Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Black Magic in the Sandbox

Everyone in life has experienced the unexplained, right?  For example, I still may believe in the Tooth Fairy...(My tooth fairy experience here).  Others may be dumped in a relationship for some unknown reason, or maybe your friend won't call you and you don't know why.


When I was a little girl last year when I was about eight, I played in the sandbox every day with my dear friend, Morgan F.*  On occasion, my dad would play the awe-inspiring, fun and thrilling, wondrous SANDBOX GAME with us.

The SANDBOX GAME: Morgan and I would bury a plastic pat of butter (you know the kind from kiddie kitchen sets) in a random spot while my dad turned around and closed his eyes.  Giggling, we would tell my dad to try to find it, convinced he wouldn't possibly be able to uncover it because of our honed butter-hiding skills.
A pat of butter, in puppet form...(??)
So there we were, excitedly watching my dad as he searched for it...and then, *every single time* he would somehow uncover it--SOMEWHERE OTHER than where we hid it.

What the--!?

Morgan and I would just stare dumbfounded, wondering what kind of freaky black magic was going on in that sandbox.  My dad would just sit there laughing at our reactions, and would never tell me how he did it.  I asked him for years--always reminding him that I needed to know how he did it before I died.

The response: "When you come of age, Bethany."

Well, I guess I finally "came of age" this past summer because the black magic sandbox secret was at last revealed...

All he did was move his hand in the sandbox, searching for it with his hand just under the sand's surface.  When he found it, he would slyly grab it, move it somewhere else and pretend to unearth it there.  THAT WAS ALL HE DID.


So maybe this is something I should have understood at the same time I was learning calculus, or was off on my own, or was dealing with adult problems, like buying a new car.  Maybe it should have occurred to me that the "unexplained" happenings in the sandbox were actually very explainable, but I'm not going to comment any further on that business.

*I don't know Morgan F. anymore.


  1. Your dad sounds like a lot of fun! I really don't remember either of my parent's playing with me as a kid. We might play a board game or something once in awhile, but we certainly never played in the sandbox! I'm glad you have those memories.

    And I like the lesson in all of this too!

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