Friday, May 31, 2013

I Can Dig It

Two songs I'm digging lately that are completely weird: 1) The Fox by Niki and the Dove and 2) Fitzpleasure by alt-J.  Mmmmm. 

So right now I'm writing from a hotel room in New Mexico.  (Picture me in the most hipster setting, tucked away in the privacy of a hotel room, allowing all of my creativity to flow without any sort of disturbance.  Very artsy.  If you want a more accurate picture, I'm sitting cross-legged on the bed, my hair done up in the messiest mother bun of all messy buns, in my pajamas, surrounded by nail polish and road trip snacks, willing myself to get in the dang shower.)

Today was the first day of the 24-hour road trip to Texas with my grandparents.  The plan as of now: go home for about two weeks, come back with my grandparents, work for the summer, come back for a month or so, leave on my mission.  MY MISSION CALL CAME TODAY!!  So that plan is subject to change tomorrow night when I open the call with my family.  It's soooo crazy to think about.  Part of me really does want to open it myself in person, but the other part of me is enjoying the anxiety it's causing everyone. ;)

The first half of the road trip wasn't as long as I thought it would be.  Last night I stayed up REALLY late (3:30 a.m.) so I could 1) clean the bathroom and bedroom for my aunt/uncle/cousin to come and stay while we're gone, 2) pack, 3) burn road trip CDs, and 4) make myself exhausted enough to be able to sleep as much as I could on the trip.  My grandma drove half of the day and I drove the second half.  My bet is my grandpa will drive tomorrow morning and then my grandma will take over the rest of the way. 

Driving my grandma's car isn't too hard but just because I've gotten used to it.  It has pretty bad blind spots and the brakes are ultra-sensitive but when you brake initially, it feels like you're actually speeding up and NOT slowing down, and then when you finally stop, it's like the car purposefully messes with you and JERKS to a stop.  To get a better idea of what it looks like, I've provided a picture for you (the ultimate way to get an idea of what anything looks like--looking at a picture, I guess).

Its name is "Lucky."  I've personally never been one to name inanimate objects, but this car is my grandma's baby.  It's kind of awkward funny when people stare at you at red lights, like the two old ladies today on our way to Albuquerque.
What the -- is she driving?? JK JK.  They weren't glaring.  They were just smiling very big.

This morning we went to Denny's for breakfast.  It was veddy veddy goot.  I got the "Fit" Slam, which I *think* was supposed to be the healthiest thing on the menu.  At any rate, I more than made up for it later.  For dinner we went to this cute little local Mexican restaurant called Cervantes. I LOVE Mexican food.  SO good.  I feel like know I always overeat when we go out to eat Mexican food.  So instead of busting out the jump rope to burn some calories tonight like I originally planned, I'm blogging while I "let my food settle."  Gross.

Other items of business:
  • Last night was my cousin's graduation.  It was a nice ceremony, but DANG those things last forever!  Gavin did a great job.  Now he's also waiting for his mission call and then I think he's planning on going to BYU and then U of U for med school.
  • Thoughts on graduation: I think I might have blogged about this earlier, but I felt increasing anxiety and a little bit of jealousy of all of these graduating kids, barely starting their life.  Is that weird??  I had to sit there and remind myself that I'm only three years out of high school, only 21, and that my life is still barely starting too--there's still way more ahead of me.  It was a disturbing but oddly inspiring feeling.  I am more motivated to work harder and make more of my life.
  • I finished my tanning package.  I'm not proud of having tanned in a booth this past month, but it was still kind of fun.  I like being tan and it was a little fun to "live on the edge."  I know, it's not huge, but I really felt edgy while doing it.  AND I have this sweet lightening shaped tan-mark on my hip.  pahah.
  • As mentioned earlier, another "Week in  Pics" is coming. 
  • This past Wednesday I went to a little game night with Kyleygirl and Meggie.  It was fun! It was also kind of funny because one of my coworkers happened to be my friend's friend's roommate...! Haha
  • I wish I could think of more to write about, but I don't think I can right now.  My brain is fried and all I can think of is making it through tomorrow and opening my mission call.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

I have a problem.

I have a big problem.  I personally don't consider it a problem, but I could see how others could view it as less than socially acceptable.


There.  I said it.  Anyone who has weird behavior around me...gets secretly documented, by me.  This post is a "Week in Pics, Special Edition: Creeper Pics."  You're welcome in advance because I know that as much as YOU don't want to admit it, you are excited for this post too.

A nice couple, standing at the duck pond, enjoying each others' company...

I actually can't take credit for this or the next one. They're *awesome* pictures of a certain couple that just got married...

Photo courtesy of my grandma.
Just chillin at the WSC, sleeping and wrapped in each other's arms.  Totes presh.

With this guy, I didn't even pretend to not take a picture.  What the heck is this??  A literal muscle suit!?

My Physiology TA looked liked Ewan McGregor.  He was (is) definitely married but I was definitely still enjoying his *cough* lectures.
The guy who was inspecting my wrecked car.  I think he looks like a balding Will Ferrell if you squint your eyes and cock your head to to the side.
My cute dance teacher, taken on the last day of class.
This isn't a creeper picture, but it made me laugh.  Someone wrote it on the sidewalk outside of the Testing Center during finals week. 
This huge buff guy on campus wearing rainbow socks.

Sweet "Up!" House costume from Halloween.
Remember Harvey Dent from Batman?
I found a 50 year-old version of him in the airport.

Going back to Halloween--Bob Seger.  pahah.

I saw this guy in the library while talking to my mom--that was when I got up, told my mom I had to call her back, and followed this guy to the JKB.  Priceless.

More so you can experience the full cape effect.

I couldn't get enough.  I forgot about this but I guess I followed him into the building.  haha.

This is my grandpa Winn.

One time I found him on a birthday card. :)

This picture makes me smile every time.  This guy was waiting for Mr. Parvus.  I don't know why I find this guy so funny.
Taken at The Wall in BYU.  Dude, they were practically spooning in public!!

NOTE: I recognize that there is such thing as karma.  I'm sure with all of the pictures I've taken of people and for how much I make fun of them, I have had/will have pictures taken of me and equally made fun of. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013


I just got back from a date.

Naturally, my first instinct is to blog about it.


Actually, my first instinct was to eat the food I brought home in the little Chili's To-Go box.  "Oh yeah, this will be a great leftover meal for tonight...!"  Lies.  As soon as I got in, I finished the 1.5 tacos and beans that I "saved."

Remember how last summer I was working on being on Weight Watchers?  Me too.  I'm trying it again this summer...but I'm only doing it on a free app that I have on my phone.  Today I was really good, totally planning ahead of time.  Oh yeah, I'll get the grilled chicken salad, which is expensive--11 points, but I can afford that.  I think I'll just choose that.

Double lies.

As I sat down, looking at the colorful and tantalizing menu, I knew it was game over.  I ordered my usual and favorite--the crispy chicken tacos.  SO GOOD.  The second thing I did when I got home, after eating the leftovers and before writing about it, was calculate the point value...guess how much.  Go ahead and guess.  Nevermind, don't guess.  It's disgusting.

It was a whopping 40. FORTY. CUARENTA. أربعون. četrdeset. σαράντα. quarante. 四十. פערציק. POINTS.  (To get the point across, I have listed the word "forty" in English, Spanish, Arabic, Croatian, Greek, French, simplified Chinese and Yiddish.  You're welcome.)

DUDE!!  That's SO many points!!  What the --!?  #YOLO, right...?

Anyways, there has been a lot else on my mind that I've been meaning to blog about too, and most of it has been very random, so hang on.

Yesterday I went to this boot camp class with Kyleygirl at 24-Hr Fitness.  In a nutshell: brutal.  In expanded form: brutality in 1 hour.  Okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but I definitely was thinking on the way out, "Bethany. You have GOT to shape up your diet so you can stay thin without having to go through this!"  Obviously that worked...

I went to the temple and froyo on Tuesday night with Meggie.  It was really nice.  At Yogurtland it was kind of cool because we ran into one of the guys from Divine Comedy/Studio C.  For BYU students, these guys are kind of like celeb status.  It was only natural for us to go up and ask for a picture.

Yogurtland with James, holla.
Dang, I always think of fun things to write about throughout the day but then forget once I... what was I talking about again?

More pictures I found that I want to include:
Here is a picture Emily sent me recently.  She's with our other friend, dirty Diana.  I miss Diana too.

A picture Meggie and I took at the tanning salon.  Awesome, right?

Meggie, Kyleygirl, Kristen and I saw Star Trek 2 3D at a special premiere this past Wednesday night.  It was really fun!
This is me and Kyleygirl at a block party/concert a couple weeks ago, taken after we saw The Great Gatsby.
I want to comment real quickly on boys: I need someone more masculine than me.  I think one thing I want the MOST in a guy, however, is someone that's very easy to talk to.

I'm doing this musical number with 7 other people from my old ward this Sunday.  I think it will be a very powerful and spiritual experience.  I'm really excited for it.

I got a ticket the other day for parking in BYU's art museum parking lot.  That was really great, except not.  I was kind of expecting one eventually though.  It made me start thinking that writing about the first time I ever got pulled over for a ticket could be interesting.  It might be fun to write about how I completely lost composure once the officer was done checking my license and how I couldn't even choke out all of the numbers of my phone number.  It could be exciting to write about how I could barely see through my tears on the way home, but then again, I wouldn't want to bore you with a story like that.

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding.  I was kind of dreading spending ALL day there, between pictures, the wedding, and a luncheon, but now that Meggie is coming with me, I think it's going to be really fun.  I'm looking forward to the part when we escape to City Creek Mall to shop for a couple of hours.  Hello Anthropologie!! 

I decided that I actually really love having nothing important to do.  At first I was going a little crazy, but now I'm trying to do everything possible to soak it up.  I'm not going to have another time like this for a long time.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday's FHE and more pictures, as promised

Okay.  So there are STILL more pictures that I'm waiting on.  Here are a few more, though, from the camping trip.
This is the little rock we chilled out on for a while.  That was fun, just soaking up the sun and talking.

Me with Justin on my left and Regan on my right.  Not quite sure about the "gun" sign I was making.  It's cool.

Me and Felipe on the left.  The other people don't really matter.  Notice Felipe, please and thank you.

This picture is just ridiculous.  I definitely hid it from my Facebook timeline, but I thought it would be funny to include on my blog.  You see Kyleygirl and Felipe, all epic-looking, and then there's me...cheesin' it with ALL of my hair in my face...
So last night's FHE ended up being just making pizza, no volleyball (thank goodness).  I'm not so much into the volleyball thing.  I thought I was when I played church volleyball, but I changed my mind when I played with K Cos last summer.  Anyways, I digress.  The pizza was good...I helped make a lot of the pizza.  I felt like my catering expertise could really contribute *insert nonchalant shrug.*  Oh, and I successfully avoided all potentially awkward conversations, which is always a plus.

Afterwards we went to Ono Shaved Ice Shack, or whatever it's called.  It used to be Sumo's, but apparently they moved down the street.  It was good, except for the 1) unnaturally cold weather at the end of May and 2) I copied Kyleygirl and got sugar-free flavors...Red Raspberry, Tiger's Blood and Pina Colada, all mixed.  It was pretty gross because a) those flavors don't mix and b) it was sugar free.  Sugar-free stuff can taste pretty chemical-y sometimes, as was the case last night.  I think the people that went there are cool, though.

That's a wrap, until tomorrow when I have even more free time and will write to fill in the time.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My Freaky Limbo State

So here I am, biding my time until my mission call comes.  It should be coming either this Wednesday or next Wednesday.

Right now I'm really torn between wanting to stay here in Provo to chill with friends and just get the hackin' heck out of here and on with my life.  This week I'm only scheduled for FOUR hours of work.  I'm not saying I'm bored, because I firmly believe there is always something to do...If I weren't so innovative and resourceful with my time, I would be on the verge of boredom.  Can I just say, too, that I've had more flirtage in the past month than I've had in the past year when I WASN'T planning on serving a mission?  What's up with that!?

This past weekend was really fun, though.  I went down to Goblin Valley with some people from my friend's ward to go camping!  Look out, I'm a camper, y'all.  We left around 3 and got there around 6.  After pitching our tents, scouting out a hole to pee in and eating dinner (after sanitizing our hands), we chilled around the fire for a while.  I loooooove campfires.  (However, I'm not the biggest fan of the way it makes my clothes smell afterwards.)  Later that night we played "Capture the Flag" at the Goblin Valley State park. It  I actually don't really like that game very much, much less running around in the dark on un-level ground.  It was fun to be with people, though, and I was glad I went.  I really enjoyed the stars and the moon  being our only light source--a rarity.

In the morning, the boys who organized the trip made everyone French toast (yummo) and hot chocolate.  We climbed the huge rock/mountain thing, and then took down camp.  It was cool when we were up on the mountain thingy (I honestly don't really know what to call it), because our voices echoed. I suggested that we sing something (which almost got shot down, but then they all agreed).  We sang the hymn, "High On a Mountaintop."

The part that follows was my favorite.  We went rock-climbing!  It was the first time I ever experienced anything like that.  I'm not entirely sure if it was legitimate rock climbing per se, but I feel like it was.  There were some scary parts for sure.  I was pleased with myself with how well I was able to climb everything, unassisted.  I probably would have been content to just climb up on one of the lower rocks and sunbathe, but all the cool kids climbed the higher I did too.  I felt very accomplished after.  Here are two pictures that someone's already put up on Facebook, but I will post more as more come.

You can't really tell how high this was, but it was veddy veddy high. 

Me with some of the wardies...Josh in the red, Koda by me, Regan behind me, and Elena in the blue.
A little vain moment: Three of the boys in the car ride on the way home said that they heard other guys talking about me and Kyleygirl, wanting to get to know us better and that they were glad that we were in the ward.  HOLLA.

Last night I also went to my cousin's seminary graduation.  It was a nice little fireside.  I actually liked it more than my own, but part of me is doubting how much I actually remember of my own graduation.  I was struck by a couple of things there.  1) I really appreciated being three years out of high school.  No matter what, it is so much better to be out of high school.  2) It was a little weird seeing all of these kids starting fresh, with all of their plans to serve missions and attend BYU.  I started feeling a little anxious, like I had missed my chance at flying or something--which is ridiculous.  I'm only 21.  I had to remind myself that I too have so much ahead of me.  Congratulations to my awesome cousin for graduating!!
Me and my cousin, Gavin.  #thuglifeforever #ididntchosethethuglife #thuglifechoseme

I love how tall this kid is--way taller than me, even when I'm wearing heels.

Going back to the camping story--this is our epic camping group shot.  I'm in the bottom left, doing the classic  pose...
Tonight is Family Home Evening.  We're supposed to be playing some volleyball, weather permitting, and make homemade pizzas together.  I'm excited.  I'm in charge of bringing the barbecue sauce for barbecue chicken pizza.  The only thing I'm nervous about tonight is avoiding this one guy who came onto me REALLY strongly on the campout.  Definitely not interested.



Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Secret Fantasy Fulfilled

Today marked the day that one of my secret fantasies came true.  I had two dates in one day.

I had always heard of those girls--the kind that don't have enough time in the week because they are just SO booked with all of these boys pining for an hour of their time.  This type of girl can't turn around without getting asked for a little dessert night after she gets finished watching a movie with a different boy.  The whole idea  made me sick.  I was disgusted--but mainly just jealous--that such a girl would exist, especially when I was experiencing such a dearth of dates myself.

Welp, today I caught a glimpse of what it's like.  In the morning I went golfing with a coworker and in the evening I went to a concert at Velour with a different guy.

I am here to tell, nay, testify that dating multiple people in one day is NOT what it seems to be.  It is not as glamorous as one (the naive freshman girl I was then) would think.  Turns out, you still have to behave yourself ALL day. Not that I'm some animal that has limited good behavior, but by the end of the day, all I want to do is chill and do   n  o  t  h  i   n  g.

"But Bethany, what if the guys are very attractive, and one of them is near 'bout perfect?"

Nope.  Doesn't matter.  Schedule that fool for another day because THIS girl needs some more time for herself.

  • You get to feel good about yourself.  "Oh looky, looky, I'm turning around and getting ready to spend time with yet ANOTHER guy...!  I'm so popular, la la la..."  
  • You get to date and see what you want or what bores you in a guy.  Very eye-opening.
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to look good all day.  No messy buns or skipping showers.  You best be applying that mascara and spraying that body spray.
  • You have to constantly think of all those awful small talk questions to get to know people.  I feel like my skills are improving in that area, but surely there's more to life than small talk...!?  I must find someone who does NOT make me feel like talking is tiresome.
  • There's a 57% chance you have to figure out ON the date whether it's a date or not.  For example, if the guy you're going on a "date" with sees you bust out your wallet and DOESN'T take the opportunity to say, "Oh, I'll get it!" then it is NOT a date.  (Although he should have gathered it was a date with 1) how good you look and 2) how fantastic you smell.)  That's when you suggest getting slurpies, and then when the cashier assumes you're together, you have this dude pay for SOMETHING.

The pre-missionary girl resigned to a lifetime of small-talk and painful dates


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life is Changing As I Know It

So last night was the big night.  THE big night.  the BIG night.  the big NIGHT.  Just trying out different emphases. 

I submitted my mission papers officially.  The Stake President said that they'll either be in by this Thursday or the next, so I'll get my call in about 1.5-2.5 weeks.  I'm finding that people are asking me the same list of questions.

Are you nervous?  Soooo excited?  Can't you hardly wait!?

Where do you think you'll go?  Where do you want to go?  Where do you not want to go?

I'll graciously answer all of these questions for you right now.

I'm not really that nervous.  I think I'm more sad for leaving behind a fun social life (guys that I've met this past week, *cough!*), but that's the selfish side of me saying that I'll miss it.  I know the Lord will provide the people I need in my life in the right timing.  I am excited.  I don't really feel all too anxious for when the call comes, though--I'm going to have to wait regardless, so might as well be chill and not think about it too hard. 

Uhh, I have no idea where I'll go.  The future's always a little hard to predict, huh?  I would like to go to Spain, London, Rome, or California, in that order.  I don't want to go to the Philippines.

Right now I'm in this freaky limbo state where I really don't know what's going to happen next in my life.  If I get my call date in the fall, then I want to stay here to work and play more.  I imagine I would go home about a month or so before to chill with the family.  If it's in the summer, then I'll just go home at the end of the month as planned.

Other tangents to go off on tonight: I changed my background some and added some little buttons/"blinkies."  I hope you like it!  If you don't, I actually don't really care.  It has, however, been brought to my attention that the previous beach background was boring.  I tried looking for entirely too long for a new, fun and colorful background, but then I decided I liked the vintage black-and-white look (as always).  If you do have any suggestions, I am willing to consider them.

A little treat for you: A special hidden AND special edition of "Week in Pictures!"  It's the "Snapchat/Screenshot" edition.  A true blogging gem.

What I look like as a fat person, courtesy of FatBooth.

Hannah jamming out in the car with me

A snap from over winter break with Hannah.  I like this one of us.

Hannah cheesin with our cat, "Kitty"

Hannah boo.  I freaking love her eyelashes.

Me and Logan

The three of us here in Utah when my mom and Logan were visiting for my great grandfather's funeral


My beautiful mama
Me and Mariah from winter

Logan cracking up at something.  I'm so glad I caught this snap.

Hannah boo
My stud dad

Hannah boo

My brother Nathan. 

Hannah boo (I'm just going to label Hannah as "Hannah boo" haha.

Logan looks thrilled for this picture.

That's right, rockin' it from a young age. 
My pops

My mom sent this picture to me.  I don't quite know what to say about this one.

Me and Daddio.  We both look so young!  Maybe because it was like, 15 years ago...

My hips don't lie.

I always slept with my arms up as a little girl.  Now I pretty much just curl up in the fetal position.

Add caption

We were best little buds :)

I LOVED (still love) dressing up.
Logan this past winter break when he broke his humerus.

Double holla.

A little squirt

"I'm one more stomach flu away from my goal weight"

From Instagram--Nate and Hannah getting some Starbucks

A funny texting conversation between me and Nate

I miss this girl so much.  She sent this snap to me when I sent her a picture of my outfit for a dance test.

When Megan and I went skiing.  I think I posted pictures about it earlier...ask me to tell you the story sometime. Maybe I'll just write it later. :)

Look in the background...

I took a bunch of hilarious screenshots from finals week posts on Instagram...enjoy.

Tomorrow I work from 5-8, so I have all day, exercise, journal some more, shower, reorganize my things...

Listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack makes me want to watch it now.  There is a 63% chance I'm going to watch it right now and fall asleep.

That is all.