Monday, November 26, 2012

My office is expanding!

As a blossoming and increasingly ever popular blog-author, my little blog world is expanding.  Yes, I am gracing you with...MORE BLOGS!!

I'm going to try and experiment and write a few other blogs in addition to this. will be for my random thoughts, stories, pictures, whatever... will be my blog for nutrition.  As I'm sure you're aware (or you might not be--it's not something I publicize all the time), I'm studying to become a dietitian.  It's my goal to write about applicable information on this blog from what I'm learning in my classes.  Tips, stories, interesting facts... is going to be my blog geared towards sharing my testimony of Christ.  I'd like to point out what I did with the blog title--since "mytestimony" was already taken up in the blogging world, I changed the letters around to be "mymestitony."  See what I did there?  Yeah? Yeah? I'm already aware that it sounds more like an anatomical procedure rather than a clever play on words.

 So yeah.  Have a wonderful Monday, everyone!  haha.  wonderful. Monday.  good one.

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