Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Life is Changing As I Know It

So last night was the big night.  THE big night.  the BIG night.  the big NIGHT.  Just trying out different emphases. 

I submitted my mission papers officially.  The Stake President said that they'll either be in by this Thursday or the next, so I'll get my call in about 1.5-2.5 weeks.  I'm finding that people are asking me the same list of questions.

Are you nervous?  Soooo excited?  Can't you hardly wait!?

Where do you think you'll go?  Where do you want to go?  Where do you not want to go?

I'll graciously answer all of these questions for you right now.

I'm not really that nervous.  I think I'm more sad for leaving behind a fun social life (guys that I've met this past week, *cough!*), but that's the selfish side of me saying that I'll miss it.  I know the Lord will provide the people I need in my life in the right timing.  I am excited.  I don't really feel all too anxious for when the call comes, though--I'm going to have to wait regardless, so might as well be chill and not think about it too hard. 

Uhh, I have no idea where I'll go.  The future's always a little hard to predict, huh?  I would like to go to Spain, London, Rome, or California, in that order.  I don't want to go to the Philippines.

Right now I'm in this freaky limbo state where I really don't know what's going to happen next in my life.  If I get my call date in the fall, then I want to stay here to work and play more.  I imagine I would go home about a month or so before to chill with the family.  If it's in the summer, then I'll just go home at the end of the month as planned.

Other tangents to go off on tonight: I changed my background some and added some little buttons/"blinkies."  I hope you like it!  If you don't, I actually don't really care.  It has, however, been brought to my attention that the previous beach background was boring.  I tried looking for entirely too long for a new, fun and colorful background, but then I decided I liked the vintage black-and-white look (as always).  If you do have any suggestions, I am willing to consider them.

A little treat for you: A special hidden AND special edition of "Week in Pictures!"  It's the "Snapchat/Screenshot" edition.  A true blogging gem.

What I look like as a fat person, courtesy of FatBooth.

Hannah jamming out in the car with me

A snap from over winter break with Hannah.  I like this one of us.

Hannah cheesin with our cat, "Kitty"

Hannah boo.  I freaking love her eyelashes.

Me and Logan

The three of us here in Utah when my mom and Logan were visiting for my great grandfather's funeral


My beautiful mama
Me and Mariah from winter

Logan cracking up at something.  I'm so glad I caught this snap.

Hannah boo
My stud dad

Hannah boo

My brother Nathan. 

Hannah boo (I'm just going to label Hannah as "Hannah boo" haha.

Logan looks thrilled for this picture.

That's right, rockin' it from a young age. 
My pops

My mom sent this picture to me.  I don't quite know what to say about this one.

Me and Daddio.  We both look so young!  Maybe because it was like, 15 years ago...

My hips don't lie.

I always slept with my arms up as a little girl.  Now I pretty much just curl up in the fetal position.

Add caption

We were best little buds :)

I LOVED (still love) dressing up.
Logan this past winter break when he broke his humerus.

Double holla.

A little squirt

"I'm one more stomach flu away from my goal weight"

From Instagram--Nate and Hannah getting some Starbucks

A funny texting conversation between me and Nate

I miss this girl so much.  She sent this snap to me when I sent her a picture of my outfit for a dance test.

When Megan and I went skiing.  I think I posted pictures about it earlier...ask me to tell you the story sometime. Maybe I'll just write it later. :)

Look in the background...

I took a bunch of hilarious screenshots from finals week posts on Instagram...enjoy.

Tomorrow I work from 5-8, so I have all day, exercise, journal some more, shower, reorganize my things...

Listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack makes me want to watch it now.  There is a 63% chance I'm going to watch it right now and fall asleep.

That is all.

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  1. Bethany! GUUUURL! I am so happy for you! Oh my gosh! Congratulations! Just because everyone else is doing it..."Are you nervous? Soooo excited? Can't you hardly wait!? Where do you think you'll go? Where do you want to go? Where do you not want to go?" Haha... just kidding! :)
    But seriously, I couldn't be happier for you! You will be a wonderful sister missionary and I personally think it would be amazing if you got called to serve in CALIFORNIA! (I've spent some time there, and it's pretty nice if I do say so myself!)
    And who knows... maybe there is a spot waiting for you in Cape Verde, Praia with my brother!
    Miss you, Bethany! Keep enjoying time with family and friends!