Thursday, May 30, 2013

I have a problem.

I have a big problem.  I personally don't consider it a problem, but I could see how others could view it as less than socially acceptable.


There.  I said it.  Anyone who has weird behavior around me...gets secretly documented, by me.  This post is a "Week in Pics, Special Edition: Creeper Pics."  You're welcome in advance because I know that as much as YOU don't want to admit it, you are excited for this post too.

A nice couple, standing at the duck pond, enjoying each others' company...

I actually can't take credit for this or the next one. They're *awesome* pictures of a certain couple that just got married...

Photo courtesy of my grandma.
Just chillin at the WSC, sleeping and wrapped in each other's arms.  Totes presh.

With this guy, I didn't even pretend to not take a picture.  What the heck is this??  A literal muscle suit!?

My Physiology TA looked liked Ewan McGregor.  He was (is) definitely married but I was definitely still enjoying his *cough* lectures.
The guy who was inspecting my wrecked car.  I think he looks like a balding Will Ferrell if you squint your eyes and cock your head to to the side.
My cute dance teacher, taken on the last day of class.
This isn't a creeper picture, but it made me laugh.  Someone wrote it on the sidewalk outside of the Testing Center during finals week. 
This huge buff guy on campus wearing rainbow socks.

Sweet "Up!" House costume from Halloween.
Remember Harvey Dent from Batman?
I found a 50 year-old version of him in the airport.

Going back to Halloween--Bob Seger.  pahah.

I saw this guy in the library while talking to my mom--that was when I got up, told my mom I had to call her back, and followed this guy to the JKB.  Priceless.

More so you can experience the full cape effect.

I couldn't get enough.  I forgot about this but I guess I followed him into the building.  haha.

This is my grandpa Winn.

One time I found him on a birthday card. :)

This picture makes me smile every time.  This guy was waiting for Mr. Parvus.  I don't know why I find this guy so funny.
Taken at The Wall in BYU.  Dude, they were practically spooning in public!!

NOTE: I recognize that there is such thing as karma.  I'm sure with all of the pictures I've taken of people and for how much I make fun of them, I have had/will have pictures taken of me and equally made fun of. 

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  1. You can find the most interesting things on campuses sometimes!