Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The past month or so in pictures

Gonna keep it real simple tonight.  Pictures with captions.

Me and my baby brother on the day I got my new phone.  I love how you can tell how happy he is throughout these.

Me and my grown-up almost 14-year-old sister.  Also taken the same day :)

Kyleygirl picked this outfit out for me.  And me likey.

Pretty sunset outside my apartment one evening this past month.

Freaky dog on campus with a braided-looking tail.

Girl in Target with the most classic skunk hair I've ever seen.  I wish I got a better angle.

AWESOME clouds while driving to SLC on a date

Me "taking a picture of Kyleygirl" but really of the guy TOTALLY BLINGED OUT.  cray cray.

The bat we randomly found on the ground that same night.  We thought it was a frog!!

Lady with a suh-WEET mullet while filling up.  Couldn't get enough of it.

The rotten banana in the trashcan at the library.  I may or may not have forgotten about it in my backpack for a couple of days.  This makes me smile every time I see it.

Ohp!  You wear socks with TOMS, you make it on my blog.

I was tempted to get these--they were only 2 bucks--but I didn't.

You have to look hard to see it, but he was texting while vacuuming.  I thought that was funny for some reason.  I'm also dead-tired right now.

You also have to look hard to see this, but the guy standing at the light has a  long 1800's-worthy beard.  Zoom in or something.

Background: this guy is posing in front of the student-athlete building.  I watched him ask his friend to take a picture of him, then they both walked off together.  I have no idea why he would want a picture right there.  So I took a picture of him getting a picture.  No need to tell me how ridiculous that is.
Welp.  That's a wrap for now.

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