Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Secret Fantasy Fulfilled

Today marked the day that one of my secret fantasies came true.  I had two dates in one day.

I had always heard of those girls--the kind that don't have enough time in the week because they are just SO booked with all of these boys pining for an hour of their time.  This type of girl can't turn around without getting asked for a little dessert night after she gets finished watching a movie with a different boy.  The whole idea  made me sick.  I was disgusted--but mainly just jealous--that such a girl would exist, especially when I was experiencing such a dearth of dates myself.

Welp, today I caught a glimpse of what it's like.  In the morning I went golfing with a coworker and in the evening I went to a concert at Velour with a different guy.

I am here to tell, nay, testify that dating multiple people in one day is NOT what it seems to be.  It is not as glamorous as one (the naive freshman girl I was then) would think.  Turns out, you still have to behave yourself ALL day. Not that I'm some animal that has limited good behavior, but by the end of the day, all I want to do is chill and do   n  o  t  h  i   n  g.

"But Bethany, what if the guys are very attractive, and one of them is near 'bout perfect?"

Nope.  Doesn't matter.  Schedule that fool for another day because THIS girl needs some more time for herself.

  • You get to feel good about yourself.  "Oh looky, looky, I'm turning around and getting ready to spend time with yet ANOTHER guy...!  I'm so popular, la la la..."  
  • You get to date and see what you want or what bores you in a guy.  Very eye-opening.
  • As mentioned earlier, you have to look good all day.  No messy buns or skipping showers.  You best be applying that mascara and spraying that body spray.
  • You have to constantly think of all those awful small talk questions to get to know people.  I feel like my skills are improving in that area, but surely there's more to life than small talk...!?  I must find someone who does NOT make me feel like talking is tiresome.
  • There's a 57% chance you have to figure out ON the date whether it's a date or not.  For example, if the guy you're going on a "date" with sees you bust out your wallet and DOESN'T take the opportunity to say, "Oh, I'll get it!" then it is NOT a date.  (Although he should have gathered it was a date with 1) how good you look and 2) how fantastic you smell.)  That's when you suggest getting slurpies, and then when the cashier assumes you're together, you have this dude pay for SOMETHING.

The pre-missionary girl resigned to a lifetime of small-talk and painful dates


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