Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Big Rundown of the Big Breakdown












 It all started around 8:30 in the A.M. and ended around 8:45, also in the A.M.  I was running late* for my physiology lab, and it was SUPER icy outside.  I should have been tipped off when

a) I started slipping on the ice as soon as I walked outside and

b) when I STILL slipped after I changed my shoes from no traction to "traction."

I think some part of me just thought in my head, "If I can only make it to my car, it will all be okay..."

So since I was in a rush, I didn't wipe off all of the ice off of my windshield--only the parts that I needed to see, duh.  As I was turning the corner of the parking lot (I was probably going about 10 or 15 mph), I lost control...and slid into a parked car.

This was her damage...

And this was my damage.  One of these cars is not like the other...(Hint: hers was a LOT stronger than mine.)

 You would think that would be the end of my morning.  Not so.  Because you haven't seen enough evidence of my lack of sensible thought, let me show you more.  All I could think of was how I was supposed to print off those two papers before class and I was going to be late to that dang physiology lab with the thick-accented TA I can't understand.  So after examining my "still-drivable" car, I scribbled a note to the girl and inched off to school.  The block that I normally park in didn't have any parallel spots I felt comfortable with, so I resolved to be officially late and made my way back home.  As I was turning right (from 700 N to 900 E), I lost control again and spun a complete 180 onto the sidewalk.  While I was attempting to rev up the car, a car behind me slid into the side of my car.  She parked and walked to see the damage, but I was momentarily distracted since yet ANOTHER car hit my rear passenger taillight.  I'm pretty sure I was in the car for both hits.  It gets a little fuzzy in that thirty seconds since I was already freaking out.  Welp, I guess the second girl (the first girl to hit me but second hit in all) decided the damage wasn't enough to give me her information, and she drove off.  The girl who hit me last also drove off, and it wasn't clear where she went.  Thankfully four guys walking by helped me push my car out.

Damage from the last hit.  The taillight was actually out, but the girl helped push it back in.

At this point I didn't know where this girl went, but I turned the corner and found her with her hazard lights on.  I believe this was an act of God to lead me there -- she could have been anywhere, and I had no way of contacting her.  The girl and I quickly exchanged information, and she was able to drive off okay. 

I should insert here that in between all of this, a guy came up to my window and gave me three York patties, saying that it looked like I could use them.  His name was Sam--so when you say your prayers tonight, ask for a special blessing for Sam.  He helped save my sanity.

I called my mom (somehow she was able to understand my panicked sobbing), and she rallied the troops to help me.  My dad was immediately on the case, and my grandparents were also immediately alerted...And I spend the rest of the morning calling insurance companies.

So right now I'm waiting to hear from the insurance companies.  The Mazda girl who hit me last still needs to call the company back, and we'll see if they'll accept the liabilities.  The girl apparently requested that the adjustor ask me if she could pay me directly, but I don't entirely feel comfortable with that.  That would be too easy for her to avoid paying me.

My friend Emily is selling her car at the beginning of March, so I might buy her car, depending on how things work out.  Otherwise I'm just going to look for a cheap car somewhere.  In the meantime, I'm chilling, catching rides and Bus #11 (my two legs).

*I actually wasn't even late to anything...if I was with it, I would have figured out that lab was actually CANCELED. 

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