Monday, June 10, 2013

I'm a Freak Because...

Okay so the other day (as in yesterday), we were at a family friend's house for the second oldest son's mission farewell.  One of the dad's brothers was there too.  He wasn't too attractive (or unattractive--just in the middle, you know?), but I could tell some things right off the bat about him.

1) He was single. 

2) He was around my age, give or take 5+ years.  

So after the party, we did the normal debriefing and gossiping in the car that I imagine (or at least would hope so it doesn't make my family sound weird) most families do after events.  Talking about the good, bad, ugly, controversy, etc.  Anyways, part of it went like this:

Me: "I could tell homeboy was checkin' my gooooooooods!!!"

Others in the car: "Uhh, I think so-and-so's brother was totally gaydar was going off."

"Me too!  I thought the same thing.  Doesn't he live by himself, like up north?  I wonder if so-and-so knows. He has to."

Me: "Uhhhhh...."

So it's official.  I have a broken gaydar.  I could tell that he was single, but dang, why can't I tell when someone's gay!?  I guess my previous experiences dating gay guys (both proms, uhhh, wut) didn't really teach me anything...those stories are for another blog entry.

When I got to thinking about it, I thought it would be fun to write down other reasons why I'm kind of a freak.  I guess not freak but you know.  

One of my pet peeves is sitting in seats warmed by others.  I can't stand's gross!  I especially hate going in the testing center on a crowded day and having to sit in a seat RIGHT after someone because there's NO room anywhere.

I prefer chocolate milk over everything else.  I don't choose to drink it over everything else, but if I knew I could, I definitely would.  Furthermore, I like drinking that and hot chocolate by the spoonful.  I don't always (because usually people are around).

I hate sleeping with the top sheet.

Everyone I drive next to is racing me.  Same with running on the treadmill.

I have a secret-but-not-so-secret hate/love affair with "The Bachelorette/Bachelor."  It's so unrealistic and so addicting at the same time.

I have an irrational fear of/annoyance with pregnant women.

Frozen yogurt for a meal is completely acceptable.

I love sharing food with people.  I feel like it makes me tighter with people if we do the "bite for a bite" tradition.

I have a complex with tanning.

I have watched YouTube videos on how to booty dance.  It's not like I actually go anywhere to actually dance like that though.

I'm neither a night nor morning person.  Just a day person.

I really don't like watermelon.

Sometimes I play past conversations in my head, or imagine future conversations, and then I accidentally respond out loud.

When I get really excited or nervous, my ears get bright red.

I'm slightly allergic to high amounts of citrus--when I eat a REALLY citrus-y orange, for example, my nose sweats, and I get flushed and my lips tingle...

I don't like crying, but sometimes it feels really good to have a good long hard cry every once in a while.

I have three freckles on my nose.  Nobody usually notices them, but when they do they always laugh about it.

I'm a cookie dough FREAK.

I prefer reading library books over my own copies, even if it's the same book...

I think that's it for now.

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  1. I have a friend who has NO gaydar! She had a crush on a gay guy and a group of us were making fun of her because she had no idea. She was so mad at us! lol It was really super obvious, so I don't know how she didn't figure it out.

    Completely agree about the frozen yogurt meal thing!