Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A little country lovin'

So I just want to write a quick entry about last night.

I'm pretty much the least involved person when it comes to BYU activities and such--I'm associated with no clubs, service organizations, groups, etc.  I realized the other night as I was trying to write a recommendation letter information sheet about myself that this needed to change.  The plan: start going to the Swing Kids club and learn how to swing dance!  Yay!

So there we were, getting ready to swing dance.  We were about twenty minutes late, but we were graciously welcomed (and desperately needed--there weren't enough girls) and we started to learn the "Lindy" right away.  After half an hour of instruction, we were let loose to tear up the dance floor with our little "rock step 1-2-3."  So that was fun, you know, just kickin' it with the little swing dance kids.

We slipped out a little before it was officially over because it was...actually a little killer waiting for an awkward dance.  As we were walking past the ballroom where hip-hop was finishing up, we ran into this guy that we met on Friday night (at another dance actually).  He was pretty cool (except for him not remembering my name--it's fine. ;)  He convinced us to stay for the country dance at 8:30.  Okay, fine, we will--if you say it's as fun as it is, why not?

Well, the dance took forever (half an hour) to start.  That was not okay with me--I could have been studying for something!?  I told him we were leaving if it didn't start by 9.  It did start by 9, so we didn't leave...and I'm converted.  It was SO MUCH FUN!!  I loved it.  There's nothing better (a slight exaggeration) than dancing with someone who knows how to dance and lead the girl, even if the girl can't dance.  I'm definitely going again.  And again.  And again.

What was even better than having a BLAST country dancing was being able to be silly and have fun.  The guy (Jake) was silly and fun and it was great to just be.  I didn't feel worried or anything.  He also asked for my number.  Holla!

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