Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Random story of the day

One time, I had this semi-big crush on this guy.  There were some minor problems in the picture, though.

1) He was dating my roommate.

So maybe it was just one huge problem.

Anyways, we had a couple of classes together: Anatomy and New Testament.  It was perfect.  As soon as they stopped dating, he would realize that he actually fell in love with me and we'd live happily ever after together.  As we peered over the slimy cadavers, pointing out chordae tendinae--the actual heartstrings of the heart--to each other, or while we flipped through Matthew together, he would discover that I was an invaluable part of his life.

Until the second to last day of class.

A little bird told me he was starting to date someone else.  I was...upset.  I don't think I was having a very good day anyways, to my minimal credit.

That day in class I tried to casually bring it up to him.  As he confirmed it, I broke my pencil in half and threw it at the teacher.  He said yes, that he was dating someone.  He also remembered that he had some cake pans of ours that he still needed to return.  At this point I was kind of feisty and I told him that he could bring them over whenever...it seems that my memory's getting a little fuzzy with what snappy words I actually said...

That seemed to make an impression on him.  The next class (last class) he wasn't sitting where he normally did so we could sit by each other.  Front left side of the class.

Disappointed, I made my way to an empty seat and sat by myself.  How could he miss the last day? I thought.

Nope.  He didn't.  I found this out in the middle of class when his distinct voice rang out, commenting on a particular verse.  Turning around, I saw that he in fact was sitting in the middle of a row in the very back. 

He avoided me.

And got married to the chick in January.

Whatev, who cares, not me.  (I really don't, but I just wanted to share that story. :)

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