Thursday, March 28, 2013

So guess what my dog and I are doing?

We're going on a mission!!  Yay!!  That's the plan yo.  Wow, I have a lot to update.  A lot can happen in 13 days, huh?

So where were we in the story of my life?  Oh yes, I was complaining about how everyone's either getting married or going on a mission.  Welp, I've jumped on that bandwagon (I hate cliches), and I'm gonna get this girl on a mission!  What changed, you may ask, since I was so adamantly opposed to it?

Several things (in no particular order).

1) I got reeeeeeeeee-jected from the Dietetics program, so I needed a new game plan for the next year.  Some of the options included completely changing my major, retaking some prerequisites and trying again next year, or going on a mission.  I think those were pretty much my only three options.
2) I actually HAVE been praying about it this past year, trying to figure out if it was right for me or not.  This past year I've felt like the answer was "not right now, just wait," and now that feeling is gone.  I feel like now would be perfect timing.
3) I feel like I need the time for self-discovery and time off from school.  I think this will be a great opportunity for me to help me grow in ways that I can't imagine right now.  I also think it will give me time to have some clarity with what major I want to do (get? study?)  I'm not so sure I want to do dietetics.  We'll see.
4) I want to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I want to bear my testimony of Him to others and share with others the reason why I'm so happy and at peace.  I'm so grateful for the gospel in my life, and it has changed me and my life forever.
5) I want to serve the Lord and know in my heart that I did everything I could to serve Him at this time.  I think this will give me peace.

It scares me to death.

1) I'll have to get my wisdom teeth out.  This is coming from the girl who can barely take shots.  I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this phobia I have in the past, but I was about to melt down when I had to get my blood taken recently.  I almost hyperventilated before I had to get all of the shots before I came here to school.  I haven't gotten a flu shot since I moved out.  Have I driven this point home yet?
2) The thought of going to a foreign country, as exciting as that sounds, also sounds completely terrifying.  I haven't ever left the country before, much less lived anywhere other than Utah or Texas for more than two weeks!!
3) I am afraid of losing touch with my friends and not being as close to them.  I hate it when friendships change.
4) I'm nervous about leaving my family and not being able to talk to my mom.
5) I'm sad about leaving behind current music and my car and phone.  I know, those are definitely worldly attachments.
6) I'm a little nervous about the timeline of my schooling.  I never wanted to be one of those people who stick around BYU forever because

BUT.  I feel that this is right for me, so I'm going to go through with it and trust that the Lord is guiding me!  If it's not right, I have faith that the Lord will direct me in where I should go.  He has so far, so I'm going to take this leap.

So I'm writing this in the airport, and I think my flight is going to board here in the next little bit.  Until next time--stay tuned for a major Week in Pics soon!!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Everyone and their dog is...

Either going on a mission or getting married.  But I'm just getting more awesome.

Last night I was talking to my mom (I love talking to her and the family on the phone) and the conversation went a little like this.

Mom: So today is the first day I'm giving up chocolate for 100 days.  It ends on June 21.

Me, choking a little bit: Haha, you crazy??

Her: Haha, right?  So this friend started a Facebook group...

Me, listening and realizing she and a bunch of other people are dead serious about it: Wow, I'll join you.  I'll do it too.

I couldn't even believe my own mouth.  It was one of those out-of-body experiences that people talk about.  You know, like in church when a return missionary in church talks about how the Spirit prompted him to say something completely random and he didn't realize he was saying it until it was out of his mouth, and then investigator breaks down and practically gets baptized right on the spot, all because of this one comment?  Well, it was kind of like that, but a lot less spiritual.  The only connection is that I heard the words coming out of my mouth before I knew what was going on.

Chocolate is like my lifeline.  If 1) it didn't make me fat and 2) it were possible, I would carry around chocolate in one of those hiking backpack pouches with an obnoxiously long straw and suck it up all the dang day long.

So this is it.  Let it be known to my faithful blog followers and the world that I'm giving up choco for a better bodayy. 

When I make it, I'm going to buy myself a new pair of whatever shoes I want (within reason.  Less than $100.  Don't judge.  This is big.)

K, thanks.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

No title.

Sometimes I get tired of thinking of titles.  So I'm not going to write one today.  I don't feel like it.

Um, so I was just reading my last entry with the Harry Potter spiel...I must have been in a bad mood or something when I wrote that because that was not funny.  It sounded like I can't sleep at night or something because of people who don't like Harry Potter.  Just to clarify: I don't really care that much about whether other people like Harry Potter or not.


I have a lot of things I've been wanting to write about.  1) the week in pics, Snapchat edition, 2) a list of qualities I do and don't want in a guy, and 3) the movie, "Facing the Giants."

Let's start with "Facing the Giants."  It's a fantastic church movie.  It's wonderful to watch on Sunday and has a great message, even though the acting is lacking.  (Isn't that the way it is with all church movies?)  My grandpa and I watched it together this past Sunday.  It was a little embarrassing because I was totally crying throughout the movie and my grandpa would occasionally look over and I was a mess trying to wipe away tears really fast and...

I love this scene because it is the perfect illustration of how our life's trials are.  We know it's hard in the beginning, and we press forward.  But then we hit that snapping point and --dang--we want to quit so badly!  That's exactly when it counts!  All along our coach--God--is encouraging us and telling us that He wants our all.  In the end, we realize we were pushed harder and further than we believed we could go, because God was with us the whole way.

I also like this clip starting at 5:02 to about 8 minutes.  This is where the coach gets a new car, paid for and given anonymously by one of his football players.  I can relate with his overwhelming emotion.  This same thing happened to me when I was 18. I woke up on my birthday to find a car sitting outside my house, given to me anonymously.  It was so amazing, and I know it was the Lord's hand in my life.  I've promised myself that if anyone were ever in need of a ride, I would always try to be available to give it.  I've tried to remember the things I've been given aren't mine.  They're just in my stewardship.

Let's see, what else...

I was sick yesterday and have only had saltines and coke since Sunday night.  I am convinced of healing powers in Route 44 Sonic Cokes.  Today I'm feeling better, but I'm still taking it easy.  Man, in the moments right before you throw up it feels like a freak demon from some unknown underworld wants either in or out of you and you can't tell which.  I also feel like I'm ready to confess all of my sins and I'm willing to do ANYTHING to make it stop.  Afterwards I feel like I've died and gone to heaven.  When I'm finally better and showered I feel like announcing to the world that I'm back from the dead.  Just a little commentary on my sickness for y'all.

I'm intoxicated by the thought of spring and summer right around the corner.  So so beautiful.

My date on Saturday: awesome.  I LOVE skiing.  It was my second time skiing.  (The first time I went was on a orchestra trip which ended with my friend breaking her femur--not good.)  So this time was great.  A couple of things:

  • Skiing is NOT cheap.  I knew that going into it, but I didn't know it was THAT much!  Dang!  I'm really glad it was a date so he paid!
  • Since skiing is more on the expensive side, I'm more and more inspired to a) make a lot of bank in my life, b) marry someone who makes bank, and c) save my money and not spend it on stupid stuff so I can go DO fun things instead of have a bunch of crap stuff.
  • I thought I was in decent shape, but NOOOOO.  I'm not.  Whenever I would fall (which was very frequently), I could barely get up!  And I was all like, "okay, do I not have ANY muscles ANYWHERE in my body?"  (haha.)  I kept on completely taking off my skis, which probably annoyed my date towards the end, but whatever.  There are deep muscles in my butt (that I would say I never knew I had, but since I took anatomy, I did know about them) that are sore and my left deltoid feels like it got punched.  Very hard.  I also have two gnarly bruises on my legs that I would post pictures of, but I don't want you to see my fatty calf.  Okayyyyy....
  • I'm not going to comment on the actual date part since this is a public blog connected to my Facebook.  Schawwy :/
 Here is a list of things I do and don't want in a guy.  This is a "living" table, meaning it's subject to change at any time.  I'm not going to do the Week in Pics this time.  That will be saved for another time.  Leave any comments you have about my table :D

Traits that I NEED in my boy
Attractive perks
Dealbreakers/not attractive
Hardcore religious—loves God with all his heart
Being attractive, obviously.  Nice face, in shape
Takes the Lord’s name in vain
Worthy priesthood holder
Knowing Spanish
Backseat driver. So annoying.
Driven and motivated to work hard
Being musical in some way—singing, violin, piano are most ideal
Jokes about inappropriate stuff
Family guy, good relationship with his parents
Likes to read, cuddle, dance, play golf, cook
Comes onto me too fast.  This one is huge.  I need my space.
Always ready to serve others, puts others above himself
Knows and likes to listen to music
Scrapbooks and other feminine traits
Funny—needs to be able to make me laugh
Being mechanical, a good fixer-upper.  That’s hot.
Annoying fake laugh
Outgoing, mixes things up

Asking me to do favors for him that he could do for himself, like fixing his watch
Needs to have served a mission (unless he’s a really strong convert)

Forgets that I’m there on the date
Organized, on time (I know that sounds more like a job interview, but I hate it when guys are late)

Doesn’t ask me about myself, only talks about himself
Wants to be a better person and inspires me to be better

Talks about his financial situation
Good with children

Takes me for granted
Good with his money

Talks bad about other people
Will take care of me, puts me first—not a momma’s boy in the negative way

Is not into pornography


Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Pensieve

I LOVE Harry Potter.  It really irritates slightly bothers me when people say "Oh, I don't like Harry Potter."  "Well, why not, have you read them?"  "Haha, no..." or "I only made it through the second book and then watched the movies and wasn't really that into them."  "Well let me tell you what I'M into, it's giving Harry Potter haters swirlies, old school!" "Oh, that's okay, I civilly respect your unjustified distaste for one of the greatest series ever written, and I'm sorry you can't fully enjoy your life."


In the Harry Potter series, there's this magical basin called a "pensieve." It's basically a place where you can deposit, through your wand, all of your thoughts and memories to preserve forever.  Should you want more information, you can read this: .

This is a long explanation to say that this blog entry will serve as my pensieve--no stream-lined ideas or anything, just thoughts and memories from the week.  

I hate taking showers.  It's nice once you get in, but the aftermath of getting ready sucks.  Just because I hate showers, however, doesn't mean that I don't have good hygiene.  Just to let you know. 

I have a date (I think) this weekend.  We're going skiing.  I'm 98% sure it's a date.  It's my first one since November and the time before that August, so I'm a little stoked and a lot nervous.  If you're wondering,  he's a great guy.  As for me, I'm not crushing on him, but I'm open to becoming better friends with him.

I still like this one guy (different than the ski date this weekend).  I'm not going to go into a ton (or any) details since it's a public blog -- and you never know who reads this haha (like 5 people) -- BUT!  If anyone figures out how to stop liking someone that you've known for almost a year now and you see, text and snapchat very frequently (almost every day), please let me know.  K, thanks.

I love Yogurtland.  I went tonight with my girls for dinner real fast.  <3

I am having the hardest dang time concentrating in class.  

Remember that one time when I said I was officially over my ex?  I think I still am, but man, there are still times when I miss him.  It's a strange mixed feeling--still wishing I could see him just one more time, if I could only accidentally run into him in the library, if I only knew how much he thinks about me still...but not going back and still feeling like I'm supposed to move on.

I'm staying the summer and working.  I don't know if I'm going to take spring classes--it all depends on if I make it into my major program.  And let's all pray for that, yes?

I want to color my hair dark.  My uncle--and hairdresser--wants me to go red, but I can't.  There's no way!!
What I imagine Mitch wants my hair to look like

For some reason, I like this color hair IF I were to go an extreme color

What I would get if I were to do the color melt

What I look like in my parallel universe.
More of the color of what I imagine
So yeah. 

I just finished stats with the help of a cute guy from my ward.  I love it because 1) he's great at helping me with it and 2) we sit verrrryyyy close when he helps me.  One time he massaged my neck while he helped me.  Yum.  Um, he also hugged me goodbye.  I LOVE it when guys give good hugs.  

Please let me date and marry a cute, loving guy who can melt my heart.  And make me laugh always.

My roommate just told me that I listen to "kick-butt" music.  Holla.  Two of the types of compliments that I like are 1) comments on how good I look (doesn't everyone?) and 2) my taste in music.  I also enjoy compliments about my talents and personality.   

When summer comes around, you KNOW Imma be layin' out with my girls.

That is all.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Begin Again

by my girl T. Swift.  I love her.  There are two bands/artists that I could probably honestly listen to forever and 1) never get tired and 2) always be comforted, no matter how often I listen to them.  One is Taylor Swift and the other is Rascal Flatts.  Always.

I have ten minutes to jot down some thoughts.  The thing on my mind as of late has been...change.  *Gulp!*

I freaking hate change.  I'm sorry for that little watered down expletive, but really.  It's a problem.  I couldn't even lose a tooth without also losing my mind because of the change it would create in my mouth.  Well, that and the unnecessary fear of the pain associated with losing a part of your body.

This whole past year has been one of change for me, as you know if you've been reading my little bloggio.  The job change, the boyfriend (I hate it when people refer to "the boyfriend" like that, but I just did), the housing change, one of my bffs leaving on her mission, the car change...

So I thought it would be beneficial for me to write down some times I've successfully dealt with change and how it turned out to be for my good.

The first thing that always comes to mind is when my family and I moved from Garland to Rowlett when I was in 6th grade.  It was the first time I really remember moving.  I don't think chugging along in the moving van drinking apple juice when I was three moving from Utah to Texas really counts.  So that goes without saying it was a big change for me.  We had to switch wards (in our church, switching wards basically means switching churches for the city you're in without switching what you believe in because the church is the same).  It turned out to be a great change, though, in my opinion--at that time.  Our house was bigger and better, and it backed up to a beautiful city park versus the big cement wall in Garland.  The ward was great too since it provided me with more girls my age.  I made some really close friends there.  Our friendships have since changed (changed...!) and I obviously don't live there anymore, but it was a great change for me at that time.

It was a huge change for me to get to college.  I don't remember this very well, but I'm pretty sure my parents dragged me all the way to Utah.  It was hard to get me here.  My biggest concerns were 1) starting my life all over, meeting new people, 2) dealing with the extreme climate change (although come to find out, it's not that bad), and 3) adjusting to the culture shock of everyone and their dog being Mormon up here.  I'm Mormon, too, but I didn't know what it would be like for everyone to be Mormon.  It turns out, all three of these things have been wonderful changes in my life.  I have met friends that have become family to me here, and it's great being surrounded by so many fantastic people.  I also don't mind the snow *as much*, and the weather is really beautiful year round.

Another time I can think of is...losing my teeth.  I'm pretty grateful I don't still have my baby teeth.  Change can be good, right?

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Happy Second Day of March-o!

So here it is, the first entry of March!

I don't really have anything planned to write out today.  Nothing creative except updates from my life.

So here we go.

Um, I got a new car!!  Yay!!

It's a 2006 Chevrolet Aveo.  I love it.  I got it this morning.  Well, if you must know the details of the car-purchasing timeline, it goes a little something like this.  Hit it!  Yo check it out, guess what happened to me!  Wait, no, I'm not writing Aaron Carter lyrics...

Last Saturday, my grandparents drove me to Layton AND Ogden to check out two cars.  HUGE shout out to them.  For those of you not familiar with Utarhd, Layton and Ogden are like, an hour and a half away from Provo.  So we left around 1 and didn't get back until 8. That is just so huge.  We first checked out a little silver Hyundai Elantra and then a Mitsubishi Galant.  The Hyundai didn't work because it 1) had a lot of play in the wheel, which I'm not okay with and 2) the heat didn't work, which I'm way more than not okay with.  There was also a chunk missing out of the wheel (like the driver got hungry and took a freakish bite out of the wheel or something) and the passenger seat had a big coke spill on it.  Nice, right?  Anyways, the title wasn't technically cleared, either.  The guy said it was in Utah but not California which was too much shady town for me right there.

Then we went to Ogden and checked out the Mitsubishi.  It was a good car, I could tell.  It had a slight odor to it, though.  It wasn't a bad odor--just air freshener--but it was supposedly masking a smoke smell.  There was also other wear on the interior.  The biggest problem, however, was the owner's asking price--$6000, even though the car was really only worth $5000.  I offered 55 (pronounced "five-five," representing $5500.  That's right, you can be impressed with my car-buying knowledge.)  They took it, but after talking to my mom and aunt, (huge shout out to them for helping me see the light) I realized I shouldn't offer that much.  So it didn't work out.  But like I've said in past blog entries, thank goodness I don't write my life, right?  The Lord had something better in store for me.

I found this car on (like a local Utah Craig's list).  I looked at it on Monday with my grandma and settled the title this morning with my grandpa.  So far I've only driven it from the girl's house to the bank, then to the girl's house, then my apartment, then my grandparent's house (where I currently am).  I love the way it drives, and I think it's so cute!

A couple of crazy things about it: 1) it has crank windows!!  What the--!?  How is it that a car that is 5 years younger than my other car has CRANK windows??  2) The middle back seat as a TWO click, you have to click it across yourself, and then over your lap!  Google it if you don't know what this is.  3) It doesn't have electric door locks--I have to manually unlock everything AND lock the driver's door from the outside. 4) It doesn't have electric rearview mirror adjustors--there's this little lever on each side that you manually adjust.  I can't take all of this manual stuff.  JK, JK.

I want to write more, but I have to go change my laundry right now.  And then go eat dinner.  Gotta eat to live, gotta steal to eat, tell you all about it when I got the time!