Saturday, May 30, 2015

The [past two months] in pics

Normally I post "This Week in Pics," but now that I'm getting back into blogging, I'm going to catch up in, filling in the past two months since I've been home. :)

5/24--driving home with the family from church.  :)

I won the "Get the most customers in an hour" contest!!  Nothing tastes as good as a personal victory.
We've been having a TON of rainstorms lately...but we've also been having GLORIOUS sunsets!

One of my best friends from school came and visited me on Sunday!  It was so great to see her and her husband.
My brother is my manager at Chickfila!  It's been fun to work with him and my sister.
This couldn't be more, in my Chickfila uniform with THE COW!!
Another awesome sunset shot.
A picture of tulips someone sent me from Crystal Lake, Il.  I helped her plant these last fall.
My cat is such a freak.
When we went to Logan's school night, shared crazy stories from college and ate In-N-Out together
My brother's sick cat shirt.  #iwantthat
We took pictures in the bluebonnets together.

Dallas at night. I took this when we went to pick up Hannah from Mormon Prom.

I insisted that we bought Logan an egg he made the little monster eggs :)

If you look closely, you can see my dad outside taking a picture.  I think it's so cute that he goes out and takes pictures for his instagram.
Played in a little violin recital this week...
This is the car I was thinking about buying.
I got to baby-sit this really cute girl this week.  So fun :)
The throwback picture of the week: this is from February 2013.  So much has changed since then.  So crazy.
Have a great week this upcoming week!!

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