Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Y'all goin' make me lose mah mind

Up in hurr, up in hurr!  DMX, anyone?  *I'm only thinking of the beginning lines if you DO end up listening to the song, just to clarify*


Anyways, I feel a little like I'm losing my mind.

Today I worked from 8-11, ended up working 20 minutes over because the cranberry sauce I was making took too long.  (It took too long because I forgot that to make a sauce you have to first prep the cornstarch, NOT add it directly.)  I then spent thee next 40 minutes rushing across campus, back home and back to campus by 12 because I realized I forgot my violin for my lessons.  Class from 12 to 2, rushed to warm-up a little bit, then lesson at 2:30.

Once I made it to the library, I picked out a computer to work at...but realized I left my phone somewhere.  Halfway down the stairs to the restroom where I might have left it, I remembered that I actually DID have it going up the stairs, but at a different computer...

This whole past week (and yesterday) has been like that.  I even told my boss this morning to "have a good weekend" as I was leaving.  NOT a good sign on a Tuesday.

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