Friday, May 31, 2013

I Can Dig It

Two songs I'm digging lately that are completely weird: 1) The Fox by Niki and the Dove and 2) Fitzpleasure by alt-J.  Mmmmm. 

So right now I'm writing from a hotel room in New Mexico.  (Picture me in the most hipster setting, tucked away in the privacy of a hotel room, allowing all of my creativity to flow without any sort of disturbance.  Very artsy.  If you want a more accurate picture, I'm sitting cross-legged on the bed, my hair done up in the messiest mother bun of all messy buns, in my pajamas, surrounded by nail polish and road trip snacks, willing myself to get in the dang shower.)

Today was the first day of the 24-hour road trip to Texas with my grandparents.  The plan as of now: go home for about two weeks, come back with my grandparents, work for the summer, come back for a month or so, leave on my mission.  MY MISSION CALL CAME TODAY!!  So that plan is subject to change tomorrow night when I open the call with my family.  It's soooo crazy to think about.  Part of me really does want to open it myself in person, but the other part of me is enjoying the anxiety it's causing everyone. ;)

The first half of the road trip wasn't as long as I thought it would be.  Last night I stayed up REALLY late (3:30 a.m.) so I could 1) clean the bathroom and bedroom for my aunt/uncle/cousin to come and stay while we're gone, 2) pack, 3) burn road trip CDs, and 4) make myself exhausted enough to be able to sleep as much as I could on the trip.  My grandma drove half of the day and I drove the second half.  My bet is my grandpa will drive tomorrow morning and then my grandma will take over the rest of the way. 

Driving my grandma's car isn't too hard but just because I've gotten used to it.  It has pretty bad blind spots and the brakes are ultra-sensitive but when you brake initially, it feels like you're actually speeding up and NOT slowing down, and then when you finally stop, it's like the car purposefully messes with you and JERKS to a stop.  To get a better idea of what it looks like, I've provided a picture for you (the ultimate way to get an idea of what anything looks like--looking at a picture, I guess).

Its name is "Lucky."  I've personally never been one to name inanimate objects, but this car is my grandma's baby.  It's kind of awkward funny when people stare at you at red lights, like the two old ladies today on our way to Albuquerque.
What the -- is she driving?? JK JK.  They weren't glaring.  They were just smiling very big.

This morning we went to Denny's for breakfast.  It was veddy veddy goot.  I got the "Fit" Slam, which I *think* was supposed to be the healthiest thing on the menu.  At any rate, I more than made up for it later.  For dinner we went to this cute little local Mexican restaurant called Cervantes. I LOVE Mexican food.  SO good.  I feel like know I always overeat when we go out to eat Mexican food.  So instead of busting out the jump rope to burn some calories tonight like I originally planned, I'm blogging while I "let my food settle."  Gross.

Other items of business:
  • Last night was my cousin's graduation.  It was a nice ceremony, but DANG those things last forever!  Gavin did a great job.  Now he's also waiting for his mission call and then I think he's planning on going to BYU and then U of U for med school.
  • Thoughts on graduation: I think I might have blogged about this earlier, but I felt increasing anxiety and a little bit of jealousy of all of these graduating kids, barely starting their life.  Is that weird??  I had to sit there and remind myself that I'm only three years out of high school, only 21, and that my life is still barely starting too--there's still way more ahead of me.  It was a disturbing but oddly inspiring feeling.  I am more motivated to work harder and make more of my life.
  • I finished my tanning package.  I'm not proud of having tanned in a booth this past month, but it was still kind of fun.  I like being tan and it was a little fun to "live on the edge."  I know, it's not huge, but I really felt edgy while doing it.  AND I have this sweet lightening shaped tan-mark on my hip.  pahah.
  • As mentioned earlier, another "Week in  Pics" is coming. 
  • This past Wednesday I went to a little game night with Kyleygirl and Meggie.  It was fun! It was also kind of funny because one of my coworkers happened to be my friend's friend's roommate...! Haha
  • I wish I could think of more to write about, but I don't think I can right now.  My brain is fried and all I can think of is making it through tomorrow and opening my mission call.

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  1. Congrats on your mission call!

    I feel the same way whenever I hear of someone graduating! I feel a little jealous of them getting to start a whole new life. And then I remind myself that I'll be a junior in college. Two more years and I'll get to start a whole new life too!

    Enjoy your vacay with your grandparents.