Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 100 Day Chocolate Fast

So.  I did it.

If you'll remember, a while back something possessed me to give up chocolate for 100 days.  Crazy, right?

There's really only one time that I can remember it being REALLY hard during this experience.  (It was when a boy brought over awesome coffee-free lattes from the Cocoa Bean for our whole apartment, if you must know.) Other than that, it actually wasn't too bad.

Soooooo today was the first time I had chocolate in a longggg time.  (I don't consider the time when I was half-way through a cookie and realized there were white chocolate chips but couldn't taste them anyways...or the time when I squeezed the last drops from my brother's chocolate milk and barely tasted it.  ooohhh, bad gurrrrr...)

In celebration, I ate 3 See's Candies (California Brittle), 1 pint of fudge-swirled frozen yogurt, and probably about 3/4 cup of chocolate milk.  (Gross, I shouldn't have listed all that.)

Anyways, I think I'm going to stick with the whole "no-chocolate" thing.  It turns out, I don't really want to go back to the chocolate-craving dependent that I used to be.

In addition, I'm going to give up white flour for 100 days, starting tomorrow.  I'd really like to become gluten-free eventually.  Today my mom told me about these people who have gone on the raw diet for a REALLY long time and have actually CHANGED THEIR EYE COLOR.  Crazy, right??  I'm going to research it right now.

Obviously, I won't be able to go on a completely gluten-free diet on my mission, much less a raw diet.  However, it's something that I'd like to work towards.

Why, you might ask?  What in the heck would ever compel me to pass up fresh homemade bread, or creamy rich pasta!?  I'm not sure if I've mentioned this in my blog yet or not, but my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. (She's considered to be cancer-free now).  She has mentioned to me that if she could redo her life, she would have given up sugar and gluten a long time ago.  Because she has noticed that our bodies are wired the same way (gaining weight first/last in the same areas, etc.), she suggested that I do the same.

Let me tell you, this was enough for me to really want to radically change my diet.  I don't want to have to go through the weight and other health problems (CANCER) she has in the past.  I'm going to do EVERYTHING in my power to live healthfully and treat my body well.

Besides, I definitely want a hardcore rockin' body.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to: be a rich person

So this week (and next week) my family and I get to house-sit for one of our family's friend/family's house (what?  How do you write that?  You know what I mean, but it's always really awkward writing or saying that.)

They. Are. Rich.  Very wealthy.  The dad is a well-known lawyer who flies out practically every week to fight cases in the Supreme Court so...I guess you could say they're rockin' it in the financial world.

It's been interesting to live in a REALLY NICE home--like a show home.  I have basically three observations.

1) To live like a rich person, you need to DE-CLUTTER your home.  Get rid of your junk and live just with what you need.  These people are living like minimalists.  They don't have a bunch of extra stuff getting in the way. So beautiful.

2) Get skinny and eat right.  These people don't eat bad food and they look awesome eating great food.

3) Be generous with what you have.  This family is very giving, and they give gifts all the time.

This is how I'm going to attract a rich man and live rich.  Of course, money isn't everything, but...

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cheesy wisdom

You know those moments where you feel like you're learning SO much about life, you start coming up with corny analogies, and then you will yourself to remember everything to write down later because dang, you are just SO deep right now?


I feel like this past week I've really been able to learn more about slowing down life, enjoying the little moments and working on getting my "carpe diem" on.  I also have been able to really appreciate the beauty, humility and innocence of youth through my baby brother Logan.

He's five and the biggest squirt I know.

I love him so much.  I got to spend basically the whole day with him today.  We went to Chik-fil-a, played on the playground there with my grandparents, hung out, later walked to the park together and played with the other kids, and lastly I gave him a bath before I put him down.  Pretty big day, huh?

I'm really impressed with how humble he is.  I also love how happy he is--he's always willing to laugh at (most) everything, and he (usually) listens and obeys, without questioning you.  It's such an example to me.  His eyes shine with excitement about everything.  On our little walk to the park, he was stopping every few feet to look around, pick up leaves to look at, remind me to search for pine cones on the way...

Logan makes me want to be more ready to bounce back when life knocks me down and to find the beauty in everything.  I want to be more excited with small and big things in life and laugh more.  I don't want to question Heavenly Father anymore about His will for me.  I will trust more that He knows more than me because I'm just a little kid too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a Freak Because...

Okay so the other day (as in yesterday), we were at a family friend's house for the second oldest son's mission farewell.  One of the dad's brothers was there too.  He wasn't too attractive (or unattractive--just in the middle, you know?), but I could tell some things right off the bat about him.

1) He was single. 

2) He was around my age, give or take 5+ years.  

So after the party, we did the normal debriefing and gossiping in the car that I imagine (or at least would hope so it doesn't make my family sound weird) most families do after events.  Talking about the good, bad, ugly, controversy, etc.  Anyways, part of it went like this:

Me: "I could tell homeboy was checkin' my gooooooooods!!!"

Others in the car: "Uhh, I think so-and-so's brother was totally gaydar was going off."

"Me too!  I thought the same thing.  Doesn't he live by himself, like up north?  I wonder if so-and-so knows. He has to."

Me: "Uhhhhh...."

So it's official.  I have a broken gaydar.  I could tell that he was single, but dang, why can't I tell when someone's gay!?  I guess my previous experiences dating gay guys (both proms, uhhh, wut) didn't really teach me anything...those stories are for another blog entry.

When I got to thinking about it, I thought it would be fun to write down other reasons why I'm kind of a freak.  I guess not freak but you know.  

One of my pet peeves is sitting in seats warmed by others.  I can't stand's gross!  I especially hate going in the testing center on a crowded day and having to sit in a seat RIGHT after someone because there's NO room anywhere.

I prefer chocolate milk over everything else.  I don't choose to drink it over everything else, but if I knew I could, I definitely would.  Furthermore, I like drinking that and hot chocolate by the spoonful.  I don't always (because usually people are around).

I hate sleeping with the top sheet.

Everyone I drive next to is racing me.  Same with running on the treadmill.

I have a secret-but-not-so-secret hate/love affair with "The Bachelorette/Bachelor."  It's so unrealistic and so addicting at the same time.

I have an irrational fear of/annoyance with pregnant women.

Frozen yogurt for a meal is completely acceptable.

I love sharing food with people.  I feel like it makes me tighter with people if we do the "bite for a bite" tradition.

I have a complex with tanning.

I have watched YouTube videos on how to booty dance.  It's not like I actually go anywhere to actually dance like that though.

I'm neither a night nor morning person.  Just a day person.

I really don't like watermelon.

Sometimes I play past conversations in my head, or imagine future conversations, and then I accidentally respond out loud.

When I get really excited or nervous, my ears get bright red.

I'm slightly allergic to high amounts of citrus--when I eat a REALLY citrus-y orange, for example, my nose sweats, and I get flushed and my lips tingle...

I don't like crying, but sometimes it feels really good to have a good long hard cry every once in a while.

I have three freckles on my nose.  Nobody usually notices them, but when they do they always laugh about it.

I'm a cookie dough FREAK.

I prefer reading library books over my own copies, even if it's the same book...

I think that's it for now.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bachelorette

I just wrote a post less than five minutes ago.  I know.

I wanted to also write an entry about the most ridiculous, dramatic, fake, exciting and addicting show ever: The Bachelorette.  The other day I saw this blog entry about the first episode where the girl commented on her blog as she watched it.  I copied her idea and did the same thing for the second episode.  Here are my comments:
Note: *This will only mean anything to you if you 1) watch this show and 2) have seen the second episode already.* 
       The Bachelorette Episode 2
·         Some guys just think it’s a competition—they’re not in it for the right reasons.  Like baby daddy boy.
·         Dang. All of them are sooooo attractive.
·         Did they change the rules about the single dates??
·         Seriously. So hott.
·         Brooks?  That’s kind of a hot name.  From Salt Lake?
·         Ooh, looking artsy at your little drawing board, Des!
·         You look kind of old.  But I wish I had your body.
·         How old is she anyways?
·         Drew.  Hello.
·         Zak, even though you’re a freak, you’re also attractive.
·         I think Mikey’s cool.
·         Ben is a freak.  I already know.
·          I think it’s so funny how they all think of her as their future wife.
·         Nice slip of the curse word, Brooks.  Winner.
·         “Spirit was willing” haha Brooks.
·         He seems cool.  I actually kinda like him.
·         It would be so awkward to have to comment in between EVERYTHING.
·         They actually look really good together.
·         So fun.  I love the spontaneity.
·         I love the little Barbie car.
·         Like that guy doesn’t know what’s going on.  The hike is a little random, though.
·         Ahaha they set up a little pillow suite for them. 
·         She really is really pretty and sweet.  Good choice, Bachelor people.
·         Haha you can see the cameraman in the background of one of the shots.  Weird pecking action at the end.
·         Like the camera people would let them get lost.  Do you think she’s really lost!? No.  I think she knows what she’s doing.
·         Called it.
·         This date is lasting forever! 
·         It’s ironic that she’s all about not settling, but she’s on the show…?
·         Brooks seems kind of closed when he’s talking about marriage…poor guy. 
·         That’s really sad—he had to carry that for 6 years.  Way to address it—he’s way cool for how he said everything.  Super kudos to him.
·         Good lesson for all of us—to always just share who we are.
·         Gah. Ben gives me the serious willies.
·         What the heck—Andy Grammar gave them a private performance???
·         Jealous.
·         Awkward dancing.  Jealousy.
·         Andy Grammar is also very attractive.
·         That’s a lot of kissing for a first date, dang.
·         I loved watching this first date.  That was cool.
·         Ben creeps me out.  Not only because he creeps out all the other guys out, but because he also creeps me out too.
·         Can you imagine having so many guys trying to get you??  That would be kinda cool.
·         Kasey? No.
·         It’s pretty sweet that they brought on Soulja Boy.
·         Juan Pablo—it’s also a no.
·         Soulja Boy has so many tattoos??
·         Brandon?  Yes.  Always.
·         James—yes.  Don’t put on the intimidating front though.
·         Will—yes for sure.  No on the dancing, poor guy.
·         Michael is so funny—crossing himself haha.
·         I love the way Soulja Boy talks.
·         Did Brandon pick that outfit himself??
·         Who was Brian again??
·         I think it’s obnoxious that they were trying to rattle Ben and Des while they're singing
·         She has an amazing body.  Jealous.
·          I don’t think they can really open up like that in a conversation with all of them there on a group date…
·         Zak seems cool…I never thought I would type that.
·         KUDOS for the antique journal.  I LOVE that so much.  Oh my gosh.
·         Love is like a butterfly…kind of cool analogy, Brandon.
·         Ben.  Ew.
·         I can’t believe this show sometimes.  It’s so funny sometimes.
·         James seems like a good guy with good intentions, but him talking behind others’ backs all the time isn’t that attractive...
·         The whole weird “having a baby with his friend”—so weird Ben weird ew Ben weird weird weird
·         His segue into the kiss was sooooo awkward.
·         Brandon crying? No.  Spying?  Also no.
·         I feel like all of these guys are just having a job interview.
·         I’m glad that a lot of guys pick up on Ben’s snakey character
·         Oooh, Mikey.  Talking to him??  I think that’s kind of good—mature of him.  I think ben IS going to stab the others in the back, even though he says that.  I like Mikey.
·         This show is absolutely ridiculous.  All of these guys thinking she’s the one…
·         Way to go Drew for having physical touch like that—the legs
·         Brandon super awkward—bringing up all that biz
·         Commitment issues because of moving around so much?
·         Man, he had a really hard life.  It sounds like he has a lot of baggage, but he also seems like a good guy.
·         OH H TO THE NO.  BEN!?
·         I’m so glad all of these other guys can see through Ben.
·         A road trip will be wayyyy cute.
·         Bryden seems a little awkward.  Probably uncomfortable. 
·         Ooh, I really want the ocean and a fish taco right now.
·         So beautiful.
·         Why—how is he busting those pictures out??  He had those ready??
·         I miss her bangs.
·         I don’t see Bryden and Des together.
·         He wants to kiss her…phaha.  Way to go Des.
·         I like Michael.
·         No way.  That skanky Ben—coming in and stealing Des away when he already has a rose??
·         I would NOT like that.
·         Ben. The way he’s taking it all is so jerky.  There is NOTHING there with them yet!!
·         It’s like he considers them seriously dating. 
·         These guys are kinda catty…!
·         They’re getting a little bit too upset.  I think it’s more attractive when the guys are peacemakers and don’t say anything.
·         Brian is totally like my friend Porter.
·         His left eye squints more.
·         Super vague about his past.
·         It drives me crazy when people talk over each other.  I feel like Des and a lot of the guys do that.
·         I don’t think anyone should be eliminated yet.
·         I would have kept the four that she dismissed and NOT kept Brian.
·         I liked Will.
·         And I really liked this last guy—Robert. sad day.
·         I can’t wait for next week!!  Ahh the drama.

And that's it.

Making up the rules.

Remember Candyland!?  Of course you do.  It was only the best game as a child.  Seriously, I can't think of a game I liked better as a little kid.  I used to demand that I be called "Queen Frostine."  (You can still call me that if you want.)

The original and best version of the game
Some newfangled version that doesn't even deserve any mention.  Its controversial changes are for another blog entry.
So this morning I got the chance to baby-sit a 6 month-old, 2 year-old and 4 year-old (1 boy and 2 girls, consecutively).  It was nice, the kids were good, didn't give me any trouble, etc.  BUT.  The 4 year-old girl was making up the rules...!  For example, when she landed on the licorice square--the kind that gets you stuck until you draw another card of the same color--she completely skipped it.  When I gently reminded her that she needed to be on that square, she dismissed my comment and continued drawing cards until she beat me.  Being the awesome baby-sitter that I am, I naturally didn't worry about it.  It did get me thinking though--wouldn't it be nice to be able to make up the rules in your life as an adult??

Um, if I want to eat that fat-loaded astronomically high calorie macaroni and cheese, then I can without it increasing my cellulite at all.  In fact, it will make me slimmer along with eating Blue Bell.

If I'm in a nasty mood, everyone around me must still act  unaffected and pleasant at all times.  Period.

If I don't want to make a decision about my life, you can make it for me...and then when it goes wrong, I can and will definitely blame you for the outcome.

I can spend however much money on whatever I want, and someone will come and save my bank account with double of what I spent.

I'm grateful, however, that these rules aren't true.  I'm especially glad that I can make my own decisions even though it sucks.  I'm grateful that my parents in their wisdom, know to let me make decisions all by myself, even though I can be a five year-old brat about it.  

I made my decision about the summer.  I'm going to stay here in Texas, try to find miscellaneous jobs baby-sitting/housekeeping, save beaucoup bucks and prepare more for my mission.  I'll fly up to my friend's wedding, fly back for the last week in Texas, drive up with my family, get set apart in Utah, go on my mission (whew).  My grandparents offered to sell my car for me.  I'm going to be putting all of my faith in the Lord that somehow my car will get sold for the right price, I'll still get jobs around here, I'll be able to share my dad's car with my brother, and that everything will all work out.  I think it will be good to be able to spend the last summer together with my family.

 After following the basic rules, I'm making up the rules to my life.

Monday, June 3, 2013


THE CALL CAME!!  I'm sorry for writing in so many strong caps, but SERIOUSLY!! 

Okay, breathe.

I've been called to....the Illinois Chicago Mission!  I report on September 4th and will be speaking the English language.  

  • initially: I was surprised.  I honestly thought I would have been sent out of the country to learn a new language, or if I went in the states I would have at least learned a new language.
  • I laughed a little.  Not in mock or scorn, but I was just surprised and a little disappointed about not learning a new language.
  • Now: super stoked.  I can't believe it.  I think it will be SO awesome.
  • also comforted.  I think it will be nice to be able to adequately (hopefully haha) express myself in English rather than struggling to understand what the heck is going on.
  • comforted because it will be nice to be in the States and know that I'll have everything that I'll need.  That will be nice.  No worries about lack of make-up, or rodent/insect infested tents out in the middle of Madagascar.
  • really excited that it's going to be a cool city.  I'm so excited.  I'm kind of glad it wasn't like Wisconsin, or North Dakota (no offense to those places).
  • Extremely nervous.  I can't believe that I'll actually be going on a mission.  Me, serving a mission.  Is this real!?
  • Overwhelmed with all that I have to do--I still need to get my wisdom teeth out, possibly get a new bike (that's when I get there to Chicago), get the clothes I need for it...
  • Overwhelmed because I'm going to miss everyone SO MUCH.  I'm freaking out.  
I told Emers about it, and she sent me a couple of pictures in return...
This was the first picture she sent, saying that it was in response to going to Chicago, since it's her second favorite city, next to London.

Here's the second picture, a "shout out from Arizona."

This is from when she was at the MTC still, her "being weird."  
I miss her so much.