Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Aaaand she's back!! (Highlights and the Month in pics)

So a little side story before we get started: (it's actually not much of a "story," per se...) I love Google--I use it for everything.  It helps me find information I don't know, keeps my calendar, synchronizes my tasks and syllabi, tucks me in at night... Anyways, if you are also a lover of Google, you will know that when you try to use the task manager but lose internet connection, it will say something like, "Unable to connect to the internet, please try later."  Pretty basic, right?  If you keep watching this notice, it will say "Aaaaand we're back!" once you regain connection.  That side story right thurr further explains the significance of my title, other than me writing finally after forever (one month).  That is it.  Okayyyy....

So I let my author skills rest for a whole month while I was back in Texas visiting my family.  It was absolutely FANTASTIC.  I loved it.  *Just to let you know, I'm trying to pick and choose the best blog material for this post back, but I think this one's going to be a little scattered.* 

Some highlights:

  • I got to be with my family.  It was so wonderful to be with them for so long.  The last time I was home was in August for two weeks and the time before that was LAST December, so it was much needed.
  • My four-year-old brother broke his arm at the church Christmas party.  This isn't a positive highlight, but it's kind of a funny (he broke his humerus...ba-da-pah-chhhh) and ironic highlight.  We were invited to go to the BYU-Baylor basketball game, but my dad thought it would be best if we went to the Christmas party instead to support.  It was his call because 1) he's the head of the house and mostly because 2) it was also his birthday.  Anyways, this story begs the question--does the Universe control some type of destiny to where Logan would have still broken his arm at the basketball game...?  We'll never know... (but we all do know it would have been better to go to the game.) ;)
  • I ate lots of Bluebell peppermint ice cream.  I still get a little teary-eyed just thinking about it.
  • I snap-chatted everyone I know.  I used to be a snap-chat hater, but it's actually really fun.  I feel closer to my snap-chat peeps.
  • I read 3.5 books: "Redeeming Love" by Francis Rivers, "Matched" by Ally Condie, "The Tales of Beetle the Bard" by J.K. Rowling and half of "I Love You Beth Cooper" by Larry Doyle.  (The last one was too inappropriate.)
  • I sewed a duvet cover (pictures to come once I finish sewing on the buttons).  I'm started to like sewing a lot more.
  •  Overall I just had a lot of time to regroup, reflect and get ready for the new semester and new year.  I feel recharged.
Here are some pictchahs... 
I got my sister ready for the New Year's Eve Dance.  She could seriously be a model.
Me and Papa Winn.  I don't really call him that.

Random photo shoot with Hannah and Logan.  None of us are rockin' it in this picture.

Baby Logan Squirty-Squirt.

Me and Mamasita.

If looks could kill...dang!  Logan at the doctor's office about to get his cast on. This cracks me up.

Hannah on the sweetest camo chair at Bass Pro Shop.  We were there for one of her Christmas recitals...don't ask why it was at Bass Pro...I don't know.  All them hunters need a lil' spurrtuality frum Christmuss too dunn durr!

Random photo shoot in the isle of Hobby Lobby with a ridiculously long Santa hat.  It's cool.
Barbie finally gets some religious friends.  She needed them.

Logan and I built a tower taller than him.  Ahh, to play Legos with a four-year old.

WHY would they make a "sick" Elmo!?  WHY would a parent buy that for their child??

Gladiator toy set.  This is not okay.

The family at Yogurtland.  <3

Funny card my mom found at Target.  It looks like my dad, but it's funny because 1) he would NEVER say that and 2) when we showed him this picture, he said it wasn't funny.  Now it's hilarious.

My hands are bananas.  Paha.

Our Christmas tree. <3

My sister and I did masks together.  *Note: I do NOT take pictures like this EVER.  I made this face because it's the face my brother's girlfriend makes all the time.  I totally nailed it.*

Scene in my neighborhood as we were driving home one day.  I love taking random pictures of the sky/nature.
Me and Hannah at the park behind our house.

Me and Nathan during our family mustache photo shoot.  (I have my friends to thank for giving me that idea.)  Nathan refused to ever smile with the mustache on.

I love that Logan posed with his fist under his face for this one.  I look really awkward when I smile with a mustache on.

Nathan with a key at Hobby Lobby...Sora from Kingdom Hearts...haha...ellipses...

Logan fell asleep while we were eating dinner.

A model, I tell you.

What a squirt.

Yogurtland AGAIN, whatchaaaa.

Guy at the airport that LOOKS LIKE TWO-FACE!!!  AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

We went to the park one night and played with all of the kids :)
My cat gets fatter and fatter every time I see her.

Look at all the birds!!  No filter and gorgeous sunset.

Cute baby Santa costume.

What a cheeser.

SELFIE!!  haha.  I hate selfies, but I loved this outfit.  Just wanted to share the love.  My brother got the vest at a thrift store and gave it to me!  I love random pieces like that.

WHY is the Joker okay for a kid's toy!?

I have a thing where if I can't buy something at that time, I take a picture of it and pretend it's mine.  This jacket looks fabulous on me.

So does this bracelet. ;)

Model at the park behind our house.

A shot of the park behind our house--no filter or editing whatsoever.  Love it.

Me and Baby Logan Squirty-Squirt right before I had to leave. :(
 So yeah!  That's about all I have time for right now.  I'm back and ready for this year!  I'm also ready to write like crazy about it! :D  To a better year *clink! clink!*

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  1. Bethany! I know I never post or anything (I'm sorry about that, I need to be better) but I just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE reading your blog! You're so great! And I was secretly hoping you'd post about your time at home, so thank you for this post :) I love seeing pics of you guys! What an awesome family you have!