of what others are doing.
  • It has motivated me to work harder at my life to become the best I can be at what I'm already good at.  I'm not going to settle for just passing by or any of this mediocre business.  I'm going to start today by studying harder in my classes and practicing more regularly.
  • I also was grateful that I've been working harder to lose some weight, and this experience motivated me to work harder to continue to get the body I want.  I'm not going to let myself be in the way of getting what I want.
  • Next time something like this comes around, I'm not going to obsess over it like I did with this audition.  I've never had anything consume my thoughts as much as this did, and I did NOT like that.
  • I think this is the biggest one that I learned through this and am still learning: that it's the Lord who's in charge of my life, not mine, thank goodness.  I'm so grateful that there's a plan already set for me that's the best for me, and all I have to do is figure it out (a lot easier said than done, of course).  If it were up to me, I would have made it and have been a Disney princess in Florida.  But what if it turned out that I would have actually hated the job because I barely got to be a princess and I was mostly only in a fur suit all the time in the heat of Florida, or I was stuck with awful roommates, or I missed out on meeting someone here?  I know the Lord knows this, and I believe everything happens for a reason, and I'm in the place I need to be right now for a reason.
  • I made myself talk to people and make friends, and although that can be hard, too, I promise myself here and now to be better at that--to just start talking to people wherever I am, disregarding my own insecurities, and to pay more attention to the person that's by themselves in need of a friend.  Today I invited someone to talk with the group I was sitting with, and I think that was a good thing.  She was sitting by herself.

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