Sunday, February 24, 2013

And now it's time for "Silly Comparisons with Bethany"

Trying to find a car is freakishly similar to trying to date.  Through this process of putting on my big-girl panties to find a car like the adult that I am (haha), I'm finding more and more common characteristics between the two.


Finding a car ("C" for car): You have to research like crazy--looking in the want ads basically.  It is also helpful to talk to people who know about the cars you're considering. 

Finding a suitable boy (listed as "B" for boy): You also need to research like crazy--looking everywhere for someone you might date.  Research the guy--look at his Facebook photos to get more information (of course--this is a no-judging-Facebook-stalking zone), and talk to people who know him.

C: It would also help to know what you're looking for, whether it's a used car with a clean title, less than a certain amount, with a certain amount of miles...
B: You should also know what you're looking for in a guy, whether it's good looks, a strong testimony, fun and caring personality...

C: When you find a potential car, you need to contact the owner to set up a time for a test drive.
B: The same thing--contact the boy for a test date.  You need to know whether this guy is going to be someone you can be with.

C: When it comes time for the test drive, you need to come prepared with knowledge of questions to ask and you MUST be confident.
B: Same thing--ask those right questions and be confident.  Don't let the seller catch a whiff of ANY insecurities.

C: As previously suggested, it is critical to know the right questions to ask.  Was the car ever damaged or in a wreck?  What kind of work has been done on it?  Is it currently in any need of repair?  What is the interior like?  Are ALL mechanisms of the car functioning, including the heat and stereo?
B: Ask your boy the right questions--Were you ever previously damaged in relationships?  Are you over it or do you still need repair?  How is your interior?  Are you stained with any type of addictions?

C: If the car doesn't seem right immediately, perhaps you need some time to mull it over.  Sometimes, however, it will be clear that the car is not the right one for you.  It could be a strong or even subtle feeling that you get, or it may be a huge red flag, like the no working heating system..
B: Same thing for the boy.

C:  Eventually you need to call them back--either to politely reject the car or ask them for another meeting to set up a sale.
B: Eventually you should call the guy back--either to politely reject the boy or ask for another meeting.

C: It is guaranteed that negotiations and compromises will be factors.  There will be both pros and cons to the car, but the goal is to reach a good selling price where both parties will be satisfied.
 B: Negotiations and compromises are also inevitably part of relationships--as are pros and cons.  "I like this guy a LOT, but he does this, this and this, which is annoying...but these characteristics don't outweigh the good, so I'm willing to enter into a deal."  (I guess the negotiating part of early dating is more of a stretch than the compromise aspect, but it can still work in this analogy, okay?)

C:  It's important to not settle.
B:  It's important to not settle.

C: Sometimes the car deal doesn't work out.  You thought it was right, enjoyed the test drive, liked certain aspects of it...but then come to find out that the car is NOT worth the asking price.  You tell them that you're not interested anymore unless something in the deal can be changed.  They either take it or leave it, but if they leave it, you comfort yourself by saying it wasn't the right car and not meant to be because another just as good, if not better, will come along sometime.
B: Pretty much the same thing with the guy.  Just apply the analogy in your head for me, k?

C:  If the first one or 10 or 20 didn't work out, it's back to square one.  You need to repeat this entire process until you find the right car.  Additionally, you might start to look in other places, such as other people, other websites, professional dealerships and more.
B:  Start the dating process all over again.

C: No matter what, you will always have a soft spot for your old car (and especially your first car).  It has a special place in your heart.
B:  Same for the boy.

C:  If and when you wreck, it could be a big damaging wreck that totals the car or only a small scratch.  Neither car will be damaged in the same way or to the same degree either.
B:  A fight could be a breaking point in your relationship, or it could turn out to be something that could be easily fixed.  One party might get hurt more than the other and need more repair.

C:  Most wrecks are accidents.  Some could be prevented, others couldn't.
B:  Most fights are not intentional.  Nobody really likes fighting.  Some fights can be avoided, others aren't so easily avoided.

C:  Some people have cars, some don't.  Some are in the process of getting one, some have them given to them, others have to work for them.
B: Some people have boys, some don't.  Some are in the process of getting one, some have dates come easily to them, others have to work for them.

I think I could think of a million more applications of this analogy, but 1) I have GOT to go to bed now, 2) I'm way too analytical for my own good and probably could drive this analogy to the ground with fifty more obscure comparisons, and 3) I'm tired of thinking about boys and cars, both of which I'm currently lacking.

That is all.

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