Thursday, May 23, 2013


I just got back from a date.

Naturally, my first instinct is to blog about it.


Actually, my first instinct was to eat the food I brought home in the little Chili's To-Go box.  "Oh yeah, this will be a great leftover meal for tonight...!"  Lies.  As soon as I got in, I finished the 1.5 tacos and beans that I "saved."

Remember how last summer I was working on being on Weight Watchers?  Me too.  I'm trying it again this summer...but I'm only doing it on a free app that I have on my phone.  Today I was really good, totally planning ahead of time.  Oh yeah, I'll get the grilled chicken salad, which is expensive--11 points, but I can afford that.  I think I'll just choose that.

Double lies.

As I sat down, looking at the colorful and tantalizing menu, I knew it was game over.  I ordered my usual and favorite--the crispy chicken tacos.  SO GOOD.  The second thing I did when I got home, after eating the leftovers and before writing about it, was calculate the point value...guess how much.  Go ahead and guess.  Nevermind, don't guess.  It's disgusting.

It was a whopping 40. FORTY. CUARENTA. أربعون. četrdeset. σαράντα. quarante. 四十. פערציק. POINTS.  (To get the point across, I have listed the word "forty" in English, Spanish, Arabic, Croatian, Greek, French, simplified Chinese and Yiddish.  You're welcome.)

DUDE!!  That's SO many points!!  What the --!?  #YOLO, right...?

Anyways, there has been a lot else on my mind that I've been meaning to blog about too, and most of it has been very random, so hang on.

Yesterday I went to this boot camp class with Kyleygirl at 24-Hr Fitness.  In a nutshell: brutal.  In expanded form: brutality in 1 hour.  Okay, I'm being a little dramatic, but I definitely was thinking on the way out, "Bethany. You have GOT to shape up your diet so you can stay thin without having to go through this!"  Obviously that worked...

I went to the temple and froyo on Tuesday night with Meggie.  It was really nice.  At Yogurtland it was kind of cool because we ran into one of the guys from Divine Comedy/Studio C.  For BYU students, these guys are kind of like celeb status.  It was only natural for us to go up and ask for a picture.

Yogurtland with James, holla.
Dang, I always think of fun things to write about throughout the day but then forget once I... what was I talking about again?

More pictures I found that I want to include:
Here is a picture Emily sent me recently.  She's with our other friend, dirty Diana.  I miss Diana too.

A picture Meggie and I took at the tanning salon.  Awesome, right?

Meggie, Kyleygirl, Kristen and I saw Star Trek 2 3D at a special premiere this past Wednesday night.  It was really fun!
This is me and Kyleygirl at a block party/concert a couple weeks ago, taken after we saw The Great Gatsby.
I want to comment real quickly on boys: I need someone more masculine than me.  I think one thing I want the MOST in a guy, however, is someone that's very easy to talk to.

I'm doing this musical number with 7 other people from my old ward this Sunday.  I think it will be a very powerful and spiritual experience.  I'm really excited for it.

I got a ticket the other day for parking in BYU's art museum parking lot.  That was really great, except not.  I was kind of expecting one eventually though.  It made me start thinking that writing about the first time I ever got pulled over for a ticket could be interesting.  It might be fun to write about how I completely lost composure once the officer was done checking my license and how I couldn't even choke out all of the numbers of my phone number.  It could be exciting to write about how I could barely see through my tears on the way home, but then again, I wouldn't want to bore you with a story like that.

Tomorrow is my cousin's wedding.  I was kind of dreading spending ALL day there, between pictures, the wedding, and a luncheon, but now that Meggie is coming with me, I think it's going to be really fun.  I'm looking forward to the part when we escape to City Creek Mall to shop for a couple of hours.  Hello Anthropologie!! 

I decided that I actually really love having nothing important to do.  At first I was going a little crazy, but now I'm trying to do everything possible to soak it up.  I'm not going to have another time like this for a long time.

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