Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank goodness I don't write my life!

So.  You know those lessons in your life that you learn and have to relearn later and you're all like, "That hurt, let's remember that forever so I don't have to suffer THAT again" or "HOW in the HECK could I EVER forget that!?" Yeah.  It can suck, but sometimes it's a good lesson that you need to relearn *and hopefully remember the next time around.*

One of the biggest lessons I've relearned this past year is that God is the writer of my life.  He is the One who has a plan for me--not me--and I'm learning to trust in His will for me, believing that He knows what is best for me. He knows what will make me the happiest.  As long as I'm working to be one with Him, He will provide me with what I need.  I also recognize that I need to be the one to work hard for things to happen through Him.

This is a blog entry that I've tossed around in my head for a while now.  These are different scenarios from my life I thought might work out for me.  Here they are, partially true, partially imagined.  Thankfully they haven't worked out (because I'm trusting in a greater plan...) (If you can't tell what's not real, I'll highlight it in red.)
  • So there I am, sitting in the first class of Winter semester 2012 when who but a fun guy from my ward sits by me.  We end up sitting together all throughout that semester...AND somehow wind up in the same class the following semester!  We get along great, but it turns out he has a missionary that he's waiting for.  After a year of sitting by me every week, he realizes that he actually likes me, proceeds to write off his girlfriend and starts pursuing me.  
  • So there I am, sitting in the first Sunday School of summer of 2012 when who but an attractive and built guy sits by me.  We end up not only being in the same ward but also working in the same kitchen throughout the whole summer and following year.  He likes one of my best friends and actively pursues her.  When he realizes that he actually likes me, he begins to pursue me.  Since I'm not a holla-back girl, I don't buy into his flattery.  Eventually he wins me over.
  • So there I am, sitting in the first swing dance club meeting I've ever been to when who but a fun guy I met the previous week at a dance sits by me.  We attend the following country dance club and have a blast.  He texts me the next week and we start going to every country dance, falling for each other with each spin and dip. 
  • So there I am, sitting in the first seat  I can find in the library when who but my aunt texts me about a cute guy she's going to set me up with.  We start dating off and on for the next four months.  We date throughout the summer, realize our blind date was blind fate and plan a wedding.
  • So there I am, sitting in the kitchen at work when who but a cute new guy sits by me and starts working.  We start to get to know each other over making calzones, and eventually find out we have the same interests of Spanish, golf and dietetics.  Despite his height, we quickly realize we need to spend every shift together and more.
  • So there I am, sitting in the first class of high school when who but a cute guy I knew from middle school sits by me.  We become best friends and spend all of our time together.  Somehow we work out, despite being 1000 miles away for four years.
  • So there I am, sitting in my apartment in the summer when a guy from the ward asks me on a date in a very big, slightly crazy but definitely creative way (story later if you really want it).  I accept and we go to a nice restaurant in Sundance.  We spend a long time talking and end up being one of the last couples in the restaurant talking.  We also go on another date to a professional soccer game later in the summer.  We enjoy each others' sense of humor and continue dating.
  • So there I am, sitting in my grandparents' house when a cute guy calls me and asks me to go to the biggest firework show for the Fourth of July--the Stadium of Fire.  We have a blast seeing the Beach Boys and an even bigger blast at the street dance afterwards.  He calls me up again and again and we love dating each other. 
For each experience I can tell you why I'm grateful for them, what I've learned from them, and why I can see that they didn't work out.  I'm so grateful for the Lord's hand in my life, and I'm learning to trust in Him that He will guide me to the right person someday.

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