Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Big Rundown of the Big Breakdown












 It all started around 8:30 in the A.M. and ended around 8:45, also in the A.M.  I was running late* for my physiology lab, and it was SUPER icy outside.  I should have been tipped off when

a) I started slipping on the ice as soon as I walked outside and

b) when I STILL slipped after I changed my shoes from no traction to "traction."

I think some part of me just thought in my head, "If I can only make it to my car, it will all be okay..."

So since I was in a rush, I didn't wipe off all of the ice off of my windshield--only the parts that I needed to see, duh.  As I was turning the corner of the parking lot (I was probably going about 10 or 15 mph), I lost control...and slid into a parked car.

This was her damage...

And this was my damage.  One of these cars is not like the other...(Hint: hers was a LOT stronger than mine.)

 You would think that would be the end of my morning.  Not so.  Because you haven't seen enough evidence of my lack of sensible thought, let me show you more.  All I could think of was how I was supposed to print off those two papers before class and I was going to be late to that dang physiology lab with the thick-accented TA I can't understand.  So after examining my "still-drivable" car, I scribbled a note to the girl and inched off to school.  The block that I normally park in didn't have any parallel spots I felt comfortable with, so I resolved to be officially late and made my way back home.  As I was turning right (from 700 N to 900 E), I lost control again and spun a complete 180 onto the sidewalk.  While I was attempting to rev up the car, a car behind me slid into the side of my car.  She parked and walked to see the damage, but I was momentarily distracted since yet ANOTHER car hit my rear passenger taillight.  I'm pretty sure I was in the car for both hits.  It gets a little fuzzy in that thirty seconds since I was already freaking out.  Welp, I guess the second girl (the first girl to hit me but second hit in all) decided the damage wasn't enough to give me her information, and she drove off.  The girl who hit me last also drove off, and it wasn't clear where she went.  Thankfully four guys walking by helped me push my car out.

Damage from the last hit.  The taillight was actually out, but the girl helped push it back in.

At this point I didn't know where this girl went, but I turned the corner and found her with her hazard lights on.  I believe this was an act of God to lead me there -- she could have been anywhere, and I had no way of contacting her.  The girl and I quickly exchanged information, and she was able to drive off okay. 

I should insert here that in between all of this, a guy came up to my window and gave me three York patties, saying that it looked like I could use them.  His name was Sam--so when you say your prayers tonight, ask for a special blessing for Sam.  He helped save my sanity.

I called my mom (somehow she was able to understand my panicked sobbing), and she rallied the troops to help me.  My dad was immediately on the case, and my grandparents were also immediately alerted...And I spend the rest of the morning calling insurance companies.

So right now I'm waiting to hear from the insurance companies.  The Mazda girl who hit me last still needs to call the company back, and we'll see if they'll accept the liabilities.  The girl apparently requested that the adjustor ask me if she could pay me directly, but I don't entirely feel comfortable with that.  That would be too easy for her to avoid paying me.

My friend Emily is selling her car at the beginning of March, so I might buy her car, depending on how things work out.  Otherwise I'm just going to look for a cheap car somewhere.  In the meantime, I'm chilling, catching rides and Bus #11 (my two legs).

*I actually wasn't even late to anything...if I was with it, I would have figured out that lab was actually CANCELED. 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank goodness I don't write my life!

So.  You know those lessons in your life that you learn and have to relearn later and you're all like, "That hurt, let's remember that forever so I don't have to suffer THAT again" or "HOW in the HECK could I EVER forget that!?" Yeah.  It can suck, but sometimes it's a good lesson that you need to relearn *and hopefully remember the next time around.*

One of the biggest lessons I've relearned this past year is that God is the writer of my life.  He is the One who has a plan for me--not me--and I'm learning to trust in His will for me, believing that He knows what is best for me. He knows what will make me the happiest.  As long as I'm working to be one with Him, He will provide me with what I need.  I also recognize that I need to be the one to work hard for things to happen through Him.

This is a blog entry that I've tossed around in my head for a while now.  These are different scenarios from my life I thought might work out for me.  Here they are, partially true, partially imagined.  Thankfully they haven't worked out (because I'm trusting in a greater plan...) (If you can't tell what's not real, I'll highlight it in red.)
  • So there I am, sitting in the first class of Winter semester 2012 when who but a fun guy from my ward sits by me.  We end up sitting together all throughout that semester...AND somehow wind up in the same class the following semester!  We get along great, but it turns out he has a missionary that he's waiting for.  After a year of sitting by me every week, he realizes that he actually likes me, proceeds to write off his girlfriend and starts pursuing me.  
  • So there I am, sitting in the first Sunday School of summer of 2012 when who but an attractive and built guy sits by me.  We end up not only being in the same ward but also working in the same kitchen throughout the whole summer and following year.  He likes one of my best friends and actively pursues her.  When he realizes that he actually likes me, he begins to pursue me.  Since I'm not a holla-back girl, I don't buy into his flattery.  Eventually he wins me over.
  • So there I am, sitting in the first swing dance club meeting I've ever been to when who but a fun guy I met the previous week at a dance sits by me.  We attend the following country dance club and have a blast.  He texts me the next week and we start going to every country dance, falling for each other with each spin and dip. 
  • So there I am, sitting in the first seat  I can find in the library when who but my aunt texts me about a cute guy she's going to set me up with.  We start dating off and on for the next four months.  We date throughout the summer, realize our blind date was blind fate and plan a wedding.
  • So there I am, sitting in the kitchen at work when who but a cute new guy sits by me and starts working.  We start to get to know each other over making calzones, and eventually find out we have the same interests of Spanish, golf and dietetics.  Despite his height, we quickly realize we need to spend every shift together and more.
  • So there I am, sitting in the first class of high school when who but a cute guy I knew from middle school sits by me.  We become best friends and spend all of our time together.  Somehow we work out, despite being 1000 miles away for four years.
  • So there I am, sitting in my apartment in the summer when a guy from the ward asks me on a date in a very big, slightly crazy but definitely creative way (story later if you really want it).  I accept and we go to a nice restaurant in Sundance.  We spend a long time talking and end up being one of the last couples in the restaurant talking.  We also go on another date to a professional soccer game later in the summer.  We enjoy each others' sense of humor and continue dating.
  • So there I am, sitting in my grandparents' house when a cute guy calls me and asks me to go to the biggest firework show for the Fourth of July--the Stadium of Fire.  We have a blast seeing the Beach Boys and an even bigger blast at the street dance afterwards.  He calls me up again and again and we love dating each other. 
For each experience I can tell you why I'm grateful for them, what I've learned from them, and why I can see that they didn't work out.  I'm so grateful for the Lord's hand in my life, and I'm learning to trust in Him that He will guide me to the right person someday.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little country lovin'

So I just want to write a quick entry about last night.

I'm pretty much the least involved person when it comes to BYU activities and such--I'm associated with no clubs, service organizations, groups, etc.  I realized the other night as I was trying to write a recommendation letter information sheet about myself that this needed to change.  The plan: start going to the Swing Kids club and learn how to swing dance!  Yay!

So there we were, getting ready to swing dance.  We were about twenty minutes late, but we were graciously welcomed (and desperately needed--there weren't enough girls) and we started to learn the "Lindy" right away.  After half an hour of instruction, we were let loose to tear up the dance floor with our little "rock step 1-2-3."  So that was fun, you know, just kickin' it with the little swing dance kids.

We slipped out a little before it was officially over because it was...actually a little killer waiting for an awkward dance.  As we were walking past the ballroom where hip-hop was finishing up, we ran into this guy that we met on Friday night (at another dance actually).  He was pretty cool (except for him not remembering my name--it's fine. ;)  He convinced us to stay for the country dance at 8:30.  Okay, fine, we will--if you say it's as fun as it is, why not?

Well, the dance took forever (half an hour) to start.  That was not okay with me--I could have been studying for something!?  I told him we were leaving if it didn't start by 9.  It did start by 9, so we didn't leave...and I'm converted.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I loved it.  There's nothing better (a slight exaggeration) than dancing with someone who knows how to dance and lead the girl, even if the girl can't dance.  I'm definitely going again.  And again.  And again.

What was even better than having a BLAST country dancing was being able to be silly and have fun.  The guy (Jake) was silly and fun and it was great to just be.  I didn't feel worried or anything.  He also asked for my number.  Holla!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aaaand she's back!! (Highlights and the Month in pics)

So a little side story before we get started: (it's actually not much of a "story," per se...) I love Google--I use it for everything.  It helps me find information I don't know, keeps my calendar, synchronizes my tasks and syllabi, tucks me in at night... Anyways, if you are also a lover of Google, you will know that when you try to use the task manager but lose internet connection, it will say something like, "Unable to connect to the internet, please try later."  Pretty basic, right?  If you keep watching this notice, it will say "Aaaaand we're back!" once you regain connection.  That side story right thurr further explains the significance of my title, other than me writing finally after forever (one month).  That is it.  Okayyyy....

So I let my author skills rest for a whole month while I was back in Texas visiting my family.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC.  I loved it.  *Just to let you know, I'm trying to pick and choose the best blog material for this post back, but I think this one's going to be a little scattered.* 

Some highlights:

  • I got to be with my family.  It was so wonderful to be with them for so long.  The last time I was home was in August for two weeks and the time before that was LAST December, so it was much needed.
  • My four-year-old brother broke his arm at the church Christmas party.  This isn't a positive highlight, but it's kind of a funny (he broke his and ironic highlight.  We were invited to go to the BYU-Baylor basketball game, but my dad thought it would be best if we went to the Christmas party instead to support.  It was his call because 1) he's the head of the house and mostly because 2) it was also his birthday.  Anyways, this story begs the question--does the Universe control some type of destiny to where Logan would have still broken his arm at the basketball game...?  We'll never know... (but we all do know it would have been better to go to the game.) ;)
  • I ate lots of Bluebell peppermint ice cream.  I still get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.
  • I snap-chatted everyone I know.  I used to be a snap-chat hater, but it's actually really fun.  I feel closer to my snap-chat peeps.
  • I read 3.5 books: "Redeeming Love" by Francis Rivers, "Matched" by Ally Condie, "The Tales of Beetle the Bard" by J.K. Rowling and half of "I Love You Beth Cooper" by Larry Doyle.  (The last one was too inappropriate.)
  • I sewed a duvet cover (pictures to come once I finish sewing on the buttons).  I'm started to like sewing a lot more.
  •  Overall I just had a lot of time to regroup, reflect and get ready for the new semester and new year.  I feel recharged.
Here are some pictchahs... 
I got my sister ready for the New Year's Eve Dance.  She could seriously be a model.
Me and Papa Winn.  I don't really call him that.

Random photo shoot with Hannah and Logan.  None of us are rockin' it in this picture.

Baby Logan Squirty-Squirt.

Me and Mamasita.

If looks could kill...dang!  Logan at the doctor's office about to get his cast on. This cracks me up.

Hannah on the sweetest camo chair at Bass Pro Shop.  We were there for one of her Christmas recitals...don't ask why it was at Bass Pro...I don't know.  All them hunters need a lil' spurrtuality frum Christmuss too dunn durr!

Random photo shoot in the isle of Hobby Lobby with a ridiculously long Santa hat.  It's cool.
Barbie finally gets some religious friends.  She needed them.

Logan and I built a tower taller than him.  Ahh, to play Legos with a four-year old.

WHY would they make a "sick" Elmo!?  WHY would a parent buy that for their child??

Gladiator toy set.  This is not okay.

The family at Yogurtland.  <3

Funny card my mom found at Target.  It looks like my dad, but it's funny because 1) he would NEVER say that and 2) when we showed him this picture, he said it wasn't funny.  Now it's hilarious.

My hands are bananas.  Paha.

Our Christmas tree. <3

My sister and I did masks together.  *Note: I do NOT take pictures like this EVER.  I made this face because it's the face my brother's girlfriend makes all the time.  I totally nailed it.*

Scene in my neighborhood as we were driving home one day.  I love taking random pictures of the sky/nature.
Me and Hannah at the park behind our house.

Me and Nathan during our family mustache photo shoot.  (I have my friends to thank for giving me that idea.)  Nathan refused to ever smile with the mustache on.

I love that Logan posed with his fist under his face for this one.  I look really awkward when I smile with a mustache on.

Nathan with a key at Hobby Lobby...Sora from Kingdom Hearts...haha...ellipses...

Logan fell asleep while we were eating dinner.

A model, I tell you.

What a squirt.

Yogurtland AGAIN, whatchaaaa.

Guy at the airport that LOOKS LIKE TWO-FACE!!!  AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

We went to the park one night and played with all of the kids :)
My cat gets fatter and fatter every time I see her.

Look at all the birds!!  No filter and gorgeous sunset.

Cute baby Santa costume.

What a cheeser.

SELFIE!!  haha.  I hate selfies, but I loved this outfit.  Just wanted to share the love.  My brother got the vest at a thrift store and gave it to me!  I love random pieces like that.

WHY is the Joker okay for a kid's toy!?

I have a thing where if I can't buy something at that time, I take a picture of it and pretend it's mine.  This jacket looks fabulous on me.

So does this bracelet. ;)

Model at the park behind our house.

A shot of the park behind our house--no filter or editing whatsoever.  Love it.

Me and Baby Logan Squirty-Squirt right before I had to leave. :(
 So yeah!  That's about all I have time for right now.  I'm back and ready for this year!  I'm also ready to write like crazy about it! :D  To a better year *clink! clink!*