Saturday, November 3, 2012

Everyone likes a little quirkiness, right?

And everyone IS quirky in some way, right?  For me...

  • The toilet paper for me MUST be hanging over.  None of this "I'm going to reach under to grab some TP" business.
  • I hate sitting in a warm seat that was JUST sat in.  It grosses me out.  It's okay if it's a car heating up the nice leather seat (so choice!) but if it's from someone who was in the class before me? ...ewww...
  • It bothers me when people say "literally" and "legitely."  First of all, it is hardly ever necessary for you to say "literally."  It is also doubly worse if you pronounce it "lit-TRAH-ly."  Second, "legitely" is NOT a word...!?
  • If there's one thing about me that I obsess over, it's my bangs.  
  • If I get the chance to go to Costco, I love getting the samples...and looking around for them.  I hit them up!!
  • If I get completely ready for bed, I like to fall asleep on my right side, always.  If I don't get ready and I fall asleep with the lamp on, I like to fall asleep on my stomach, always.
  • I don't like it when people suddenly go into an accent for no reason and for an extended period of time.  If it's just for a joke, then cool, I'll join you, but other than that--NO.  The Irish accents especially get me.
  • I say numbers weird and can't help it.  For example, instead of saying "One hundred and forty," I say "one forty." 
  • Sometimes I try to use big words--and I use them correctly because I know the meaning, mind you--but I oftentimes mispronounce them.  
  • When I start dating someone seriously, I'm probably going to be very awkward because I've made fun of so many PDA people in the past.
  • I am highly and painfully aware of the fact that I'm annoying to watch movies and reality TV shows with.  I make comments without even realizing it until they're halfway out of my mouth.  It's a problem.
  • I absolutely LOVE dressing up in costumes.
  • I like drawing and art, but I don't like doing crafts.  Scrap-booking and creating things is just not really my thing.
  • I'm anti-bringing-treats-over-to-boys'-apartments-in-hopes-of-getting-attention-for-a-future-date.  I did it the other night, but it was just really hard for me...
  • I'm an idiot-savant at the Etch-a-Sketch. 
  • I still believe in the Tooth Fairy (see earlier post).
  • I don't believe you can fall in love in three days, but I do believe you can experience a connection with someone when you first meet them.
  • When I crack up--I mean, really laugh hard--or try to tell a hilarious joke OR get excited, my voice gets higher.  I can't help it.
  • My ears turn bright red when I'm feeling either really excited, nervous, or upset. 
  •  I don't like chewing with earphones in. 
  • I don't like being called "cute" by people younger than me or told that by someone that "they're so proud of me."
  • Sometimes when I eat too much citrus at once, my nose sweats and sometimes my lips tingle.
  • One of my best friends quotes movies all the time...and now I do too.
  • It's probably a quirk that I even wrote this blog entry.
Maybe I've already said too much.

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