Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Bachelorette

I just wrote a post less than five minutes ago.  I know.

I wanted to also write an entry about the most ridiculous, dramatic, fake, exciting and addicting show ever: The Bachelorette.  The other day I saw this blog entry about the first episode where the girl commented on her blog as she watched it.  I copied her idea and did the same thing for the second episode.  Here are my comments:
Note: *This will only mean anything to you if you 1) watch this show and 2) have seen the second episode already.* 
       The Bachelorette Episode 2
·         Some guys just think it’s a competition—they’re not in it for the right reasons.  Like baby daddy boy.
·         Dang. All of them are sooooo attractive.
·         Did they change the rules about the single dates??
·         Seriously. So hott.
·         Brooks?  That’s kind of a hot name.  From Salt Lake?
·         Ooh, looking artsy at your little drawing board, Des!
·         You look kind of old.  But I wish I had your body.
·         How old is she anyways?
·         Drew.  Hello.
·         Zak, even though you’re a freak, you’re also attractive.
·         I think Mikey’s cool.
·         Ben is a freak.  I already know.
·          I think it’s so funny how they all think of her as their future wife.
·         Nice slip of the curse word, Brooks.  Winner.
·         “Spirit was willing” haha Brooks.
·         He seems cool.  I actually kinda like him.
·         It would be so awkward to have to comment in between EVERYTHING.
·         They actually look really good together.
·         So fun.  I love the spontaneity.
·         I love the little Barbie car.
·         Like that guy doesn’t know what’s going on.  The hike is a little random, though.
·         Ahaha they set up a little pillow suite for them. 
·         She really is really pretty and sweet.  Good choice, Bachelor people.
·         Haha you can see the cameraman in the background of one of the shots.  Weird pecking action at the end.
·         Like the camera people would let them get lost.  Do you think she’s really lost!? No.  I think she knows what she’s doing.
·         Called it.
·         This date is lasting forever! 
·         It’s ironic that she’s all about not settling, but she’s on the show…?
·         Brooks seems kind of closed when he’s talking about marriage…poor guy. 
·         That’s really sad—he had to carry that for 6 years.  Way to address it—he’s way cool for how he said everything.  Super kudos to him.
·         Good lesson for all of us—to always just share who we are.
·         Gah. Ben gives me the serious willies.
·         What the heck—Andy Grammar gave them a private performance???
·         Jealous.
·         Awkward dancing.  Jealousy.
·         Andy Grammar is also very attractive.
·         That’s a lot of kissing for a first date, dang.
·         I loved watching this first date.  That was cool.
·         Ben creeps me out.  Not only because he creeps out all the other guys out, but because he also creeps me out too.
·         Can you imagine having so many guys trying to get you??  That would be kinda cool.
·         Kasey? No.
·         It’s pretty sweet that they brought on Soulja Boy.
·         Juan Pablo—it’s also a no.
·         Soulja Boy has so many tattoos??
·         Brandon?  Yes.  Always.
·         James—yes.  Don’t put on the intimidating front though.
·         Will—yes for sure.  No on the dancing, poor guy.
·         Michael is so funny—crossing himself haha.
·         I love the way Soulja Boy talks.
·         Did Brandon pick that outfit himself??
·         Who was Brian again??
·         I think it’s obnoxious that they were trying to rattle Ben and Des while they're singing
·         She has an amazing body.  Jealous.
·          I don’t think they can really open up like that in a conversation with all of them there on a group date…
·         Zak seems cool…I never thought I would type that.
·         KUDOS for the antique journal.  I LOVE that so much.  Oh my gosh.
·         Love is like a butterfly…kind of cool analogy, Brandon.
·         Ben.  Ew.
·         I can’t believe this show sometimes.  It’s so funny sometimes.
·         James seems like a good guy with good intentions, but him talking behind others’ backs all the time isn’t that attractive...
·         The whole weird “having a baby with his friend”—so weird Ben weird ew Ben weird weird weird
·         His segue into the kiss was sooooo awkward.
·         Brandon crying? No.  Spying?  Also no.
·         I feel like all of these guys are just having a job interview.
·         I’m glad that a lot of guys pick up on Ben’s snakey character
·         Oooh, Mikey.  Talking to him??  I think that’s kind of good—mature of him.  I think ben IS going to stab the others in the back, even though he says that.  I like Mikey.
·         This show is absolutely ridiculous.  All of these guys thinking she’s the one…
·         Way to go Drew for having physical touch like that—the legs
·         Brandon super awkward—bringing up all that biz
·         Commitment issues because of moving around so much?
·         Man, he had a really hard life.  It sounds like he has a lot of baggage, but he also seems like a good guy.
·         OH H TO THE NO.  BEN!?
·         I’m so glad all of these other guys can see through Ben.
·         A road trip will be wayyyy cute.
·         Bryden seems a little awkward.  Probably uncomfortable. 
·         Ooh, I really want the ocean and a fish taco right now.
·         So beautiful.
·         Why—how is he busting those pictures out??  He had those ready??
·         I miss her bangs.
·         I don’t see Bryden and Des together.
·         He wants to kiss her…phaha.  Way to go Des.
·         I like Michael.
·         No way.  That skanky Ben—coming in and stealing Des away when he already has a rose??
·         I would NOT like that.
·         Ben. The way he’s taking it all is so jerky.  There is NOTHING there with them yet!!
·         It’s like he considers them seriously dating. 
·         These guys are kinda catty…!
·         They’re getting a little bit too upset.  I think it’s more attractive when the guys are peacemakers and don’t say anything.
·         Brian is totally like my friend Porter.
·         His left eye squints more.
·         Super vague about his past.
·         It drives me crazy when people talk over each other.  I feel like Des and a lot of the guys do that.
·         I don’t think anyone should be eliminated yet.
·         I would have kept the four that she dismissed and NOT kept Brian.
·         I liked Will.
·         And I really liked this last guy—Robert. sad day.
·         I can’t wait for next week!!  Ahh the drama.

And that's it.

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