Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Just a regular journal entry

Okay, so this is just going to be a normal journal entry--what's on my heart, fools.  It's a great de-stressor (<--is this a word??) for me.

It's finals week.  It sucks.  I still have three more finals to take, which I'm pretty sure will all happen tomorrow.  Yay.  Everyone's been publicizing about that on their Facebook status, but I'm choosing the blogging world medium for people that might care.  It's okay if you don't.  I barely do.  (Just kidding.)

I'm learning a lot about faith right now.  Right now I'm especially grateful for my mom who always listens to me.  It must be really hard for her--having a 4 year-old with 4 year-old issues, a 14 year-old dealing with dramatic friend issues, a 17 year-old boy who needs his butt kicked into gear (and college) and then me, the should-be-independent 21 year-old needy child calling constantly from 1000 miles away, probably sucking more time and emotional energy than the three younger kids combined.

On faith: you need to make (and take) your decision and *move on.*  Don't look back and be the pillar-of-salt woman.  Live in the present--not dwelling on the past or getting stuck in your plans for the future.  Be engaged in your life right now.  This is what you have--your friends, your job, your classes.  Here and now.  This particularly applies to me right now in moving on from my ex, pressing forward with my decision to stay in school right now and not go on a mission, and continue to work towards applying to the Dietetics program.  It's better to walk in the dark with God than in the light alone.  

Today I studied for a long time.  I need to study longer.

I have to pack up my room this week because I'm switching rooms.  

I need to pray harder.  And eat healthier.  

There's a potential for me to go on a date when I get back home, but I don't think I'm going to go.

So yeah.

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  1. Wow, you did your finals a lot earlier than I did mine. We just had ours last week. Hope you did well on yours. I got 2 As, 2 Bs and a C-. The C- I didn't really deserve, but I'm thankful the prof. was generous enough to give it to me.

    Merry Christmas!