Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Pensieve

I LOVE Harry Potter.  It really irritates slightly bothers me when people say "Oh, I don't like Harry Potter."  "Well, why not, have you read them?"  "Haha, no..." or "I only made it through the second book and then watched the movies and wasn't really that into them."  "Well let me tell you what I'M into, it's giving Harry Potter haters swirlies, old school!" "Oh, that's okay, I civilly respect your unjustified distaste for one of the greatest series ever written, and I'm sorry you can't fully enjoy your life."


In the Harry Potter series, there's this magical basin called a "pensieve." It's basically a place where you can deposit, through your wand, all of your thoughts and memories to preserve forever.  Should you want more information, you can read this: .

This is a long explanation to say that this blog entry will serve as my pensieve--no stream-lined ideas or anything, just thoughts and memories from the week.  

I hate taking showers.  It's nice once you get in, but the aftermath of getting ready sucks.  Just because I hate showers, however, doesn't mean that I don't have good hygiene.  Just to let you know. 

I have a date (I think) this weekend.  We're going skiing.  I'm 98% sure it's a date.  It's my first one since November and the time before that August, so I'm a little stoked and a lot nervous.  If you're wondering,  he's a great guy.  As for me, I'm not crushing on him, but I'm open to becoming better friends with him.

I still like this one guy (different than the ski date this weekend).  I'm not going to go into a ton (or any) details since it's a public blog -- and you never know who reads this haha (like 5 people) -- BUT!  If anyone figures out how to stop liking someone that you've known for almost a year now and you see, text and snapchat very frequently (almost every day), please let me know.  K, thanks.

I love Yogurtland.  I went tonight with my girls for dinner real fast.  <3

I am having the hardest dang time concentrating in class.  

Remember that one time when I said I was officially over my ex?  I think I still am, but man, there are still times when I miss him.  It's a strange mixed feeling--still wishing I could see him just one more time, if I could only accidentally run into him in the library, if I only knew how much he thinks about me still...but not going back and still feeling like I'm supposed to move on.

I'm staying the summer and working.  I don't know if I'm going to take spring classes--it all depends on if I make it into my major program.  And let's all pray for that, yes?

I want to color my hair dark.  My uncle--and hairdresser--wants me to go red, but I can't.  There's no way!!
What I imagine Mitch wants my hair to look like

For some reason, I like this color hair IF I were to go an extreme color

What I would get if I were to do the color melt

What I look like in my parallel universe.
More of the color of what I imagine
So yeah. 

I just finished stats with the help of a cute guy from my ward.  I love it because 1) he's great at helping me with it and 2) we sit verrrryyyy close when he helps me.  One time he massaged my neck while he helped me.  Yum.  Um, he also hugged me goodbye.  I LOVE it when guys give good hugs.  

Please let me date and marry a cute, loving guy who can melt my heart.  And make me laugh always.

My roommate just told me that I listen to "kick-butt" music.  Holla.  Two of the types of compliments that I like are 1) comments on how good I look (doesn't everyone?) and 2) my taste in music.  I also enjoy compliments about my talents and personality.   

When summer comes around, you KNOW Imma be layin' out with my girls.

That is all.

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  1. I used to have a coworker who was absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter.

    I color my hair red. I wanna do the extreme red, but haven't yet.

    Good luck getting into your major college.

    And have fun on your date.