Thursday, June 6, 2013

Making up the rules.

Remember Candyland!?  Of course you do.  It was only the best game as a child.  Seriously, I can't think of a game I liked better as a little kid.  I used to demand that I be called "Queen Frostine."  (You can still call me that if you want.)

The original and best version of the game
Some newfangled version that doesn't even deserve any mention.  Its controversial changes are for another blog entry.
So this morning I got the chance to baby-sit a 6 month-old, 2 year-old and 4 year-old (1 boy and 2 girls, consecutively).  It was nice, the kids were good, didn't give me any trouble, etc.  BUT.  The 4 year-old girl was making up the rules...!  For example, when she landed on the licorice square--the kind that gets you stuck until you draw another card of the same color--she completely skipped it.  When I gently reminded her that she needed to be on that square, she dismissed my comment and continued drawing cards until she beat me.  Being the awesome baby-sitter that I am, I naturally didn't worry about it.  It did get me thinking though--wouldn't it be nice to be able to make up the rules in your life as an adult??

Um, if I want to eat that fat-loaded astronomically high calorie macaroni and cheese, then I can without it increasing my cellulite at all.  In fact, it will make me slimmer along with eating Blue Bell.

If I'm in a nasty mood, everyone around me must still act  unaffected and pleasant at all times.  Period.

If I don't want to make a decision about my life, you can make it for me...and then when it goes wrong, I can and will definitely blame you for the outcome.

I can spend however much money on whatever I want, and someone will come and save my bank account with double of what I spent.

I'm grateful, however, that these rules aren't true.  I'm especially glad that I can make my own decisions even though it sucks.  I'm grateful that my parents in their wisdom, know to let me make decisions all by myself, even though I can be a five year-old brat about it.  

I made my decision about the summer.  I'm going to stay here in Texas, try to find miscellaneous jobs baby-sitting/housekeeping, save beaucoup bucks and prepare more for my mission.  I'll fly up to my friend's wedding, fly back for the last week in Texas, drive up with my family, get set apart in Utah, go on my mission (whew).  My grandparents offered to sell my car for me.  I'm going to be putting all of my faith in the Lord that somehow my car will get sold for the right price, I'll still get jobs around here, I'll be able to share my dad's car with my brother, and that everything will all work out.  I think it will be good to be able to spend the last summer together with my family.

 After following the basic rules, I'm making up the rules to my life.

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  1. I always wanted Candyland, but never got it. :'( But now that I'm an adult, I suppose I can buy it for myself and make up the rules as I go along. lol