Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Week in Pics and then some

KIMBRA!!  Concert with Megan :)
This quote makes me think--I think it's so key that it says who you *believe* you were meant to be.


Gardner's Village with my grandma in SLC.  Just posin' here with the witch, it's cool.

Crazy "Alien Blood" from the candy store.  Just read the labels...

And "Blood"!?

Only look at the cloak, not the face I'm making (I wasn't ready.  Actually I was but failed at making a cute face.).  $200 cloak.  So sweet for a Little Red Riding Hood costume!

Cool truck, dude!

Yeah, girl.

This card makes me feel better. haha.

Holy fudge.

Sometimes Utah can be really gorgeous.

I couldn't resist.  I know, I'm a creeper.  They were escorting.

Awesome Andy Warhol quote.
A card I found at Smith's.  The man looks just like my Grandpa Winn, it's crazy.
I hate pictures in front of the mirror, but I love this dress. Shout out to Kyleygirl for making me get it.

Me and my girl Emers.
So.  I don't remember ever wanting anything as bad as becoming a Disney princess.  except for this morning when I really wanted to eat some fudge, and then I did.

I've done all of my homework for it, and hey, guess what!?  I'm auditioning this Friday!  It's not like me to skip class, but I'm taking the day off for this.  I've already asked off work for it, too.  I've already applied for the character performer/look-alike position, and I've gotten an email back for the second part of the web-interview that I need to complete tonight.  I've watched several YouTube videos of Disney characters, audition tip videos, googled images of Disney characters, read the website inside and out...

That would be SO COOL.  

Other updates:


Nothing.  I got nothing.  This week's goal will be trying to stop daydreams of Disney from overcrowding the brain space I need to function.


  1. Girl love your blog and you are so gorgeous! And looking so slender :

  2. Thank you so much!! That means so much to me--that seriously made my night :))