Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Monday's FHE and more pictures, as promised

Okay.  So there are STILL more pictures that I'm waiting on.  Here are a few more, though, from the camping trip.
This is the little rock we chilled out on for a while.  That was fun, just soaking up the sun and talking.

Me with Justin on my left and Regan on my right.  Not quite sure about the "gun" sign I was making.  It's cool.

Me and Felipe on the left.  The other people don't really matter.  Notice Felipe, please and thank you.

This picture is just ridiculous.  I definitely hid it from my Facebook timeline, but I thought it would be funny to include on my blog.  You see Kyleygirl and Felipe, all epic-looking, and then there's me...cheesin' it with ALL of my hair in my face...
So last night's FHE ended up being just making pizza, no volleyball (thank goodness).  I'm not so much into the volleyball thing.  I thought I was when I played church volleyball, but I changed my mind when I played with K Cos last summer.  Anyways, I digress.  The pizza was good...I helped make a lot of the pizza.  I felt like my catering expertise could really contribute *insert nonchalant shrug.*  Oh, and I successfully avoided all potentially awkward conversations, which is always a plus.

Afterwards we went to Ono Shaved Ice Shack, or whatever it's called.  It used to be Sumo's, but apparently they moved down the street.  It was good, except for the 1) unnaturally cold weather at the end of May and 2) I copied Kyleygirl and got sugar-free flavors...Red Raspberry, Tiger's Blood and Pina Colada, all mixed.  It was pretty gross because a) those flavors don't mix and b) it was sugar free.  Sugar-free stuff can taste pretty chemical-y sometimes, as was the case last night.  I think the people that went there are cool, though.

That's a wrap, until tomorrow when I have even more free time and will write to fill in the time.

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