Monday, December 10, 2012

That moment when...

So this entry is going to be the first of a series, kind of like my "Week in Pics."  It's going to be called "That moment when..." and it's going to illustrate highlights of the week in my life and special insights into my mind.

Okay.  *Ahem.*  That moment whennnnn....
  • you realize that despite your efforts this semester, you are pretty much still the same weight as the past three years.  Hooray for consistency, right??
  • you refrain from flirting with your coworker because it would threaten the loyalty you have to your imaginary boyfriend.
  • you finally take a shower and realize it's been longer than is socially acceptable since you've last showered.
  • that you actually CAN in fact flirt and nothing is inherently wrong with you.  The only problem is the people you can manage to flirt with are lots of boys...other than your crush...
  • you realize that you need to tone down your sarcasm because people don't know you and that you're actually being hilarious.
  • you get a haircut and let yourself believe in your hair again.
  • you wonder how you made it to the end of the semester and you start reflecting on what you've learned (oooh, that sounds like future blog entry material!!)
  • you realize that tonight is probably the last time in a REALLY long time that you'll go to Yogurtland with one of your best friends.
  • you see that you have so much to do that you enter into "numb" mode...but then you realize that you've already been numb like that.
  • you sense that people really DON'T care about your analysis of your "Marriage and Family Prep" class--why you didn't like it compared to the masses of people who "absolutely LOVED it..."
  • you finally come to terms with making an effort to look nice for the day, even though everyone in this ever-loving world should be okay with wearing sweats everyday.
  • you see that the dishes AREN'T going to do themselves...and neither are your roommates....
  • that your parents don't know EVERYTHING in the world anymore and because you're now an adult, you have to start making your own decisions based off what YOU know.  it sucks.
  • you don't have the money you need to buy a Christmas gift for everyone you want.
  • you learn that in marriage you choose who you love and marry.  It's not like some destiny thing.
  • you discover that maybe when people have nightmares, they don't always have to say a prayer like me to get back to sleep because it's just a dream.  I found that out at work today.
  • you are also reminded that people don't actually like hearing about your dreams.  Even if it was about a guy that sold his soul to the devil and had to kill 1000 people to make it worth it and your family was next on the hit-list.
  • you start rationalizing almost everything in your me, for example, who just spent twenty minutes updating my blog in my robe instead of getting dressed because I'm writing for my masses of fans who have been deprived of my voice for 9 whole days.
  • you have an out-of-body experience with chocolate.  You look down and suddenly memories of the past five minutes come flooding back as if you didn't just live them--because in those five minutes you just inhaled a "slutty" brownie: a brownie that also has a layer of oreos AND cookie dough.
  • you think of all the ways you can drag out your limited groceries because you only have less than four days left...
 That's about all I want to write right now.  (Haha--write right.  good one.)

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  1. Bahahaha, "and they don't realize you're hilarious." Bethy you ARE hilarious! Really liked this post! Quite insightful :)