Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How to: be a rich person

So this week (and next week) my family and I get to house-sit for one of our family's friend/family's house (what?  How do you write that?  You know what I mean, but it's always really awkward writing or saying that.)

They. Are. Rich.  Very wealthy.  The dad is a well-known lawyer who flies out practically every week to fight cases in the Supreme Court so...I guess you could say they're rockin' it in the financial world.

It's been interesting to live in a REALLY NICE home--like a show home.  I have basically three observations.

1) To live like a rich person, you need to DE-CLUTTER your home.  Get rid of your junk and live just with what you need.  These people are living like minimalists.  They don't have a bunch of extra stuff getting in the way. So beautiful.

2) Get skinny and eat right.  These people don't eat bad food and they look awesome eating great food.

3) Be generous with what you have.  This family is very giving, and they give gifts all the time.

This is how I'm going to attract a rich man and live rich.  Of course, money isn't everything, but...

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  1. Thanks for the tips, I wanna be rich someday too! Guess I need to start with the de-cluttering.