Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Updates in List Form

  1. Studying for epidemiology exam and FREAKING out.  It's cool.
  2. Epi exam tonight at 5:45 (scheduled...blechhhh and yayyyy--because otherwise I would procrastinate this BIG TIME)
  3. Then Writings of Isaiah and Health 100 probably tomorrow...
  4. Breaking up still sucks. 
  5. Downloaded a Tinder.  I know, it's super embarrassing, but apparently there are STILL over 50 million users.  So that's comforting. I don't think people take this very seriously anyways. 
  6. "Matched" with the ward crush...but he's not texting me back.  Lame!
  7. Getting my hair trimmed on Saturday (yay!)
  8. Drama this week with the roommates.  Not involving me, but kind of.
  9. I'm out of milk.  Do you know how bad this is!?
  10. Right now I'm in a 15-minute study break.
  11. Listening to Troy Silvan.  I like him.
  12. Got a new job!!  As a student secretary #movingupintheworld
  13. Curled my hair today (actually it's second-day-refreshed-curls from the presentation we had yesterday in Public Health)
  14. Did a good job on said presentation
  15. Family comes in town on Saturday!!  Yay!!
  16. Embarrassing story of the week: when someone (and this guy is super loud, mind you) at work asked me about what "my boyfriend got me for Christmas..." RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM. Me: No, we're not dating anymore.  Him: Oh, I'm sorry.  Hopefully it was your choice? Me: *willing myself to melt into a puddle right then and there.* Yes, it was.  Him: Oh.  Well when you get all lonely this Christmas, don't be calling him up...there was a reason you broke up with him...!  Me:*still painfully wishing I was a puddle* Okay, thanks...
  17. As of now, I have 1.5 hours of studying left before this exam.  It's 11;15, and I have to get ready for work at 12:45.  Then I have some SUPER last minute cramming between 5 and 5:45 before the exam...and that's it.
  18. Yikes. 

Friday, December 4, 2015

The Break Up.

The break up.

It sucks.

There's not much I want to say about it, other than it happened.

I wrote a haiku in attempt to comfort myself.


Guess it did not work

I hate being an adult

Now time to move on

I could probably spend more time making up haikus on the spot...but alas.  I move onto my schoolwork.

Monday, November 23, 2015

The month in pics

Soooo it's been a while since I've posted...and a lot has happened I feel like.  This has been a really interesting and growing month for me.  I've learned a lot about faith, trusting more in Heavenly Father that He will guide me and how to be more vulnerable.  This post will be starting from the end of this month moving backwards to the beginning of October. :)

I freaking love fall.

Our FHE group's "family pictures"

Tuesday night, Emily and I went to the temple.  This isn't really the greatest picture of me, but  like Emily said, it "captures the moment."  It was really good to go with her.  Afterwards we watched the movie "Some Kind of Wonderful."  I love spending time with her so much.  Tragically, we are both heterosexual.

Emily dressed up as Nacho Libre...!!  Isn't that the greatest thing ever??  I love this look on her face. 

Little Red Riding Hood!

A group dressed up as the kids from the Magic School Bus!!  Mrs. Frizzle NAILED IT!!

Pictured here: Emperor Kuzco, Joy from Inside Out and Ariel.  I LOVE Halloween for how creative everyone is!!

Samus and her little cronie...I have no idea who the purple one is, unless it's a version of her in a different video game.

I loved the colors in this tree.  I love fall.

This is a sweet shot from the airplane window overlooking Dallas.  I got to fly home from the 23rd to the 26th and it was *awesome.*

This is the fam waiting for Cheesecake.  It was chilly out, but I loved waiting there with them.

The rose Nate got me for my birthday. So pretty.

My birthday was actually on "Back to the Future" day!!  Isn't that awesome!?  It will only come once...ever...

Nate's parents bought me chocolate-covered fruit from Edible Arrangements!!  Isn't that so nice??

The other part of the gift Nate got me...He taped 81 "Remember When's" around candy for me.

Meggie Mama.  I miss this girl so much.  Hopefully we get to talk soon.  It's been forever.

This is way cool--if you have a google account, it will change the homepage for you!!

The front of this MANSION we went to for FHE.  The spiritual thought was really good (on hard work), then we got to play in their house.  I found a baby grand and got to play on that for a bit.  I REALLY want a piano like that someday.

We went to Orchestra at Temple Square and the Blue  Lemon on the 17th.  It was a really fun date.

My skull pumpkin for the season...for some reason I always feel like I need to attempt the hardest pumpkin template...

And the day before that we got free flu shots.  I'm so proud of myself for doing that.

And Cosmo the Cougar came ACROSS THE WAY, all the way across Brigham Square to the little ledge right in front of the library, to be right by us for a snapchat selfie!!  This seriously made my week.

While in line I asked to take a picture with him...that was how he knew to find me later. :)

Me wearing the boot because I got a stress fracture this semester in my foot.  I still don't know if I should wear it but I'm not anymore...

me and Emily at a concert at Velour that we went to...

And Ty and Michael and Thuan and their roommate James came too.  

We went to JCW's after (although this picture was taken on the way to the concert)

Selfie that I took before the concert/snap I sent...

I love this picture so much.

When my family was getting new couches it looked super ghetto because we had our couches out on the front lawn..

David Archuleta concert!!

More selfies.  Because this is my blog.  And this is (was) my new hairstyle at the beginning of the month

These snaps make me laugh

From when I get my hair done by Mitch...I wanted to get the blond out and I got a little bit of subtle purple in!  But it faded :(

I psyched out my mom for a second and let her believe that it was straight up purple...but Mitch covered it up and it was barely noticeable.

From when Tim gave me a ride on his motorcycle...turns out, riding a motorcycle is superrr fun....

Well.  This is super past due.  As I'm looking back and editing these, all I'm thinking is how outdated these are...


That's all I'm going to write for now.