Monday, May 20, 2013

My Freaky Limbo State

So here I am, biding my time until my mission call comes.  It should be coming either this Wednesday or next Wednesday.

Right now I'm really torn between wanting to stay here in Provo to chill with friends and just get the hackin' heck out of here and on with my life.  This week I'm only scheduled for FOUR hours of work.  I'm not saying I'm bored, because I firmly believe there is always something to do...If I weren't so innovative and resourceful with my time, I would be on the verge of boredom.  Can I just say, too, that I've had more flirtage in the past month than I've had in the past year when I WASN'T planning on serving a mission?  What's up with that!?

This past weekend was really fun, though.  I went down to Goblin Valley with some people from my friend's ward to go camping!  Look out, I'm a camper, y'all.  We left around 3 and got there around 6.  After pitching our tents, scouting out a hole to pee in and eating dinner (after sanitizing our hands), we chilled around the fire for a while.  I loooooove campfires.  (However, I'm not the biggest fan of the way it makes my clothes smell afterwards.)  Later that night we played "Capture the Flag" at the Goblin Valley State park. It  I actually don't really like that game very much, much less running around in the dark on un-level ground.  It was fun to be with people, though, and I was glad I went.  I really enjoyed the stars and the moon  being our only light source--a rarity.

In the morning, the boys who organized the trip made everyone French toast (yummo) and hot chocolate.  We climbed the huge rock/mountain thing, and then took down camp.  It was cool when we were up on the mountain thingy (I honestly don't really know what to call it), because our voices echoed. I suggested that we sing something (which almost got shot down, but then they all agreed).  We sang the hymn, "High On a Mountaintop."

The part that follows was my favorite.  We went rock-climbing!  It was the first time I ever experienced anything like that.  I'm not entirely sure if it was legitimate rock climbing per se, but I feel like it was.  There were some scary parts for sure.  I was pleased with myself with how well I was able to climb everything, unassisted.  I probably would have been content to just climb up on one of the lower rocks and sunbathe, but all the cool kids climbed the higher I did too.  I felt very accomplished after.  Here are two pictures that someone's already put up on Facebook, but I will post more as more come.

You can't really tell how high this was, but it was veddy veddy high. 

Me with some of the wardies...Josh in the red, Koda by me, Regan behind me, and Elena in the blue.
A little vain moment: Three of the boys in the car ride on the way home said that they heard other guys talking about me and Kyleygirl, wanting to get to know us better and that they were glad that we were in the ward.  HOLLA.

Last night I also went to my cousin's seminary graduation.  It was a nice little fireside.  I actually liked it more than my own, but part of me is doubting how much I actually remember of my own graduation.  I was struck by a couple of things there.  1) I really appreciated being three years out of high school.  No matter what, it is so much better to be out of high school.  2) It was a little weird seeing all of these kids starting fresh, with all of their plans to serve missions and attend BYU.  I started feeling a little anxious, like I had missed my chance at flying or something--which is ridiculous.  I'm only 21.  I had to remind myself that I too have so much ahead of me.  Congratulations to my awesome cousin for graduating!!
Me and my cousin, Gavin.  #thuglifeforever #ididntchosethethuglife #thuglifechoseme

I love how tall this kid is--way taller than me, even when I'm wearing heels.

Going back to the camping story--this is our epic camping group shot.  I'm in the bottom left, doing the classic  pose...
Tonight is Family Home Evening.  We're supposed to be playing some volleyball, weather permitting, and make homemade pizzas together.  I'm excited.  I'm in charge of bringing the barbecue sauce for barbecue chicken pizza.  The only thing I'm nervous about tonight is avoiding this one guy who came onto me REALLY strongly on the campout.  Definitely not interested.



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