Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Long-awaited Week in Pics!!

I'm not sure if I've ever commented on where exactly I got the "Week In Pics" title.  It's kind of a knock-off of MSN's "Week in Pictures" of professional photojournalism photos from around the world each week.  They're pretty cool.

So here are some (I'm not sure if I will have enough time for all of the ones I want to do!).  Ready?  Let's go!

First of all, can I put in a little random insert?  I just saw the movie "Warm Bodies" last night, and I really really liked it.  I want to get it and I loved the soundtrack.  So good.

Okay now let's start. Some notes: 1) there are some selfies in here.  But it's my blog and I can cry (or insert whatever pictures I like) if I want to.  2) they're definitely not in chronological order and DEFINITELY not all from this past week.  You should know by now that the title "Week in Pics" only refers to an entire post dedicated to pictures and subtitles.  3) I took all of these with my phone (as I do with pretty much all of my pictures).

Me and Emers on our last night together in Provo

Us doing the "K Cos" pose (our friend  Kevin Costner did this once in his profile picture, and I don't think he's aware that he's created a photo legend...)

Me and my mama at my great granddad's funeral

Logan in the background of us taking a snapchat shot

This picture is just ridiculous.  BUT I got K Cos to pose!!  A true blogging gem.

Me, Kyleygirl and Mariah at the Atlas Genius and Imagine Dragons concert two weeks ago.  So good.  

Me and this ridiculous Angry Birds helmet at Wal-mart.  I think Megan took this picture.  I can't remember.

I can't remember if I've already included this in a blog post, but it makes me smile on the inside when I look at it.  Do you get it?  Like Christopher Reeves/Superman??  Somebody taped it to the library door...

My new Easter heels that I've fallen in love with.  Please excuse my ashy calves.

Me and Ryan Gosling, no, Joey Fatone my uncle on Valentine's Day

I love these hipster boots, but I didn't want to dress up enough to make them worth it wanted to save my money.

Whoa, dude, whoa.

Oh yeah, working this hat like a boss.  This look on my face is my dad's classic pose, which is funny that I nailed it.

With Emily in an art exhibit we snuck  into.  It was closed with the lights off, but we wanted to see it, dangit.

Me, Emily and Alex on the night of Emily's fareweell party


I colored my hair this month with my  roommate.  Before picture.  (After can be seen in the Imagine Dragons picture.  It's faded even more since then.)

Freaky freaky nail thingy at the Wal-Mart nail salon.  This is not okay.

Gorgeous little ranch in Colorado where Emily's family took family pictures.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I flew out there last weekend from Thursday to Sunday night for Emily's mission farewell.

Another picture from the Imagine Dragons concert.  (Ideally they'd be next to each other, but whatever.)

Made an apple pie on Wednesday with K Cos.  Making a homemade pie was on my  25 year old bucket list, so I was able to cross that off!  (Maybe I'll blog about the bucket list sometime!)

Megan and I skiied on Saturday and got some pictures  with the ski guys.  We asked if they would take a picture of us, and they said only if they could be in it.  The guy taking the picture kept on clicking the camera, so we got several, but here are the highlights.  They were all hilarious.

I have got to figure out how to get this hairstyle.  I think it's so pretty.

This is a shirt that I really liked in Plato's Closet...but I didn't get it.  If I get a picture, it's almost like it's mine, right?

Me and Logan from last August.  I just wanted to include this in there.   Random.

Me and my roommate Maille coloring our hair.  Don't judge the booty shorts.  I only sleep  (and color my hair) in them.

Me and Mariah when we hung out on President's Day

From the art exhibit I mentioned earlier

I'm obsessed with the clouds.  Taken this week.

Another shot from Emily's family photo shoot.

Workin it at work.  This is my uniform.

Emily with the mustache french fry at Red Robin.

Now me with the mustache french fry at Red Robin.

Megan, me, Mariah, Kristen, Kyleygirl, Alex and her sister Maddie at Yogurtland

A kind of fuzzy shot of the last night of all of us together.  Deeds is in this picture, but Alex was too late...

Cute little picture frames someone put up in the downstairs MARB bathroom.  They each said things like "You're beautiful," etc.

Not the most flattering picture of me, but this was us at the dance earlier this semester after my work party.  I ate those otterpops like crazy.  Afterwards we went to our friend's house to play more Just Dance.  That was a really fun night.

Emily and our new friend Jacob country dancing together.  We went country swing dancing a few times (I think I 've blogged about it a little bit.)  So fun.

Emily waiting for the nachos to be done at her house in Colorado.  It was a funny moment.
Us at that dance I mentioned earlier.  

Us after Red Robin in Colorado.  I think it's becoming more apparent that I'm missing her like crazy with how many pictures of us I'm putting up.  Maybe it's a bad idea to also be listening to The National right now.

This is us from the summer and my first picture I ever put up on Instagram.  You can tell my hair's a lot lighter and shorter.
This is from the Hilary Weeks fireside we went to together.  Sorry I'm too lazy to figure out how to turn it right-side up.

Yet another random picture from the ID concert.

A picture of the parallel parking job this guy did on the night of the concert.  It was UNBELIEVABLY close.  It's not even funny how close he was to both cars--less than 2 inches on both sides.
So I recognize that this is a pretty scattered Week in Pics.  I just put up pictures that I personally wanted to remember.  I need to put more down, but it's not going to happen tonight as it's already been an hour.

As long as we're going with the random theme, I'm going to finish up by writing some thoughts I've been bouncing around this week.  I love dancing.  I feel like when you dance with someone, for those 3.5 minutes, you get to experience some type of connection with them.  Sometimes I pretend that for that one song that I get to dance with them, we're in love.  Dancing is like magic.

Here's a dance clip from my dance test on the Waltz.  It's from my Dance 180, beginning social dance class. I did a terrible job (so did my partner), but whatever.  He told me after that he only got two hours of sleep that night and was really out of it.  It took us forever to start.  Oh, and I can't get it to rotate...I like my dress and shoes.

I think that's it for now.  I'm ready to go to bed, that's why.  Next time I write I'll try to write something more uplifting, inspiring, funny...

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  1. I love this post! I think the Week in Pic posts should be a weekly thing :) I love looking at your pics and seeing what you are up to.

    ps. I'm quite upset with myself that I didn't get a pic of us together when I saw you guys. Next time for sure!

    Sure do love you Bethany!