Monday, September 2, 2013

Going on a mission, officially!

So this is my last personal blog post for a long time...

I'm leaving for the MTC on this Wednesday, and I will return in March of 2015!

I think it's going to be one of the biggest adventures of my life.

I'm going because I know that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the true church, restored on the earth today.

I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ lives, loves us, and died for us.  He is the reason we can all be saved someday.

I know that the Book of Mormon is true, and that it is a second witness of Jesus Christ--a second witness to the Bible.

If you want to continue to follow me and my adventures while I'm on my mission, my new mission blog (as kept up by my parents) will be called Bethany Converts Oprah (since I'm going to Chicago, get it? ;).  (The actual web address is called, but you could make life easier on yourself and just click the hyperlink :D )

Welp.  This is it.

Peace and blessings.



Monday, August 5, 2013

How to: Be a Great Customer

ATTENTION: Anyone who ever sets foot in a store needs to read this post.  This includes about 95% of the population, thus signifying a large majority.  The rest of this statistic covers those have/will/can never set foot in a store.


In order to be a good customer, you should:

1)  Learn the language of the country you're in.  For example, if one were to shop in America, he or she would greatly benefit from the ability to speak and understand English for various reasons.

2)  Be smart.  For example, if one were to pull off a women's t-shirt from the front of the store, one wouldn't put it back in the back of the store in the men's jeans section.  "One of these clothing items don't look like the others..."

3)  Learn how to count accurately and quickly.  Usually six is the limit of a dressing room, so go to the room with everything counted out.  Know which ones you want to swap out.

4)  Have integrity.  This means if you're in the dressing room, don't try to hoard more clothes in the room without the attendant looking.  NOT COOL.

5)  Let the people around you do their job.  Don't think you're being all nice because you're putting up your own clothes after you just tried them on...let the people put your dang jeans away because chances are like, one billion percent you're going to put it back in the wrong place or facing the wrong way.

5a) That being said, keep the area around you neat and orderly.  If the shorts you just pulled out to look at aren't fitting the way they were originally, it would be thoughtful to still try to put it back the same way.  For goodness sake, make an effort.

6)  Have mercy on the people who work there.  If they've acquired OCD from working at that job, it's not their fault.  They just really want things to be orderly, okay!?

7)  Be an upstanding person of society.  This means changing your baby's stinky diaper promptly, being kind to your children whilst keeping them from killing each other in front of the cash register, and should you accidentally set your clothes down where clothes are supposed to go back out, don't get angry at the unknowing employees putting away what's in front of them.

8)  Refrain from sticking your gum on the ledges in the dressing rooms.  That's just gross.

9)  Keep things on their hangers, turned right-side out, even when you're done.  When an employee sees you walk out of a dressing room...with half of the hangers empty and the other half on the hangers inside-out..... really!?  All I can say is, are you for reals...?

10)  Treat others kindly.  When the employee opens the dressing room door for you, look her in the eye and say thank-you.  You don't even have to look her in the eye if you can't manage that.  Just make some type of acknowledgement.  K, thanks.

This clearly is a joke.  Sometimes I smile still.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What if I Don't Wanna Change!?

A lot of things in my life are changing right now.   I know that change is necessary and generally is great, but I have a really hard time with change sometimes (a recurring theme of my blog).  I'm pretty sure one of the only changes I truly embrace is coloring my hair.  For some reason I don't mind changing my hair color...I would definitely take a bad hair color over a bad haircut.  Anyways, I digress.

There are some things that I REALLY don't want to change after my mission.

(In no particular order)
  • I don't want to change my makeup regimen...I'm open to changing it, only if it improves in technique.  I was just talking to a close friend/return missionary the other day and she said she used to wear makeup, but then didn't after her mission.  She wore less of it on her mission and discovered that she didn't like it as much.  I never thought she needed makeup, and I don't think I personally ALWAYS need to wear makeup, but I also recognize its ability to improve one's appearance.  I don't really want to turn into one of those nature girls.  I like the fakeness, okay??
  • I want to always still love going to indie alternative concerts and small venues on the weekends to hear live music.  I love live concerts.
  • I want to keep the ability to walk in and enjoy heels dangit.
  • The only reason I would want a weight change is if it went DOWN.  I do NOT want any change in my weight by means of an increase.
  • I want to still have my best friends that I do now.  I have this deeply-rooted fear of losing friends.  I want to do everything in my power to keep up those friendships, all the while letting the Lord lead me to more friendships.  I have to remind myself all the time of that one quote,"If you love something, Set it free... If it comes back, it's yours.  If it doesn't, it never was yours...."
  • I want to always love music (as alluded to above), but I mean knowing and listening to up-and-coming music.  
  • I want to always love reading.
  • I want to still like vintage-y things.
  • I don't want to change the inflection of my voice--like it sounds like I'm bearing my testimony all the time or something.  I know that's a ridiculous concern, but it's legitimate nonetheless.
  • I don't want to be awkward around boys my age.  Or at least get any more awkward than I already am.  
  • I also want to still love country and booty dancing.
Ways I expect to change and improve:
  • I expect myself to be better at talking to people and striking up a conversation.
  • I want to be better at reading peoples' nonverbal messages from their body language.
  • I will be better in tune with the Spirit and what the Lord wants for me.
  • I will kick the habit of biting my nails.
  • I will be better at saying "no" to desserts and better at portion control.
  • I will be better at budgeting my money.
  • I will improve my study skills.
  • I will be better at loving people who are hard to love.  I will get along better with all different types of people.
  • I will have a strong relationship with the Lord and my Savior.
  • I will not be afraid to share what I believe with other people.
  • I will be able to better prioritize my time.
  • I won't have such an addiction to social media (mainly Facebook and Wordfeud).
  • I'll go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier.
  • I'll be in the habit of exercising every day.
  • I'll be more obedient.
  • I'll be more confident in myself.
That would be nice.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Magic in the Sandbox

Everyone in life has experienced the unexplained, right?  For example, I still may believe in the Tooth Fairy...(My tooth fairy experience here).  Others may be dumped in a relationship for some unknown reason, or maybe your friend won't call you and you don't know why.


When I was a little girl last year when I was about eight, I played in the sandbox every day with my dear friend, Morgan F.*  On occasion, my dad would play the awe-inspiring, fun and thrilling, wondrous SANDBOX GAME with us.

The SANDBOX GAME: Morgan and I would bury a plastic pat of butter (you know the kind from kiddie kitchen sets) in a random spot while my dad turned around and closed his eyes.  Giggling, we would tell my dad to try to find it, convinced he wouldn't possibly be able to uncover it because of our honed butter-hiding skills.
A pat of butter, in puppet form...(??)
So there we were, excitedly watching my dad as he searched for it...and then, *every single time* he would somehow uncover it--SOMEWHERE OTHER than where we hid it.

What the--!?

Morgan and I would just stare dumbfounded, wondering what kind of freaky black magic was going on in that sandbox.  My dad would just sit there laughing at our reactions, and would never tell me how he did it.  I asked him for years--always reminding him that I needed to know how he did it before I died.

The response: "When you come of age, Bethany."

Well, I guess I finally "came of age" this past summer because the black magic sandbox secret was at last revealed...

All he did was move his hand in the sandbox, searching for it with his hand just under the sand's surface.  When he found it, he would slyly grab it, move it somewhere else and pretend to unearth it there.  THAT WAS ALL HE DID.


So maybe this is something I should have understood at the same time I was learning calculus, or was off on my own, or was dealing with adult problems, like buying a new car.  Maybe it should have occurred to me that the "unexplained" happenings in the sandbox were actually very explainable, but I'm not going to comment any further on that business.

*I don't know Morgan F. anymore.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Week in Pics

Everybody get excited is the promised Week in Pics!!!

*Cue mad cheering from all over the world*

Here are some pictures of our pretend rich home we house-sat in June.  Each room is beautifully polished.  I want a clean rich gorgeous home like this someday.

The fam sans Nate in our pretend rich pool


Sometimes, as obnoxious as the "kissy face"'s still fun to do.

Hannah is a freaking super model I tell you.

Tribute to K Cos

This was a funny snap chat we sent...that my dad doesn't know I saved...

Hannah looks like a little cupie doll.  This was from blueberry picking.

Nate looks thrilled to be picking blueberries, I know.

My mom took this random one of me.

Our winnings.  Logan didn't have very many in the littlest one, so we had to put some of ours in his for the picture to make him feel better.

Logan wouldn't smile.

Still wouldn't smile.

Finally when he decided to smile I posed.  Whoops.  Nobody noticed until they looked back on the pictures.  My bad.

I love this one because Hannah looks p-i-s-s-e-d.  I don't normally say that word, but I think it's the only one fitting for this picture, so beautifully and randomly captured.

My mom's "artsy" picture of us walking.

Logan was struggling towards the end of the trip.

I love this one of all of us.
This picture is from the Fourth of July.  We went out to Rockwall to watch a live concert, the sunset and the fireworks.
The sunset was absolutely gorgeous.

I LOVE this one of my dad and Logan.  This was the first time Logan was truly able to experience the fireworks, and you can just see the true joy on his face.

Me and my momma.

I don't know what to say about this one.  I was goofing off, about to do the obnoxious duck face to bug my mom, and then she took it when I wasn't ready.  It turned out to be something like a wannabe smolder.  I secretly like it.

My mom took this one of me on her phone.

Photobombed by Amanda Johnson from our ward.
Me and Pops

Logan squeezed in when he saw us taking a picture.

This picture makes me laugh.  Somehow I got my mom to braid the wispy parts of my hair into an "Anakin Skywalker" braid...and then take a picture.  I love it when she humors me.

Me and Mr. Baby Logan Diapers Roary Ya Ya Squirty Squirt Puff Puff (his adapted nicknames over time, some of them self-given, some given by us) 
At the end of the night.
I don't know what Logan was doing, but my mom says he does this rocker pose a lot....

A week after the Fourth we tried lighting off some sparklers.  It was kind of a fail.

I SAW THE MYSTERY MACHINE!!!!  Bucket list #152 "See the Mystery Machine in real life" can now be crossed off.

This is from Logan's little photo shoot the other day.  He was such a cute vampire, if vampires could ever be called cute...

This was taken from this HUGE sale I had to work on Saturday.  People lined up at least an hour before opening.

You can see in the distance how it wrapped around the block.  Cray cray.
I took Hannah one day (a couple of weeks ago) to get her eyebrows waxed.

The house I grew up in (not currently living in).  I was in the area yesterday and took a picture.
A random picture of me and Hannah.
Me, Kyleygirl and Meggie at the Temple.  I miss and love them so much.

This was taken on one of the last nights I was in Utah.  This sunset is unbelievable.  I believe each time there is something beautiful in nature, it's Heavenly Father's small reminders that He loves us.

This was taken when my dad and sister and I went shopping...there was a beetle that Hannah saw and fuh-REAKED out at.  I got the picture of her freaking out.

This was taken at the beginning of June when my grandparents and the fam (sans Nate again) went to Yogurtland.

This is Logan worrying about either having enough gas or knowing our way home.  I can't remember which it was at that time, but he always worries about either of those things.  I think it's weird.
Whelp.  This concludes this edition of the "Week in Pics."  Stay tuned for more craziness ahead.